Hang Out and Play

We're obsessed with each other

March 05, 2021 Karly and Sam Episode 1
Hang Out and Play
We're obsessed with each other
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Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast! This week we play Stardew Valley and introduce ourselves to you - our lovely listener! We talk about the games we love, fun friendship memories, and our plans for the podcast.

Karly: Hey there welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly 

Sam: And I'm Sam grab a snack, grab your controller, and let's hang out and play.

Sam: [00:30] Hello 

Karly: Hi friend, how are you?

Sam: Hello I'm -I'm -I'm good, I'm- I'm okay. I'm tired. How are you?
Karly:  I feel that shaky okay like yeah like I'm okay like we're not but we are. that's quarantine, baby.

Sam: That's quarantine baby. I'm just oh-

Karly: You know we're here we're alive where we're doing something with our time sort of I kind of 

Sam: We're doing what makes us happy and that's what counts.

Karly: Yes speaking of what makes us happen-  happy - words are hard, what are we playing today friend?

Sam: Oooo, we are playing stardew Valley

Karly: Yesss!

Sam: For those that don't know what Stardew Valley is if you've been living under a rock, it's basically- oh no I don't want to eat that. It is basically uh I always describe it as like the graphic level of like old school pokemon mixed with animal crossing but a lot of people compare it to harvest moon. I've never played harvest moon

Karly: Yes

Sam: I don't know anything about harvest moon but basically you live on a farm, you get animals, you can make friends with the people in town, you can get married, have children, and
basically just live your best life is how I would describe Stardew Valley. So that's what we are playing today

Karly: Yes it's pixel graphics so like that was what held me back from playing Stardew for years. I guess I'm like a little bit of a snob, it's not my jam aesthetically. I don't think- it's it's not like animal crossing which I think is adorable.

Sam: Yeah 

Karly: But I have fallen in love, I get it now I understand what I was missing.

Sam: It only took you a couple of times but you did it you got there in the end.

Karly: I got there in the end and like it is cute you just have to get used to the style or I did anyway. 

Sam: For sure.

Karly: Um but yeah I am currently in spring of year two 

Sam: okay

Karly: and I  am just trying to hoard money because I never can seem to make enough of that… much like real life

Sam: [laughter] oh mood well do you want -  oh my gosh. I guess I forgot to like I forgot to collect my slimes for a few days I guess and now I have like a bazillion slime so I was just very thrown off because normally I get like four slime things a day and I just had like ten so oh gosh that threw me off a little bit

Karly: life comes at you fast

Sam: it really does. Do you want to explain why we're here? What are we doing? I know we kind of talked about what we're playing but why.

Karly: yeah sure, so Sam and I for the past year really have been hanging out on facetime and playing video games while we talk and it's sort of been like our saving grace. Like this is what has gotten us through quarantine, that we can hang out virtually and play games together. And we were doing it one night and we're like what if we just make a podcast of this?

Sam: because because what else does one do but monetize their hobby into something

Karly: right it's like a millennial rite of passage, like oh you're enjoying something? Can you make money from this? Can you put this on the internet?

Sam: Can you put your beliefs out there for other people? Because as a millennial, at least for me, I need attention 100 of the time. So this is like perfect for me.

Karly: Right like give me validation, I need eyes on me. In a less annoying way though like my favorite podcasts to listen to are ones that feel like you're just hanging out with a friend, that make you feel like you have company even though you're alone which sounds really sad but it really helps and I don't know, I [05:00] find it to be super comforting. So yeah we thought that could be this.

Sam: Yes, oh yeah, I think in the time of a pandemic it's super important to kind of feel that closeness with someone else. I think it's very easy for us to feel alone and I think podcasts are a great way to feel less alone. And there's a podcast for everything which is just so lovely and wonderful.

 Karly: For sure so yeah that's kind of our plan. Every week we'll have a new episode out for you. We will be playing video games and just talking about whatever's going on in our lives, catching each other up, and we'll also be talking about the games we're playing. So if that's interesting to you then uh keep listening.

Sam: Yes and we're always down for recommendations for games that we should be playing, whether it be on a switch, playstation, computer/pc - we are here for all and any types of recommendations.

Karly: Yes please tell me what I need to make my next irresponsible purchase.

Sam: Honestly I'm trying to buy a game this weekend and so.

