Hang Out and Play

We Really Are Just Making It Up As We Go

April 02, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 5
Hang Out and Play
We Really Are Just Making It Up As We Go
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Hi again friends! This week, hang out and play some platformers with us! We play some Crash Bandicoot and Mario 3D while talking about our current favorite musical artists. We think back to the before times when concerts were a thing. This episode was a bit all over the place, but we had a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy! 

What are your current favorite artists to listen to?!

Karly: Hey there welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly 

Sam: And I'm Sam grab a snack, grab your controller, and let's hang out and play.

Karly: hey buddy 

Sam: hey dude 

Karly: how are you 

Sam: that was a good one. I felt that was I felt that in my soul 

Karly: it was good. I was vibin.

Sam: thanks me too. how are you? 

Karly: I'm okay I had my long-awaited doctor's appointment today finally

Sam: yes tell us tell the audience what they want to hear

Karly: okay the good news is he filled out my form that I need to get the covid vaccine

Sam: blessed 

Karly: the bad news is I don't actually have the form

Sam: okay 

Karly: yeah he was like I can mail this to you and I was like well I'm trying to get the vaccine this week so could you email it to me and he basically didn't know how to do that

Sam: oh okay but didn't you have the form why couldn't he fill it out with you there? 

Karly: well because it was just a telehealth

Sam: oh I got you I got it

Karly: I didn't go in. It was just a telehealth appointment which also I waited an entire hour for him. me and my brother both need this form filled out so I had my appointment at two and my brothers were supposed to be at three and I sent two separate teams meeting invites for the different appointments I waited in my room for a full hour we get a call then they're like we can't see you you're not here and we're like well i've been here for an hour so I don't know why you can't see me and so I was like I bet you they're in the other room I bet you they're in the wrong room.

Sam: yeah 

Karly: I went to the three o'clock one there they were so anyway he said he's gonna try to have his nurse email he also said they were gonna call us they didn't so we're giving them until thursday before we call them be like can you just give us our paper

Sam: yeah 

Karly: and I also have a vaccine appointment for saturday 

Sam: yay congrats friend that's so exciting

Karly: yeah i've only been waiting weeks

Sam: hopefully that means we are one step closer to actually being able to hangout in person 

Karly: if I get my form and I can get my vaccine on saturday, first week of may

Sam: amazing. great wow. we're just a wreck today, chaotic wreck but I love it.

Karly: yeah we are re-recording this episode first of all at 10 30 p.m and we just paused for tech issues but you know

Sam: it be what it do 

Karly: It be what it do. anyway how are you friend?

Sam: I'm good. I know we started talking about you know work has been pretty draining for me my job is just very emotionally taxing because I put a lot of energy into the students that I talk to but I did have an interview today for a team leader position in a different department so fingers crossed that goes well.

Karly: nice I bet you did great. 

Sam: yeah it was good it was in front of seven current tls I mean i've been through this ringer six times at this point so like I mean

Karly: yeah 

Sam: I feel like nothing cannot nothing anyone throws at me as far as questions go I feel like can throw me off at this point i've been asked every single type of question 

Karly: right, been there done that

Sam:  in the six times I've interviewed. yeah I hate interviews I'm tired of interviewing.

Karly: honestly 

Sam: but so we'll see 

Karly: fingers crossed 

Sam: I decided I - thank you. I don't know when I'll hear back but you know that's the fun of it I guess but yeah I know typically in the beginning of our episodes we ask each other what we're playing but I didn't know what I wanted to play and so we're just gonna wing it now I'm just gonna spin a random spinner and see what we get to play today 

Karly: yeah yeah

Sam: which is kind of fun 

Karly: yeah a little bit of spice

Sam:  like I mean a lot. a little bit of spice. oh I get a spin again let me get the spin again I kind of like that though see what I want let's see oh my gosh I'm about to get another spin again really okay yeah plot twist this is the game I play

Karly: right 

Sam: for the entire episode. oh my god it's about to be crash bandicoot again. 

