Hang Out and Play

Get in loser we're villager hunting

March 26, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 4
Hang Out and Play
Get in loser we're villager hunting
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Hi friends! Today we're celebrating Sam's birthday week. Hang out with us while we play animal crossing together. We talk all about Sam's animal crossing party, how we feel about the game one year after it's release, games we wish existed, and more.

Karly: Hey there welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly 

Sam: And I'm Sam grab a snack, grab your controller, and let's hang out and play.


Karly: Hey buddy.

Sam: Hey dude. 

Karly: How are you?

Sam: I, you know it's... I'm okay, I'm doing okay. It's a good week.

Karly: Wow.

Sam: That was a good week. how are you?

Karly: I'm tired. I'm so tired. I'm not feeling too great today but that's okay uh happy belated birthday.

Sam: Thank you.

Karly: It's your birthday week.

Sam: It's my birthday, it's my birthday. That's right it's the whole week.

Karly: Exactly.

Sam: Because I like attention and like to make sure I'm celebrated the maximum amount of time possible.

Karly: I mean same but I feel like people don't usually let me get away with that so if you can go for it .

Sam: Yeah I'm gonna try.

Karly: How was your birthday? tell me everything I mean I know I know that I was therefore a lot of it but.

Sam: One second though because my house I am not- I was not prepared for what I just came out of my house on animal crossing to. All of the junk that was in my pockets and you told me to empty my pockets and so now everything is just strewn about everywhere and it's going to take me the entire podcast to just clean everything up and I'm mad.

Karly: Well uh I guess we should say we are playing animal crossing today finally because I finally got my switch back and it's all repaired.

Sam: Yay.

Karly: Back in my arms all's right with the world again.

Sam: Honestly I'm so happy for you.

Karly: Same I really missed it.

Sam: Yeah so my birthday was actually really good. All things considered, we're still in a pandemic, a panini, a pepperoni, a paprika, whatever you want to call it. This is actually my second birthday in quarantine which has been really hard but I did have the day unexpectedly off so like Karly said I was able to spend most of my day with her playing video games and it was just really really nice.

Karly: Yeah I mean I would have preferred to be able to see you in person but like if I can hang out with you on zoom I will take it. 

Sam: Right you know we gotta do what we got to do for the time being just to keep everyone safe.

Karly: Yes.

Sam: But yeah it was a good birthday. Definitely felt the love. I had friends surprise me at my door with silly string and a birthday cake which was really really nice and the cake is delicious and I'm not even a huge desserts person like I would pick salty snacks over like savory snacks any day of the week.

Karly: Same, big same.

Sam: This cake is chef's kiss.

Karly: I love that also don't mean to interrupt you but I need to make an important announcement. I have a camper on my island today.

Sam: Oh my god who is it?

Karly: I haven't gone in yet I'm going in right now. 

Sam: Oh my god keep us updated, keep us updated. I'm currently, god my whole house is a wreck okay well that's just gonna go there gonna put my mermaid rug away.

Karly: It's miranda.

Sam: I don't know who that is.

Karly: The pink duck with like angry mom hair.

Sam: Oh yep got it.

Karly: Well that's a disappointment.

Sam: Much like my life.

Karly: She says quaculus though so she gets points for that.

Sam: Points for a good pun.

Karly: Anyway your birthday.

Sam: Yeah so it was good and then you know we're continuing the celebration. I'm off today which is friday and tomorrow so that's exciting, just been playing more video games. I'm also drinking coffee currently at 4:40 in the afternoon so I feel like I'm gonna be wired. 

Karly: Good because tonight is among us night.

Sam: It really is our friend group has started to play among us every weekend mostly on fridays but sometimes we'll do it throughout the weekend someone will just be like hey who wants to murder and we're like yeah great and we open up a zoom room and we all play and it's been really really fun for all of us I think. 

Karly: It's nice because like we all like kind of hate life right now. 

Sam: Yeah we're all going through it capital letters through that entire sentence.

Karly:  Yes so like it's just good to have something like at the end of the week to look forward to.

Sam: Yeah.

Karly: But yeah I just want to say time to get sappy because I love you. Okay like I know two years spending your birthday locked in is not what you had in mind but uh I'm just really glad that we're doing like this and we get to hangout all the time like I said it on instagram but I feel like even though we had a shitty year we still had like so many fun memories together because we just hung out all the time and I'm really grateful for that.