Karly: What are you gonna get?

Sam: I don't know that's that's the dilemma I don't know. 

Karly: What are we debating between? Do we have anything on the list?

Sam: Well yes um but I'm thinking either pokemon sword or cat paw what's what's the game cat what's the one that you have?

Karly: Garden paws?

Sam: Garden paws.

Karly: Why do you always call it cat paw?

Sam: [laughter] I don't know I want it to be cat paws.

Karly: Well it's not.

Sam: Oh yeah so maybe that one.

Karly: Okay speaking of pokemon though we'll come back to garden paws in a minute because I feel like that's a little more unknown but speaking of pokemon did you see they announced two new pokemon games?

Sam: no.

Karly: Yes there's gonna be two more I think  it's either for the pokemon anniversary or the nintendo anniversary I don't really know.

Sam: Did we also see that my boy the love of my life post malone is doing a collaboration because of pokemon's anniversary?

Karly: You know I feel like I did see something about this but I know nothing about post malone so I looked no further.

Sam: Yeah I honestly don't that's really the extent of my knowledge that he's doing a collaboration but I'm super excited because I'm in love with him.

Karly: All right well I'm really excited for you.

Sam: Thank you no I did not know. I did not know about the new pokemon games.

Karly: I'm going to find the article and I will tell you about it but while I look for that for anybody who's intrigued by the sound of garden paws it's an indie game. I got it on steam for my pc and you basically get to choose between 10 different animals that you can play as like a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a dragon, I think a horse like there's a whole bunch of options. And then you are given this little house and you can plant things you can run around and explore and meet other animals and do quests for them and you also get this little shop that you run out of like your front yard and you make money and it's very much like animal crossing but with more uh I feel like more tasks to do. So kind of more like stardew but it's pretty cute. When you set up your shop like I always just put flowers in mine so you put these little flowers on the table and then you go sit in a cash register and just lines of animals will come running into your front yard and it's just like pure serotonin.

Sam: I love that.

Karly: Yeah it's really really lovely and it was not super expensive I think it was only like 20 dollars so you know.

Sam: You know how much I love my quests. 

Karly: Yeah it's pretty fun. Okay okay okay I found it so it's gonna be pokemon legends and I'm gonna expose myself as somebody who knows nothing about pokemon ar- arceus? arceus? (tries and fails to pronounce)
Sam: um your your guess is as good as mine.

Karly: [10:00] All right but apparently it's gonna be an open world rpg coming to switch. I think it might be a remake I don't know… I don't really know... anyways so there's gonna be that one and then I think they are making another pokemon game that's gonna be like a remake of like pokemon diamond or something?

Sam: Okay.

Karly: I don't know but two new pokemon games and people are really really excited.

Sam: Well amen I love that.

Karly: Yeah I was excited for you.

Sam: Thank you thank you for thinking of me.

Karly: Of course.

Sam: Oh my gosh my farm doesn't have any grass at least where my animals can reach it.

Karly: That's my eternal starter struggle. I am constantly running out of grass and hay.

Sam: I mean the good news is I do have so I have the plant like I have the grass starter recipe so I can just make some grass patches without having to buy grass starter. So we're just gonna put some over here for my animals.

Karly: So on the topic of video games what are some of your favorite video games of like of all time?

Sam: Oh  I mean I have some like classic favorites like I love I love pokemon. I love crash bandicoot and I love spyro. Those are kind of some of the ones that really just kind of got me into video games in general. However I would have to say that currently some of my all-time favorites, I really love the last of us part two. I love the first one as well obviously but there's just something about that this part two that just really messed with me in ways and made me feel things I did not know I was capable of feeling and I know that sounds super cliche but it's so true. It made me feel so many different types of things and no other game has ever made me feel like that before.

Karly: That's fair I mean it's a pretty intense game.

Sam: Yes on all fronts.

Karly: It really it really sends you through it.

Sam: It does it and I really like I love, and that's a whole nother story we'll get into a certain time, but I love trauma. I have so much trauma.

Karly: [laughing] That's the way to put it. Trauma I love her.

Sam: Right who is she? My best friend.

Karly: You know it be like that.

Sam: Anyway what about you what is what would you say is some of your all-time favorites?

Karly: Well animal crossing is definitely one of them. I started playing animal crossing when I was in college so my first animal crossing game was new leaf so it's been several years of me loving it and I just love games that feel super cozy and animal crossing to me just feels so warm so safe. 