Karly: really 

Sam: oh god yeah all right crash bandicoot there it is 

Karly: you seem so disappointed

Sam: I mean a little bit and I know I could just play whatever I wanted to play

Karly: you could 

Sam: but I'm gonna play crash bandicoot ithink

Karly: okay then I will play super mario 3d world because that is also a platformer. I don't have crash bandicoot or else I would also play that but

Sam: we talked about this before on our vaulted episode that won't see the light of day that 

Karly: it might see the light of day

Sam: maybe, that crash bandicoot - I really like it but I kind of wish I had it for my playstation not the switch I don't think it's the best on the switch like controls wise like graphics are great everything else is great I just I'm struggling a lot more on the switch than I feel like I normally do when I was playing it on a playstation2.

Karly: yeah that's the good thing about mario I think mario was great on a switch because it's like a nintendo game basically so

Sam: right exactly it's all right here I go we also decided because nothing is really going on in our lives currently because you know pandemic, panda 

Both: pandemi lovato

Sam: so we decided to we made a list of topics and we decided to I put them in another wheel spinner so we could pick them and

Karly: we're going full chaos 

Sam: yeah full chaos today so let's gonna spin this one see what we're gonna talk about 

Karly: why am I nervous?

Sam: oh no this is a good one so we are going to talk about and this might not even take up the whole time but it's something that you know get the gears turning

Karly:  okay 

Sam: current favorite musical artist that we're listening to 

Karly: okay 

Sam: this is gonna be easy for us we can talk about this forever

Karly: yeah probably Sam more than me my okay here's the thing with me I miss myspace if only because when I was on myspace I found a new band like every day I was always listening to new music and I feel like now I listen to like the same four songs just on repeat for months. that's also just my personality I pick one thing and I latch on.

Sam: True I miss myspace for that and I also miss purevolume. Does anyone remember purevolume? I that's how I got a lot of my new music from too just because and they would also have like free music downloads that you could download I lived for that ish which was really great so rip my space 

Karly: honestly

Sam: myspace is better than facebook and I'll die on that hill 

Karly: 100% and tom was way better than zuckerberg

Sam: oh well I mean most people are I mean 

Karly: true true

Sam: so I mean I can go first I have some current faves 

Karly: yeah go for it 

Sam: so first and foremost I have to give a huge shout out to my girl chelsea cutler

Karly: knew that was gonna be the first one

Sam: we will post links for her for every artist that we listen to or that we talk about

Karly: maybe we can make a playlist and share it

Sam:  oh that's a good idea I love that yes playlist write that down so we don't forget it

Karly: okay 

Sam: please I would I'm just the way that I'm sitting I can't do it. so my girl chelsea cutler she's amazing she I guess if I had to describe her music like pop alternative sad girl vibes. 

Karly: okay 

Sam: I listened to her I've been listening to her well I listened to her non-stop a lot of times like when I'm really sad about like boys because boys are stupidand they break hearts and my heart gets broken very very easily and so I listened to her I was listening to her a lot but then I just also just love her uh because she just makes a lot of relatable songs like her song lyrics are just really really relatable and I just love her so much

Karly: confession I've heard you talk about her a million times have not listened to her yet

Sam: oh my gosh friendship over we have to pause we have to stop until you listen to her I'll put together a playlist for you just for music there's so many good ones I don't even I couldn't even tell you which one which song to listen to first there's so many good ones so she's my current favorite I've also been listening to greyson chance do you recognize that name at all 

Karly: I do but I don't really know from what

Sam:  you can't pin it right you don't know i'll tell you how you know greyson chance greyson chance blew up years ago he was that kidi think it was like in middle school and he did a lady gaga cover that like blew up at his middle school and he was like on ellen and

Karly: that doesn't sound familiar to me at all

Sam: oh and then he was on like ellen degeneres's like record label

Karly: ellen has a record label?