Sam: Yeah I agree. oh Karly.

Karly: Oh Sam [Laughter] I have this memory of Sam we went to go see I think it was when we went to see ajr and we were sitting in hard rock. and because we live in america you can't even go to a concert anymore without getting like a warning beforehand over the loudspeaker about like what to do incase of an emergency and they are very blatant they mean like if there's a shooting here's what you do and like it's like this really bleak moment that kind of like kills the mood instantly. but me and sam were sitting there and we started talking about like how we would save each other's lives and sam was like I would pick you up and carry you over my shoulder out this door and I'm like homie you could not do that you could not pick me.

Sam: I absolutely could. I will fight to the death. I believe in my bones I could do it.

Karly: But the point is that trust in my whole heart that you are chaotic enough to try and that even if you couldn't do that you would find some way to protecc me and that's just kind of how I feel about you in general. like I don't ever feel like I have to worry when I'm around you because you always have my back.

Sam: I do, I would do anything for you.

Karly: And I love you.

Sam: I love you.

Karly: Oh man okay. I'm done being sappy now. It's raining on my island should I open my gate so you can come and hunt for dino fish?

Sam: Yes, there's a couple things I want to do but you can absolutely open your gate. One is I'm gonna create a new wand outfit for this occasion.

Karly: Okay. 

Sam: And two that's actually it I just want to change my wand outfit and change my regular outfit too.

Karly: Okay well while you're doing that help me through my crisis, my animal crossing crisis.

Sam: Okay.

Karly: So I mean my switch was really only gone for like a couple of weeks - tangy move! but I really haven't played it much since around christmas time because it was so terrible to play because of my joy-con so like I'm not as attached to my island anymore as I once was because like I had set it down for so long. so the question is do I restart my island because I do have really good villagers or do I keep it ?

Sam: I don't know that's such a good question. Take it to the polls. 

Karly: Okay so here here's my dilemma.

Sam: Pros cons let's hear them.

Karly: I have put in many hours into this game. I have a lot of really good items. I've also super decorated my island. I've worked really hard on it.


Sam: Yup.

Karly:  So like there's that. I have my favorite villager of all time and he was really hard to get the first time. He's Erik. Erik is my favorite I had him on new leaf have loved him for at least close to 10 years now nearly cried when I got him on new horizons that's how much I love him so I would have to find him again and that kind of scares me but on the other hand I don't love my island layout because when we when I first started playing like I played the day the game came out and 

Sam: Yeah 

Karly: knowing what I know now I would like a map with different rivers I mean I know you can change that with terraforming but I don't love where mine are and I would like my resident services to not be so close to my airport

Sam: Yeah

Karly: and also I had this thought last night I was like what if I tear down my island and I name it party city, my new island party city and I just turned the whole island into a party zone. I could have like a mario land a halloween land a christmas land.

Sam: I mean you've sold me go ahead and do it bish think of all the fun that you can do with animal like villager hunting oh my gosh.

Karly: I'm really considering it probably won't do it because I get really sentimental and attached to things but I am considering it. 

Sam: I say do it you can get Erik again you know Boo Boo will give you all the 

Karly: Boo Boo is my mom by the way.

Sam: Yes her name's boo boo though.

Karly: It's a long story but everybody calls her Boo Boo now.

Sam: You know she'll give you the money for it. 

Karly: I know I don't know I'll have to think about it some more. Tweet me tell me what to do. 

Sam: Tweet her, beep her.

Karly: Listen to these great villagers that I have though Coco, Skye, Lily Frita. The back of Frita's head looks like a hamburger. she's incredible. Erik of course, I have tangy, I think I have some good ones. 

Sam: I mean you do you absolutely do. I couldn't, I can never restart oh my god is bis- does biscuit want to leave -ah biscuit please.

Karly: I can't believe you want to get rid of biscuit he's so cute. 

Sam: He is cute but he's just I already have a lazy villager “maybe if I went to a new place I could meet new bugs” he wants to leave yeah good luck bye.

Karly: Homie are you, what if you just time travel and villager hunt while we're recording?

Sam: I know we could definitely do that I know I'm thinking so I'm thinking.

Karly: Wow

Sam: Oh I have such good villagers I really do my villagers are -hold on nope. That's not what I wanted to do nope nope nope. I have here we go people- Judy, okay obviously so I cant restart my island.