Sam: Such the opposite of the last of us.

Karly: Yes very much the opposite in like every possible way. I also really love the sims but like if I'm playing the sims I'm playing like 10 hours straight and that's probably just me building the house.

Sam: Which side note y'all Karly Is probably one of the best housebuilders I have ever known like she's amazing at building sim houses.

Karly: That's like the highest compliment you can give me and I used to say I wish I could like monetize this. We're going back to like the habits of millennials but like I live for just decorating like it's bad enough that I would go on pinterest and get like house floor plans for like real houses and recreate them in the sims.

Sam: I love that.

Karly: and then just spend hours meticulously decorating and putting clutter out on every surface I love it. I love it so much so yeah I love games like that. I do like the last of us. I on the other hand prefer the first game by far. The second one is great because it has laura bailey and laura bailey is an absolute angel but I just really loved the first game and I think that as a person I like almost never like the sequel of anything as much as I like the first because I  just go real hard when I like something [15:00] and it's it's really hard to ever top it for me. But yeah I much prefer games that I don't have to fight because I'm not good at fighting. But I like watching those kind of games. I know you've been playing ghost but.

Sam: Yes.

Karly:  I can't play that it's too much fighting it scares me

Sam: It's a shame because it's a really really good game. I bet you you're better at it than you would think you should probably try it.

Karly: It's not even so much that I like ican't do it I just don't want to.

Sam: Okay that's fair

Karly:  I like if there's fighting in a game that's fine I'm down but if it feels like that's the majority of the game then I'm kind of like. The last of us is like an exception the last of us is the first game that has a lot of fighting that I ever sat down played from start to finish and beat by myself.

Sam: What an accomplishment and I mean that genuinely like

Karly: I was really proud.

Sam: Yeah you should be. I think there is such a great like sense of accomplishment when you do beat a game though.

Karly: Yeah. 

Sam: Such a great feeling.

Karly: Yeah for sure I agree 

Sam: Yeah no ghost was really good though it was thestoryoh the end killed it just it's just so good.

Karly: Oh yeah because you just finished it right you just beat it?

Sam: Yes yeah yeah like a week ago. 

Karly: Good job friend.

Sam: Thank you. On like the easiest mode of course and it's not finished like I still have so much to do but.

Karly: I love games like that give me all of the side quests man.

Sam: Yeah I have like lots of forts to take back over and things like that but like you said it is a lot of fighting and so I just wanted a break from that but also I tell myself that I can move on to
a new game when i've finished a previous game. So I was like so like I don't want to go back to that one yet and finish the rest of it because the main the main storyline is done it's done and I'm moving on I got end credits I'm moving on.

Karly: Right it's time for a new game now.

Sam: Right exactly that's fair.

Karly: This is gonna be a you know a huge change of topics but I it occurs to me
now we haven't really introduced ourselves.

Sam: Oh yeah I guess we should have done that.

Karly: Yeah probably yeah whatever it's fine do you want to go first. 

Sam: Sure okay I don't like these like introductions but

Karly: Oh they're the worst part.

Sam: I know and I'm not gonna put you on the spot but I was like what if we just swap like what if I introduce you and you introduce me.

Karly: Okay.

Sam: You want to do that? 

Karly: Sure that means I have to go first.

Sam: Yeah.

Karly: Okay so my lovely co-host is Sam. she is kind of spicy.

Sam: [laughter] facts

Karly: I would say she is my most chaotic friend and 

Sam: I love that 

Karly: It's definitely a compliment but she is a handful. everybody calls her a brat but you know we let her be. so yeah but she's also very funny she's super smart and creative. If you're looking at our beautiful graphics for this podcast which have not been created yet but will be soon and that is the lovely work of Sam. She has a dog named Rosie who screams a lot. I'm sure you'll hear her at some point.

Sam: Yeah it's amazing she's been quiet this whole time.

Karly: Yeah it's lovely, I don't know if anybody heard my cat a minute ago clawing at my door but that's also something you'll hear. What else about sam uh she's a pisces.

Sam: I am a pisces.

Karly: She very adamant that she is a pisces through and through so that's cool.

Sam: That's probably how you know I'm pisces is because I'm like blame it on the pisces.