Sam:  I think she had a record label I don't think she has it anymore 

Karly: that's news to me

Sam: really you didn't know that whatever ellen's cancelled anyway

Karly: right isn't that a shame 

Sam: honestly that let's digress a minute and talk about that because honestly out of all the things to happen in 2020 2019 2020 biggest one of the biggest one of the bigger bummers for sure

Karly: yeah so the thing with that is that one I'm not entirely surprised

Sam: right 

Karly: but oh my god okay one second we'll go to ellen in a minute I'm on this level and I'm trying to collect the star for this level and you go into a pipe and there are these critters basically and you can't kill them you can just bounce on them but it's really hard to get the timing right and you have to climb up like three of them and it's impossible and I died and I'm mad. anyway when I turned 18 I did make a wish because you can't do it after you turn 18 I didn't want to waste it

Sam: yeah 

Karly: and I went through the thing that people don't really realize about make a wish is that like how good your wish is entirely dependent on the volunteers and stuff that you get to help you some of them will like have really cool connections and will hook you up and we'll like do whatever some of them are kind of duds. and like not to be a bitch but I kind of got some duds. they were they were sweet. I went through a few people who like bailed like halfway through. anyway one of my things was that I wanted to meet ellen and they were like well you can't you're not really there's gonna be like a huge waiting list like years long and then like all she'll do is they'll fly you to see a taping of her show you'll see her for like five minutes and that's it and I was like okay that seems kind of like a waste to me like if I'm getting one wish I want more than five minutes

Sam: right 

Karly: and uh so yeah I didn't do it and then I shit you not like a week later after I switched wishes she had a make a wish girl on her show and like gave her a whole shit ton of stuff and like sent her on trips and I was like whatever I got ripped off but yeah I'm not surprised at all that she is terrible. she she kind of has the vibe like once you see it you can't unsee it 

Sam: no you really can't that's and that's kind of the crappy thing too I don't know I just it was a bummer I feel like and you know it's it's sad when like the people you like turn out to be really crappy 

Karly: yeah for sure 

Sam: not you though you're perfect

Karly: not you babe

Sam: what were you talking about oh yeah favorite artist anyway so and greyson chance oh yeah he was on her record label and he has this song called holy feeling that just takes me places and it's nice

Karly: I just feel like ellen having a record label is one of those things like you made up

Sam: I did not make it up

Karly: when I was little

Sam:  it's true look it up

Karly: when I was little 

Sam: I'mma look it up 

Karly: when I was little I loved hot dogs from mcdonald's and nobody remember this 

Sam: I'm so excited oh

Karly: nobody remembers it and people swear I made it up and I feel like this is on that level

Sam: yeah probably. ellen degeneres

Karly: like what business does she have even having a record label she is not a musician

Sam: It was 11 11. it was founded in 2010

Karly: damn you really learn something new everyday and sometimes you really wish you hadn't

Sam: so degeneres explained her choice of name claiming that she often sees the number 11:11 when looking at her clocks that she found grace and chance on the 11th and that the singer's soccer jersey has the number 11.

Karly: so not only did she have a record label she made it for this kid?

Sam: um the first act to be signed to the label was grayson chance who gained fame after his cover of lady gaga's paparazzi performed at a school in edmond oklahoma went viral

Karly: it just doesn't sit right with my soul

Sam: I don't think it's it's not a thing anymore 

Karly: how could it be?

Sam: I mean true like that's not surprising at all but yeah so she did for a very brief time have a record label 

Karly: who let her do that? 

Sam: yeah 

Karly: anyway 

Sam: so those are a couple of my favorites chelsea cutler's a big one also I mean I talk about them all the time i'll give three so this will be my third and last but um gotta give a shout out to my boys in the band camino I love them so much and I miss hearing them live 

Karly: I do like them I don't I don't think I like them quite as intensely as you do but so that's probably just because like I said like I listen to four songs and I'm at my cap but they are very good. if you had to pick one song by them what would it be?