Karly: The fact that you got judy just like naturally. 

Sam: Yeah I didn’t even pay for her. I found her naturally.

Karly: Wow

Sam: All natural. Biscuit but now he's leaving, Sprocket, I love the weirdos. Marina obviously an angel, Lucky who I found who was a camper like okay, Dom also found, Tia my little elephant teacup camper.

Karly: You have really good luck with your villagers.

Sam: Tank who's one of my originals who just has to go and then my all-time favorite character Pietro. We call him Pepito and he will be nothing else but pepito to me but he is my all-time favorite animal crossing villager. For those that don't know what he is or what he looks like he's a sheep dressed like a clown and he is perfect in every way.

Karly: He’s a beautiful boy.

Sam: I actually have yeah I actually have a keychain of him that my roommate Lexi our friend Lexi got for me for christmas and it's a national treasure. I was actually introduced to him because he was a camper on Karly's mom's island and she was disgusted by him like truly truly truly revolted.

Karly: She really was, she told Sam to come and look at him because she thought he was so ugly.

Sam: Right and I knew nothing about pietro like nothing so I'm like okay let me let me go look at this freak and so it was literally like love at first sight. Is that possible to fall in love at first sight with an animal crossing villager because I think that happened?

Karly: Yeah, me with Erik.

Sam: Me with Pepito, it makes no sense but like he is the best boy and I just love him so much so I can't ever restart my island because I just have too many good people.

Karly: Yeah but see that's why I don't want to restart and you just told me I could get them again so that's the same thing for you.

Sam: Um no it's not the same.

Karly: Oh okay you only want me to restart so that you can live vicariously through me starting over without having to actually start over.

Sam: Mouth on the microphone yes.


Karly: You're an absolute menace to society. 

Sam: I'm an absolute brat.

Karly: You're a hypocrite is what you are.

Sam: This is also true um so yeah maybe yeah I think I will time travel did you already open your gate already though?

Karly: I did.

Sam: Well I can come over there first.

Karly: okay. 

Sam: Do you have anything good in your shops?

Karly: No I have a pool table if you want one of those but.

Sam: I think I already have one.

Karly: Probably I feel like at this point we pretty much have everything.

Sam: Eat the rich.

Karly: What?

Sam: I said eat the rich.

Karly: Wow we are the one percent. I haven't been in my able shop yet so I don't know what clothes I have but.

Sam: Okay I haven't gone and it's the opposite for me I went into my ables shop but not my regular shop so let me do that. I doubt I'll have anything good, what are you selling? anything good?

Karly: While you do that do you want to tell everybody about your birthday party?

Sam: Okay so I think we talked about this on our first or second episode.

Karly: Something like that.

Sam: Um it doesn't matter when but Karly Is the best party planner in animal crossing.

Karly: it's a calling.

Sam: And so we, it basically started like this time last year because when we like went into quarantine like now at this point all of us have had birthdays in quarantine. instead of all getting together in real life Karly throws parties for us and she comes up with really really amazing creative original games. And so she makes shirts when it's their birthday party and we travel to her island and do these really fun games and celebrations and birthdays, gifts, and we take pictures and it's all just really really fun. So we did that on wednesday and I have to say, so there were four games total and one of my absolute new favorite one is - what would you call it was the first one. What would you call that one?

Karly: King tut race I guess. 

Sam: Okay so king tut, so basically she lined the left side of the beach with random like hidden like shells and pitfalls so you didn't know like what was wh-what was what and we all had to wear the king tut masks that make you fall randomly and we had to reach to the top left of the island map get a gold frag or get a star fragment and then bring it back to her and whoever did that first was the winner and it was so hysterical because we were all just falling into the pitfalls and it was a really really like challenging game and it was really close I feel like.

Karly: Yeah I really thought you were going to win but then you fell in a hole.

Sam: I did. I fell in the gosh darn pitfall and I couldn't get out fast enough. 

Karly: It's funny because my mom helped me set it up because we had to doit on her island since I didn't have my switch and we buried close to 30 pitfalls and the next day when she was cleaning up her island she said there was only one that you guys didn't hit.

Sam: yeah that's insane.

Karly: And there was only three of you.

Sam: Yeah well I feel like abe hit a lot of them.

Karly: Abe really did.

Sam: Poor abe he didn't have a fighting chance in that game.

Karly: Honestly.