Karly: I know because you always share the pisces memes on instagram and I'm like alright.

Sam: Oh yeah

Karly:  She has a full-time job that you know, not the best, but it pays the
bills and she talks on the phone all day to people and I mean this in the most sincere way, it impresses the hell out of me because she works through her anxiety and sounds like the most pleasant happy lovely person in a way that I just could never do and it like genuinely amazes me.

Sam: Thanks friend yeah wow what an introduction.

Karly: Yeah, that’s Sam.

Sam: It's so funny you said that about sounding happy on the phone because [20:00]
Karly's right I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking on the phone and yet I do it 40 hours a week as my full-time job.

Karly: Couldn’t be me.

Sam: and yeah it's funny how you're actually the second person that has told me that I sound so happy when I'm talking on the phone which is fair like I do try to make sure that I am professional and making sure that the person on the other line feels good and comfortable but internally I'm screaming bloody murder. so yeah and also a very

Karly: It’s very impressive.

Sam: Thank you and I take that I'm your most chaotic friend as like the highest esteem compliment because I am chaotic and I really love that about myself to be honest.

Karly: It's lovely I mean there's never a dull moment.

Sam: Yes okay well I actually wish I could have gone first because now I feel like
I have to live up to what a great introduction but give me one second because I'm putting my truffles to make truffle oil and I want to make sure I do you justice.

Karly: Okay that’s fair, the farm comes first.

Sam: So please I'm just look. the farm comes first. The farm comes first, windflower farms has got to grow.

Karly: Oh is that the name of your farm?

Sam: Yeah windflower or yeah wait is it wildflower.

Karly: Wow.

Sam: It was close. I was really close.

Karly: My farm is called moondrop farm.

Sam: Oh I love that, how witchy.

Karly: because I really wish I was like...cool.

Sam: ‘i wish I was cool’ you are cool.

Karly: Like you know those like really like not really spiritual that's not the words I'm going for but like kind of witchy kind of like into like astrology and tarot and crystals... I guess that's spiritual. I want to be her.

Sam: Well you can be her.

Karly: I can't don't know anything about tarot and girl I was telling my mom I was like I can't get into crystals because I was that child who honest to god carried around a box of rocks that I thought were cool. And these weren't cool rocks, these were just like average old parking lot rocks could you imagine if I let my inner self tap into that part of me and like buy crystals?

Sam: I really wish you would. I think you should do it and I know you said that you don't know anything about that but one thing I know about Karly and this actually is of the most perfect segue into leading into who Karly is as an individual. I'm making sure my game is paused so I don't lose time.

Karly: Okay.

Sam: But when Karly puts her mind to something she goes all in like if it wasn't for her this
podcast wouldn't be happening because I was so excited I was so on board I did 20% of the work. Karly was researching. Karly did so much. So when Karly says that she doesn't know the first thing about crystals don't let that fool you because Karly by next week if she allows herself to get into crystals she will know everything there is to know about crystals in the span of a week.

Karly:  I mean I'm nothing if not obsessive.

Sam: There it is ladies and gents and that's one of the things just one of the things that I love about Karly. And here we go. Karly is one of my best friends in the entire world we met over tumblr if you can believe that over a band and she was very brave and reached out to me for a project I was working on. we're not going to go into those details at least not now.

Karly: It’s too shameful.

Sam: Let's leave some mystery for the masses for other podcasts and she reached out to me about this project that I was doing and we basically have been non-stop talking ever since. And that was about 11 years ago.

Karly: 11 years ago it was 11.

Sam: yeah Karly is the type of person, she is the type of friend that everyone should want in their lives. she would literally give you the shirt off of her back if even if she had nothing else. she would do anything for anyone that she cares about and lives her life with such integrity and consideration for other people even when sometimes they don't do the same for her and that is very admirable. [25:02] She also likes to hold grudges

Karly: Oh hell yeah

Sam: Which it seems weird I would point that out but it's important because I too also hold grudges and so like I found my grudge partner.

Karly: Yeah.

Sam: And that just makes me really happy and yeah I don't know what I would do without. She's also like the mom friend, she is 100% the mom friend.

Karly: Thank you because the other day I said I was a mom friend and our friend Lexi said that I wasn't and I was so mad.