Sam: um they have a song called know me that I love like no as in like k-n-o-w it's really good 

Karly: okay i'll have to listen to that

Sam: anyway this one's like my current three jams

Karly: okay cool cool how are you doing on crash bandicoot give us an update

Sam: um good I just finished a level 

Karly: oh nice 

Sam: yeah I'm doing a lot better in this third one than I did in the other two nice but I think that's just because I played this one so many times when I was younger

Karly: yeah that always helps I just died onmario so

Sam: Rip road crash I don't want to do the motorcycle one but let's try it

Karly: a motorcycle

Sam:  yeah remember I did another level like this before

Karly: no I'm not watching you friend

Sam: no but I played it 

Karly: but I can't see you

Sam: how do I go I know I have to get first place 

Karly: rip

Sam: I don't think I'm going to I'm definitely not going to there's holes in the ground oh my god it's like it's kind of like mario kart except way worse 

Karly: I died again on the same exact spot this game is really testing me tonight

Sam: Tonight I can't wait to go to bed I get my second vaccine tomorrow though

Karly: Lexi  told me that's exciting. are you nervous? 

Sam: yeah no 

Karly: okay

Sam:  mostly because if you know if I get sick whatever it's just a reason not to go to work 

Karly: why did I know that's what you were gonna say?

Sam: because you know me like why would I be mad upset like I'm like hoping I get a fever like give me just an ounce of a reason to call out and I will do

Karly: I love how the beginning of the episode you were like yeah I worked really hard I did this interview and then now you're like just let me call out

Sam: listen it's all about balance my friends you're not wrong 

Karly: I mean I support you in this house we hate capitalism

Sam: right and because even though I don't have any pto time my vaccine card can be used like a doctor's note essentially

Karly: oh nice

Sam: that's what my mom told me who works in healthcare so she was like and they'd better take iti was like okay so we'll see yeah yeah I go tomorrow morning I'm not excited about getting up super early

Karly: what time are you going 

Sam: we're trying to be there by 8: 30.

Karly: I will not be awake by then 

Sam: it is better than last time though last when we got our first shot we we left our apartment by seven 

Karly: oh disgusting 

Sam: so I get an extra hour to sleep in 

Karly: that's good 

Sam: and the nice thing is I don't work until 12 so because I have an appointment this time we've been we've heard that it goes a lot quicker because we don't have to like pre-register and things like that

Karly: right 

Sam: I'll be able to come home and sleep for a couple hours before I have to clock in for work so that'll be good 

Karly: so anyways back to music um I guess I'll go yes I would have to say ajr

Sam: oh yes 

Karly: they just put out a new album like a few days ago

Sam:  they did almost a week ago now

Karly: yeah it's it's really good I really like it so sam and I like vaguely knew who
ajr was uh a few years ago so um in central florida every fourth of july there's an event called red hot and boom and it's basically just there like this like a waterfront park basically near usand they do an outdoor concert every year and they have you know lots of fireworks and it's fun we like to go it always rains every year 

Sam: always 

Karly: um and one year we were like I don't really know who any of these people are but I want to go anyway because it's fun and ajr was one of the bands we're like we like knew the name I think we knew one song by them not much and they come on stage and jack the front man of the band just started going wild this guy when he's on stage he's not still for more than 10 seconds at a time he is constantly like flailing around his dancing is so bizarre and beautifully weird I love it so much and we instantly were like if they ever come back to orlando we're going like we have to we decided that night we promised each other we would go and we did and honestly I've been to a lot of shows sam has been to a lot of shows ajr is 100% top five best artists I've ever seen ever

Sam: yep hands down

Karly: they do like full-on like productions they have really cool stage effects and just really clever use of screens and it's they're incredible but yeah so their new album is out really really liked it they have a song that's basically about like 3am panic which it speaks to me 

Sam: same

Karly:  uh so yeah that's really good the other that i've really been listening to a lot is the maine I have loved the maine 

Sam: they have a new album coming out

Karly: I know I'm really excited I feel like it's going to be like summer jams and I'm ready 