Sam: But yeah and we also do um we do a game called fishapalooza which is basically Karly sets a timer and then whoever catches the most amount of fish within the time limit wins.

Karly:  It's simple but a classic yeah. 

Sam: Simple but classic. We love it. I am also undefeated.

Karly: My mom refused to play fishpalooza with Sam because Sam literally always wins.

Sam: It's the one thing I'm good at. We also played hide and seek. I got to hide that was really fun. It took them a really long time to find me. So it was just a blast like it was just so fun and like I said Karly is just so good at like coming up with original game content within animal crossing.

Karly: It's really fun.

Sam: It's really a specialty yeah it's really fun. 

Karly: and I also like to like set up like a little party zone so I always make like the golden throne for the birthday person to sit on and I always usually make like all of the guests come in and say like one nice thing about whoever's birthday it is and like give a gift and then we take pictures and it's just really fun and cute and it's such like a small thing but I don't know it's nice to have something special to do on a birthday if we can't all get together so I'm glad you liked it.

Sam: Yeah oh my god I loved it  I think king tut was my favorite.

Karly: I knew it would be I picked that game especially for you because I was like sam is chaotic I can't think of anything more chaotic than this.

Sam: Yes it was so wonderful so perfect 

Karly: Sam is currently flying onto my island. Her title on her passport is ultimate crybaby so that feels right.

Sam: Isn’t that the truth yeah while I'm here is it still raining? oh yeah.

Karly: I think so but I feel like it's gonna stop soon

Sam: I know what a bummer 

Karly: yeah but then that's just more time to go villager hunting.

Sam: I know I need I'm gonna need your help because I always forget the rules of time traveling and I never want to muck anything up.

Karly: yeah so if you want to say goodbye to biscuit you go one day ahead say goodbye otherwise you go two days ahead.

Sam: yeah I don't I don't want to say goodbye.

Karly: I know that Lexi's done it before and it messed up so you might want to do it anyway.

Sam: Ehh.

Karly: Time to bang on the tambourine.

Sam: Gonna get the maracas.

Karly: Or you could use this, this is a drum.

Sam: Oh fun also I got all the ugly color festivale stuff.

Karly: I didn't even do festivale because I really have I mean I did a little bit but only like. 

Sam: I forgot you still had flurry, it's time to yeet her winter's over.

Karly: Look, when I played yesterday for the first time since I got my switch back erik was the one who wanted to leave.

Sam: Of course he wanted to leave he always wants to leave also here we goI'm gonna change into my outfit.

Karly: Yes I love it she has a fishing outfit on titledlet's ca- let's catch long boys. 

Sam: And long boys is the nickname we made for the oarfish because we love fishing those. 

Karly: We really do.

Sam: And so hopefully we're gonna catch some today

Karly: Homie, can you believe it, it just stopped raining.

Sam: No no it's still drizzling no no noman what a bunch of huey oh here's a big here's a long boy it's gonna be a...

Karly: Oh maybe it's still sprinkling I can't tell I don't know.

Sam: Damn it I am so bad at fishing without the sound on.

Karly: Same absolutely same. 

Sam: I can't do this, I can't play while we're recording I can't do it.

Karly: Oh it is still raining I lied.

Sam: But you know it's gonna stop soon. 

Karly: Yeah it's like just barely raining.

Sam: It's like that type of rain that's annoying. 

Karly: Yeah.

Sam: Damn it I just lost the second one in a row.

Karly: Rip but okay who is on your wish list who do you really want to get?

Sam: I don't know see like I have everyone that I really really wanted because I'm entitled. I would take I would uh I would take that baby duckling what's her name?

Karly: Molly. 

Sam: Yes I would take molly in a heartbeat she-

Karly: What's the duck that wears a diaper?

Sam: Joey.

Karly: He's really cute too.

Sam: Sure jan.

Karly: Wow.

Sam: Um, I would also take apollo.

Karly:  Now Apollo is disgusting.

Sam: No he's not.

Karly: I don't like him.

Sam: I need a grouchy.

Karly: Okay well there's so much better to choose from than Apollo. The eagles have no place in this world.

Sam: Damn I don't I just don't believe that I don't believe that to be true.

Karly: Well.

Sam: I mean they're not great they're not the best ones but.

Karly: Right.

Sam: All the grouchy ones kind of suck they're all ugly. 

Karly: That's not true gonzo is great.