Sam: Karly likes to make sure that if I leave for the store that I text when I get back because she's worried about me and I mean like so genuinely like she's just so genuinely concerned we're like I'm just going off the grocery store and this girl is worried about me.

Karly: Always I need to know where you are at all times. I need to know that you are safe. 

Sam: Yeah mom friend. also I did kind of put this on her I feel like because there was one time my freshman year of college

 Karly: [laughing] Oh my god no, the trauma.

Sam: where we were talking we were like skyping and I was like -was I -were we skyping? I said I'd be right back.

Karly: I think we were just IMing.

Sam: Okay we were doing something and I was like okay I'll be right back and I left my room left my phone in my room got quote unquote kidnapped by my friends and we went to chuck e cheese and but I didn't have my phone on me I just like dipped when we were talking me and Karly were like IMing each other.

Karly: Which like first of all rude as hell.

Sam: chaotic.

Karly:  Chaotic yes but when I tell you that I have that was one of like the scariest moments of my life I'm not even kidding.

Sam:  I'm so sorry like I feel so bad that caused you so much distress and I just was out playing games at chuck e cheese as an 18 year old adult, I might add.

Karly:  Wild.

Sam: I took pictures of that.

Karly: I vividly remember that moment I have a very active imagination in my head I'm like ‘oh my god there's a school shooter the place burned down there was a bomb something happened to tornado’. I'm like googling the name of your school and seeing if there's some sort of natural disaster then was like calling you. I made our friend Lexi call you. Lexi was like it's fine I'm sure she's there and then she calls she's like well she's not answering I'm like you see she's clearly in need of rescuing.

Sam: Yeah.

Karly: Yeah what a time.

Sam: What a time and so yeah Karly's the mom friend. I'm sorry I don't know your sign oh wait we just talked about this.

Karly: Aquarius.

Sam:  Oh okay I was gonna-

Karly: but Abe says, our friend Abe, says that I'm more capricorn because he did my birth chart and apparently like my sign is aquarius because my birthday is january 28th but like every other sign except for like two on my birth chart is capricorn so do with that information what you will it means... I don't know what that means.

Sam: Well anyway I love you and now we're doing a podcast together.

Karly: Ugh I love you too that was so nice. I feel like I just like spit out random facts that I could think of about you because I was so panicked about going first and then you just said the nicest things about me that like anybody has ever said about me.

Sam: it's because I'm in love with you.

Karly: I'm in love with you.

Sam: Plot twist this podcast is just me and and Karly loving each other.

Karly: Oh yeah we're obsessed with each other I mean clearly.

Sam: Clearly.

Karly:  We're like I love listening to you talk so much I think everybody else should listen to us talk too.

Sam: Yeah that's true and I don't disagree.

Karly: Which kind of segues into something else that I was really excited to ask you.

Sam: Okay.

Karly: What are some of your favorite memories of us playing games together
because that's a solid chunk of our friendship that's a lot of our inside jokes and memories.

Sam: Yes yes it is okay my one of my favorites. I mean toontown in general toontown is up there just in general all the toontown play yes but one of my favorites has to be so on animal crossing for those of you that are familiar you can buy a tambourine from the shop and me and Karly are our thing is that when we greet each other on each other's islands we pull out the tambourine and we just bang on the tambourine and we like die laughing like it's the funniest thing we've ever seen or done [30:01] in our lives and that we're like you know super original. And it's like it's like our thing and so we went to Karly's mom island one night and she doesn't like it when we pull out the tambourines and so she was sitting we were following around Karly's mom and with tambourines and like giggling like maniacs and then all of a sudden Karly's mom just yeets us off her island and sends us home and it was you know saying it out loud doesn't sound that funny.

Karly: No.

Sam:  But we were in hysterics like when I tell you I was crying from laughing so hard at this dumb moment in time.

Karly: Absolutely same. 

Sam: So that's probably one of my favorites.

Karly:  I don't think we even knew at the time that somebody could like close their gates and kick you off their island.

Sam: No I don't think, no I know I didn't know yeah because she was like because you're
like what are you gonna do like you can't do anything and then she just straight up kicked us off. 

Karly: And then just says on the screen looks like it's time to go home.

Sam: Yeah 

Karly: Yeah that was funny, one of my favorite memories is also animal crossing it's not even like one specific memory but to get through the hell that is quarantine we started having like parties for each other on our islands. So this is another thing about me I have no like middle ground if I'm going in I'm going all in so I've discovered I'm really good at planning animal crossing parties with games and prizes.