Sam: yeah same 

Karly: but yeah i've loved the maine for a long time like 10 years or soor more I don't I don't know math it's been a long time and yeah they have a new album coming out they have a new single out called sticky it's a bop really love it. Sam and I actually saw them not too long before the world went to shit we saw them in

Sam:  yes 

Karly: I think it was like october of 2019 right 

Sam: I think so yeah

Karly: and another incredible show so good love the maine and they seem like pretty decent dudes which I appreciate

Sam: yeah and their fans were so nice to me and Karly

Karly: oh my god so nice

Sam: we so they performed and then they were like yeah we're we'll just hang out like inside and so of course like everyone like wanted to stay and so there was a huge crowd um and sothe way the house of blues is set up is that there's a ramp you can walk in like the main there's a ramp you can go down a couple levels but like the way that the pit isis that basically there are stairs and then there's like an elevator for Karly for Karly to get down

Karly: it's specifically for me, nobody else 

Sam: It's just for Karly because of me yeah just Karly and sobut Karly didn't want to go down there use it or ask to use it because it is like it's a big hefty

Karly: it's a production 

Sam: like lift it is a production it's a production all of itself 

Karly:  and like

Sam: and so go ahead 

Karly: sorry

Sam: no you're good 

Karly: so like the pit like the the bar right up against the stage basically like the that's where everybody was hanging out the band was likelike on the stage and kind of like right in front of the pit and so the elevator is like right between the barricade and the stage off to the side so like not only is it really loud and like production it's also like hello I have entered and I'm cutting the line which like nobody else perceives it that way but I perceive it that way I talk a big game about like if you're disabled you ask for help you deserve it I will hype up any disabled person ever at all but when it's me I'm like oh my god I'm such a piece of I can't do this

Sam: which is not the case but basically so Karly we went down there and we were just like patiently waiting and John who's the lead singer was like meeting people or whatever but then it was getting really late and Karly's mom really wanted to leave because we also live far away from house of blues like Karly's family lives probably about what like an hour a little bit over an hour away 

Karly: yeah after like traffic and stuff it's usually like a little over an hour yeah because traffic is insane in orlando at all times

Karly: yeah and the roads suck

Sam:  the roads are terrible so it was getting really late and basically like we were just like I don't even know how it came up but then this sweet angel girl like asked

Karly: I know how it came up

Sam:  Asked us if we were like waiting oh yeah tell us

Karly: yeah so sam was just like she was like oh it's getting kind of late and I was like yeah and then right as we were talking my mom texted me and sam was like oh is your mom wanting to go and they were like do you have to go with your ride leaving and I was like yeah kind of 

Sam: and we were like yeah yeah kind of and they were like hold on we'll get him to come over here and just like that and they were just so selfless because these girls were also waiting to meet him

Karly: yeah 

Sam: and they just were so selfless oh they knew like the tour manager or something 

Karly: yeah 

Sam: and they were like hey go get john because they have to leave and they were just like so forceful but like and so nice but it was just it was so nice

Karly: and they took pictures for us they look like candid pictures of us meeting them

Sam:  yes

Karly: which was really sweet 

Sam: yes it was just it was very very nice and who is your third

Karly: um who is my third I guess I would probably say dodie

Sam: okay

Karly: just you know I feel like most girls are kind of like swooning over dodie and loving dodie um if you don't know her. she was a youtuber but now she's I think kind of trying to like over the past few years has like kind of pivoted to being more of like a full-time musician rather than making her name from youtube um 

Sam: yeah 

Karly: but she's got a really soft voice which I really like because she has good music to listen to when you're tired and sad

Sam: yeah 

Karly: and she writes really beautiful lyrics and I love her she's great and she's also really lovely to follow online because she's a really big mental health advocate

Sam: Love that

Karly: she deals with derealization I think it's either derealization or depersonalization I can't remember right off the top of my head cause I'm tired but one of those and she really struggled like going through the system with the nhs and like trying to get the services that she needed to go to like therapy and try different kinds of therapy to see like what would help and she's been really open about it and like talked about it so I think that's really cool 

Sam: yeah 

Karly: she’s great love dodie big fan

Sam: love that yeah you've um you've recommended her to me before I like her stuff I like what I’ve listened to anyway I don't I don't keep up but 

Karly: yeah yeah she's really great I would love to see her live but I would love to see anybody live. remember when we could go to shows?