Sam: Is he?

Karly: yes he's a koala.

Sam: but he's ugly.

Karly: no he's not okay get off my island I will not take this gonzo slander. [Laughter]

Sam: I just I they're probably all grouchy because they're ugly as heck.

Karly: Maybe that's why I'm always grouchy.

Sam: I mean same also now is it still raining I don't think it is.

Karly:  Yeah not really.

Sam: Ugh lily what a pure soul. You have gullivarr.

Karly: Unfortunately I would rather regular gulliver

Sam: Okay I'm gonna catch one last fish I'm gonna go back. A stupid flounder oh I'm gonna go shopping first actually.

Karly: Okay let me know if there's anything worth going into my ables shop for.

Sam: I will let me change out of my wand outfit before they yell at me.

Karly:  Okay so my question of the week is - and anybody who's listening feel free to tweet your answer or tell us on instagram or whatever - if you could have any game made what would you want it to be? And like it doesn't matter like logistics wise or like game design you don't need to just it doesn't have to be realistic but if you could have any game like what's your dream game that you wish existed?

Sam: Okay okay okay it'll be openworld.

Karly: Yes.

Sam: This is like the type of question I ask my students. I'm not a teacher by the way I'm an admissions guide. I cannot teach but I ask them questions about like what they want to do with their lives so this would be a question I would ask them. So be open world underwater 

Karly: Oh okay.

Sam: Like you know what I'd want like Atlantis based.

Karly:  That would be really fun. 

Sam: I don't know what the plot point would be but that would be kind of like the idea I would like for it also you have crap in your shop.

Karly:  I figured.

Sam: like absolute garbage.

Karly:  Well I'm sorry.

Sam: Yeah.

Karly: And you wanted to be like adventure?

Sam: yes. 

Karly: Okay yeah that would be cool.

Sam: And there would be quests.

Karly:  Look I know you love a quest.

Sam: I love a good quest. Give me all the quests. what about you have you thought about what you would want?

Karly: I have. I have a few answers.

Sam: Okay tell me more I'm ready.

Karly: yeah okay so first um I would love a game that is similar to sims. I guess in some respects. okay so first of all I would love to have a game like the sims that you can play online with friends. I know that this is a bit of an unpopular opinion whenever I see like people who stream and play sims, none of them want sims to be online multiplayer like it seems like the general opinion of the fandom is this is a game meant to play be played by yourself and I could see that. I understand. However I think it would be really fun I always think like you and me would have so much fun if we could like play the sims together and like wreak havoc in each other's towns.

Sam: Absolutely and start making out with your mansies.

Karly: Wow.

Sam: Or your girlfriend. 

Karly: Maybe I wouldn't like it.

Sam: Just kidding.

Karly:  So I would love a game that's kind of like the sims like a lifestyle like life manager kind of simulation game that you could play online with friends that would also be more inclusive because tell me how the sims has been around for this long and we still don't have disabilities in the game? 

Sam: Ugh right?

Karly:  It makes me so mad. so that's that's part one part two is I would love a game that looks like the sims but is better for building. I love to build in the sims but I think it'd be really fun if you could like also like design the furniture more and just like have more freedom than like here's the five couches that ea has given you none of them match make it work.

Sam: Right right.

Karly: So I think that would be fun the other thing that I really would love and I would even be willing to pay for it instead of getting it in like an update would be like expansion packs for animal crossing like imagine how fun it would be to get like a minipack mini game pack. 

Sam: Yeah.

Karly:  Like Sam's island is basically set up like a carnival so how fun would it be if you could get like an addition to the game that lets you like have more activities to play with your friends on your island because I feel like a big reason why new horizons has been so successful this year is because people loved it as like a way to socialize with friends so I want more activities with other players.

Sam: Yeah also side note we talk a big game about Karly being creative which she totally is but I'm very proud of myself with my carnival games that I created as well and also Karly is like a savant at my carnival game it's very interesting to watch but.

Karly: Yes tell everybody about your games. 

Sam: So my big ones I have a couple. so I have one that's like a grid in a section of land where there's a number and then a shape that correlates to spinning wheels so based on the number you get and the shape you get, there's a prize that you dig up and that's kinda like they're like everyday prizes or kind of like just like things that I have multiples of in my storage. And then in my carnival section I have two spinning wheels one's a number wheel and then another one is where like 95% of the wheel is black and then there's like 5% where like you would like win essentially so you spin the number wheel to see how many turns you get to spin the black wheel and if you land in like the winning zone that 5% you get to spin the number one again and then that correlates to a prize and those are typically bigger prizes like tons of money or customization kits or like nook mile tickets or you know things like that and that one's very hard and Karly I think has won it every single time.