Sam: She really is.

Karly: And it's so much fun so throwing parties has been really fun and I have this game that I play with my friends called fishpalooza and. 

Sam: I love me some fishpalooza.

Karly: Yes it's basically just like you get the timer and race to catch the most fish but then that sort of spawned on this period of our time playing animal crossing together where Sam would come onto my island like every day multiple times a day. Like she would get on during her lunch break at work and come to my island and we would be on facetime and we would just run up and down my beaches trying so hard to catch an oarfish like obsessively no it wasn't the oarfish it was the dinosaur fish the the coelacanth or however you pronounce it yeah the one that only comes out in the rain.

Sam: Yeah

Karly: There was a good month, month and a half were like if you went into our texts it would probably just be us going back and forth seeing who had an island where it was raining.

Sam: yep.

Karly: And for whatever reason that was just like so much fun. 

Sam: But oarfish too like oarfish and those dino fish were just they were great.

Sam: They were great.

Karly: Also one night we stayed up to watch the sunrise and animal crossing which like sounds so absurd to even say but it was so much fun. 

Sam: It was it was a lot of fun I think the highlight of that was the alien.

Karly:  Yes if you don't know I think it's at like 3:33 a.m.

Sam: It is yeah at 3:33.

Karly: I think it might be only on certain days.

Sam: Really?

Karly: I'm not sure yeah I think it might be like friday I don't know but 3 33 a.m if you go to a tv it will flash something spooky.

Sam: Yeah so check it out if you haven't cause it's cool. 

Karly: I mean it's like a second of your day but it was great for us.

Sam: Right because at that point we were like already like delirious because we were tired and we still had a couple hours to go. Hey Karly do you want to do it again tonight?

Karly: Okay.

Sam: But let's play among us instead.

Karly: Okay I do love among us that's another one of my favorite memories. We've been playing among us. We've been getting like a big group of friends together on zoom every friday night and playing among us. It has just been like a highlight of 2021 so far.

Sam: Absolutely.

Karly: I look forward to it all week long.

Sam: Same absolutely same.

Karly: I do miss though when we were like actually in a room together playing games.

Sam:  Oh same I miss I miss the cave the quote-unquote the cave.

Karly: Yeah the cave sounds a little bit scary when you don't give it any context.

Sam: and good I'm gonna leave it like that what does she mean what is that wouldn't you like to know?

Karly: I'm gonna tell you because I'm uncomfy.

Sam: Fine tell them.

Karly: The cave is my brother's room which makes it sound a [35:02] little bit even worse but it's

Sam: Wink wink.

Karly: We call the cave - my apartment is very dark in general but my brother has like the blackout curtains and so we would always go in, my brother has a playstation, so we would always go and take over his room. So we could play playstation and we would turn off the lights would be like pitch black and we would just be like depressed losers in my brother's room in our pajamas eating chips and playing video games for hours and it was incredible. 

Sam: You're actually just making me really sad talking about that and I know I brought it up but like I'm sad now.

Karly: You know that's quarantine baby.

Sam: It is, the things I missed during the you know the before times if you will.

Karly: Yeah but at least we can do this.

Sam: Yes very true and have fun doing it.

Karly: They've got a vaccine now so like truly I know some people are like I can't wait to travel I can't wait to go to a restaurant oh that's great I just I literally cannot wait until I can have Sam come over and we can have like a pajama date in the same room and play video games and board games.

Sam: yes.

Karly: I miss it so much.

Sam: same.

Karly: I miss you friend.

Sam: I miss you.

Karly: What a time to be alive who knew we were gonna have two years of this nonsense.

Sam: I know. 

Karly: Two whole years.

Sam:  I'm about to celebrate a second birthday in quarantine.

Karly: ugh I hate that for you but I can throw you an animal crossing birthday party.

Sam: I know I'm so excited I hope you do.

Karly: I couldn't do it the first time because animal crossing came out three days after your birthday .

Sam: I know.

Karly: Hopefully I get my switch back because it's currently in the mail.

Sam: Oh my god.

Karly: If it doesn't I'll throw it on my brother's switch but yeah if anybody wants to know the tragedy of my life. Wow the privilege it's not that bad my switch that I got in like may or so of last year started drifting like four months or something after I got it and I've just been dealing with it until I finally snapped and I've sent it in so fingers crossed I get it back soon because there are some games I really want to play on my switch.