Karly: Not every time but almost.

Sam: Also it did mess up biscuit. I went two days ahead and it was like biscuits leaving tomorrow.

Karly: I told you bitch.

Sam: I know I just didn't want to listen.

Karly: Well. 

Sam: Because I'm a brat.

Karly: Well it be like that.

Sam: All right let's save and exit again I hate time traveling though it just takes forever love by the time I get logged in we're gonna have to wrap this ish up.

Karly: Well maybe we'll just go ahead and film another film - record another episode this will be part one of two .

Sam: We could do that.

Karly: We could.

Sam: Let's see I'm just being dramatic it's probably not gonna take that long but - oh lucky.

Karly:  I just have so many good items that I would have to give up I realized I could get them all again but.

Sam: I probably have everything you could ever want and two of them.

Karly: No but I'm a hoarder. I don't like to get rid of things like I've spent so long collecting this can't let it go.

Sam: But it's not real.

Karly:  It's real to me.

Sam: You want thingamabobs, I got plenty. Right here we go. I can't believe biscuit has to leave though didn't just tell you that judy wanted to leave?

Karly: Something like that.

Sam: I think that was earlier this week.

Karly: Something like that. Did you see about the new update though about how you can get like 50 more design slots?

Sam: No I didn't.

Karly: I am very excited I mean just

Sam: Yeah you are my little designer.

Karly: Just to have a custom path on your island takes like nine slots.

Sam: Yeah, oh it's. oh bish it's raining on my island. 

Karly: Wow 

Sam: It's like real dark and gloomy maybe if I find my villager we can fish. okay come on isabel come on come on come on come on load.

Karly: So do you feel like animal crossing has held up like a year later? Do you still think it's as good as you did when you first got it?

Sam: Oh yeah and I think it's great that they continually been adding updates and had different events and things like that. This is my first animal crossing game. I've never played any of the other ones so yeah I mean I got my switch specifically for animal crossing.

Karly: Yeah. 

Sam: Yeah absolutely even though I don't play as much because I'm playing through other games doesn't mean I love it any less I absolutely love animal crossing it's just such a nice like just zen game. Did I put my..

Karly: Yeah like nothing even like your quote consequences in this game are so insignificant like you don't ever have to worry or be anxious when playing animal crossing which I love. I know that some people when they got it they like really rushed through because you can time travel and skip ahead basically and and do pretty much everything except for uh like uh holidays and stuff they usually timelock those but everything else you can rush ahead and I know a lot of people did that and they rushed to like design and decorate their islands in like 30 days and then they were bored.

Sam: right that just like doesn't make any sense to me I would never want to do that.

Karly: I mean I fully understand people who want to do it that way but I also that I'm not surprised when they're bored.

Sam: right right. 

Karly:  I like to play it day by day because I like to have something to look forward to. I'm not against time traveling . We've both done it but.

Sam: Yeah I'm doing it currently. 

Karly: Yeah I just don't do it for like special events unless I'm going to miss it like I'm probably going to time travel to go backwards now to get to play through all of the event that I didn't have time to play because I didn't have my switch but I really I really enjoy it. I'm just so happy that we have another animal crossing because I missed new leaf but yeah I'm excited to see what they do next.

Sam: Same.

Karly: I really want brewster's god I miss brewster's.

Sam: I don't know anything about brewster's but from what I've seen on social media a lot of people want that back too.

Karly: Yeah, it was one of my favorite things on new leaf.

Sam: Not to interrupt but I'm about to land on my first island.

Karly: Okay okay tell me everything.

Sam: It's bamboo island okay let's see who it is let's see. 

Karly: You know the one good thing about bamboo island is like you don't need to worry about finding anything you don't need to shake any trees you can just go in and out.

Sam: I know it's a squirrel it's a purple it's peanut.

Karly: It's not the worst villager you could have gotten.

Sam: Yeah no I know you're right and there's a recipe on the island. great what did I get what I get? stacked wood wall. I think I know that yes I do. garbage. okay well on to the next that's fine get me out of here wilbur yes I'm sure thank you. I have 17 tickets.