Sam:  Yeah I'm hoping that it comes back fast for you.

Karly: Same speaking of games though that we really want to play on devices we currently do not have everybody who is listening to this podcast please harass Sam until she caves and buys a gaming pc because 

Sam: I want one so bad. 

Karly: I am desperate to play phasmophobia with somebody.

Sam: Yeah.

Karly: Desperate.

Sam: I mean I really want to. I've been I have enough money so here's the thing I could like I could I could straight up buy one tonight if I wanted to. However what Karly fails to mention is that my car is currently broken and I really should get a car first.

Karly: I hear you I understand but also video games.

Sam: I mean yes absolutely and if this was if you were talking to three years ago Samantha I probably would have been like heck it but- oh snap I didn't even realize that it's midnight already. 

Karly: Oh girl.

Sam: Ohhh and I'm in the cave.

Karly: You're gonna pass out.

Sam: No I'm not because I have the the staff that lets me travel home.

Karly: wow it must be nice to be you because

Sam: It is thank you.

Karly: I just have to run around.

Sam: but I guess I won't harvest anything so I'm gonna make zero money today.

Karly: Oh great.

Sam:  I knew that was off topic but.

Karly: No that's fine.

Sam: it caught me off guard.

Karly: No that's totally fine I live for your reactions when we're playing games makes it feel like we're in the same room. i don't know why but it does. I like it. I'm currently scrambling to get my mayonnaise from my chickens because I too forgot how late it is and I want to sell it tonight. 

Sam: Yeah I just collected my truffles basically and I was like okay.

Karly: Yeah, I am so close to hitting 100k for the first time. I'm at 98 000. 

Sam: Ooo bish I'm so happy for you same. 

Karly: Same I'm going to upgrade my barn it's going to be great.

Sam:  Love that [40:00].

Karly: Same oh heck I just broke my gate.

Sam: oh no.

Karly: wow life comes at you fast.

Sam: the spreading weeds have caused damage there's literally zero weeds.

Karly: I got that notification and scoured my farm there was nothing.

Sam: Stardew be lyin.

Karly:  It really do.

Sam: Oh we got some mail oh shane sent me what did he send me. 

Karly: You mean my husband.

Sam: From the back room of jojo mart ages ago my jojo mart has been out of business for a year shane this is disgusting I don't want your year old pepper poppers.

Karly: That is my husband you're speaking about.

Sam: Okay well he's giving me some moldy pepper poppers.

Karly: Yeah you're welcome you're welcome.

Sam: The jojo mart's been closed.

Karly: Well you know maybe he got it from a different town or something you don't know. I don't know why I'm defending him I married him and he completely ruined my house. When you get married on stardew if you didn't know it adds like a little room for whoever you married and shane'sis utter filth there are like muddy footprints and beer cans scattered on the floor and you can't fix it you can't decorate it I'm I'm this close to divorcing him just because of that.

Sam: Do it girl, men aint shit.

Karly: Honestly ugh all right well we have been recording for a while so I guess we should wrap up.

Sam: We should wrap up on that note that men ain’t shit and if you're a man listening I'm just kidding love you all bye. 

Karly: I mean I'm not but real quick before we do go um what do you think you're gonna play next week.

Sam: Hmm… pokemon sword.

Karly: Good choice good choice.

Sam:  I think I'm finally going to cave and buy it this week tomorrow tonight in an hour once we've done this I don't know.

Karly:  Which means that by the time we get around to recording next week she will have beaten the game let's be real here.

Sam: Maybe.

Karly: Maybe. I think I might try to finish little nightmares.

Sam: Ooh yes.

Karly:  Which will be interesting because it scares the out of me but hey.

Sam: [singing] Video games scare the living out of me.

Karly: There it is there it is but uh if you're still listening thank you so much.

Sam: Yeah thank you.

Karly: Seriously like I- I'm amazed that you're still here thank you. If you like we said if you have any recommendations for us please send them our way and yeah we we'll see you next time.

Sam and Karly: Bye!

Sam: Hey and thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. if you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com. We'd love to hear from you so feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello

Karly: And if you liked our podcast. please share with your friends and leave us a review on apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time.