Karly: Okay

Sam: That's not all I have but those are what I have like I had in my storage so.

Karly:  And you got a bunch didn't you from your party right?

Sam: Yeah that's where most of them came from.

Karly: Oh Erik is so cute he says “howdily doodily”.

Sam: Oh that's adorable.

Karly: I would die for Erik.

Sam: Okay if you could be any type of animal crossing villager what type would you be?

Karly: Oooh either lazy or normal usually like the normal villagers because one I think they're always really cute.

Sam: Yes.

Karly: And they always talk about like reading and cooking and they just seem really chill. I think the lazy villagers are the cutest personality wise.

Sam: Yeah I agree.

Karly: They seem so blissfully unaware of the problems of life and I want that.

Sam: That's that's true. 

Karly: Okay what about you?

Sam: Um, I think I would probably either normal or I also like the sisterly ones.

Karly: yeah.

Sam: Also I just got bunny who is a bunny.

Karly:  Let me see - she's adorable.

Sam: no. 

Karly: I really like the rabbit villagers.

Sam: they're okay there's just no spark. 

Karly: Wow this does not spark joy, throw it away.

Sam: Yep it's how I feel I don't know why I was gonna dig that up it's stupid. Do I need to shake trees? No, I have all the junk I could ever need. I'm not getting any younger this podcast doesn't get any shorter so on to the next.

Karly: Yeah we've already been recording for 41 minutes.

Sam: I know it's crazy I know it flew by,

Karly: It really did. The real question is are we going to do a part two?

Sam: We definitely can I mean we're already here.

Karly: we are.

Sam: Will I find someone on my dreamy list? I don't have a dreamy list. Will I find someone that I fall in love with? Who knows? Stay tuned I don't know.

Karly: See now I'm trying to like keep you going because I'm very invested and I just want to watch.

Sam: Okay time for a third island I can probably do one more/

Karly: Yeah.

Sam: Before we have to wrap up for sure okay.

Karly: Manifest manifest. 

Sam: Manifest your truth.

Karly: Manifest your truth.

Sam: Although I kind of don't want one because it because I've only gone on three islands you know.

Karly: It's true there's a sweet spot with villager hunting like I think around 15 islands is where I max out and then I start to get pissed off. yeah I remember when I was -

Sam: friendly reminder oh, sorry


Karly: I think when I was looking for Erik I did close to 60 or 70 islands I went through all my miles I went through all of my mom's miles and then I just like begged on twitter and somebody gave them to me for free what an angel.

Sam: Honestly we stan. I was just gonna say I watch a youtuber, her name's Amanda she's under TheAmandaFiles if you want a good account to watch.

Karly: She's really funny.

Sam: She's very funny.

Karly: Also I find her life fascinating.

Sam: Same.

Karly:  Because she doesn't she do like uh

Sam: She does animal conservation I think specifically with like reptiles and just like she's just so nice and pure and wholesome and funny and the first video me and Lexi watched was her trying to find her favorite animal crossing villager whose name is kyle and she spent over 800 nook mile tickets finding him and I don't think she even found him like during that. she ended up like someone ended up like giving him to her. also I'm on money rock island and 

Karly: wow 

Sam: I found mint, another squirrel.

Karly:  I like mint. Mint's not my favorite but I like mint.

Sam: Oh you know I'm gonna get that money. Money please. Yes so I can't imagine going through 800 nook mile tickets to find a villager that I would want but I would maybe I would probably do it for pepito honestly.

Karly: I would do it for erik. That's a lie I don't think I would. I think I would just go on twitter again.

Sam: That's fair.

Karly: Or nookazon.

Sam: Yeah I'm gonna get this money. I'm so bad at bashing money rocks so this will be fun. do you think it'll be any easier if I bang it with an axe?

Karly: No I think it's harder with the axe.

Sam: Okay oh the first one I got all of them.

Karly: Wow.

Sam: Oooh girl all right well I mean we have been going on for a while.

Karly: We have. 

Sam: Maybe we will record a part two so you can all find out what villager I ended up getting. I kind of like leaving it on a cliffhanger so. 

Karly: Same.

Sam: You gotta wait for part two so yeah.

Karly: Stay tuned. We'll see you next time. Bye.

Sam: Bye.


Sam: Hey and thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. if you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com. We'd love to hear from you so feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello

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