Sam: nope don't remember 

Karly: I just

Sam: don't know her 

Karly: it's so strange of like a concept for me to like imagine cramming yourself in a room with like a thousand other people who are all screaming doesn't that sound like a nightmare?

Sam:  yes knowing what I know now 

Karly: but like I miss it

Sam: oh same 

Karly: I started going to shows when I was like 13 14 but around the ages of like 16 to 18. I was at a show like every week almost or at least like twice a month

Sam: Same and like how did I and how did I afford that? I didn't have a job in high school 

Karly: right

Sam: like during the year like I had summer jobs but I didn't have like during the school year where was I getting my funds from to be

Karly: fair I afforded it because a lot of the bands that I went to see were like local bands and so they were the tickets were like five dollars ten dollars max and a lot of times they got me in for free I had like this whole of their life when I was that age like it's so far from what my life is now I like even like the grungy disgusting bars like the security they knew who I was and like acab but one time I even had a cop carry my wheelchair up into ashitty barafter the show had switched to 18 and up because everybody knew who I was

Sam: yeah 

Karly: and now I'm like wow I haven't seen another person in almost a year and a half yeah and like I don't have friends anymore

Sam: okay that's not true 

Karly: okay that's not true I have friends I have significantly less friends

Sam: okay 

Karly: but to be fair I have since learned those people were never my friends 

Sam: right I was just gonna say like 

Karly: it was a wild ride sometime we should delve into that time of our lives because I feel like we were different people

Sam: truly we really were I mean I would go I literally would travel across state lines for concerts

Karly: and the sad thing is that it was for the shittiest person but we didn't know

Sam: we didn't know

Karly: can one of our episodes be a shaant expose

Sam: yes well I'm gonna kind of dive into it a little bit not too much just like kind of really skim the surface here that on our drive home the other night um I put on that album because 

Karly: wait which one 

Sam: I was just feeling it sorry their first one 

Karly: mm-hmm we're talking about cute is what we aim for for people who aren't aware

Sam: oh yeah I guess I forgot not everyone just knows my mind and

Karly: I just yeeted myself off into oblivion

Sam: oh no I gave up on that on crashbandicoot3 or crash bandicoot warped and went back to the first one and I'm stuck on this level that i've been stuck on for like a year now I don't know why I thought this would be a good idea I'm just gonna go to animal crossing umoh my gosh I'm going to I'm going to quit I can't do this go back to nice where nothing hurts animal crossing um

Karly: you can’t switch games I'm doing a platformer because of you

Sam: oh I switched 

Karly: piece of shit

Sam: there's no rules to this we're making it up as we go remember

Karly: I'm in platformer hell because of you

Sam: well you can quit too 

Karly:  my mama didn't raise no quitter I just yeeted again

Sam: quit

Karly: I'm quitting to this episode is really all over the place

Sam: it's okay it's like us 

Karly: um anyway you were listening toCute is what we aim for

Sam:  anyway so we were listening to Cute is what we aim for and I was like singing around and I was like I like was making like over dramatic noises and I was like can you believe I was in cute is what we aim for and lexi goes she was like “well of course you were you were onstage with him because your your face was so far up his ass he couldn't travel on stage without you”

Karly: she’s not wrong

Sam: I know it was so funny though

Karly: you know what’s really bad timehop 

Sam: yes

Karly: we so I feel like we mentioned briefly but so our core friend group is me sam and sam's roommate lexi and the three of us met over cute is what we aim for that was our entire personality for like the first couple years of our friendship like in our. so if you weren't in like that whole like pop punk kind of scene and cute is what we aim for for was a big part of that scene for a while they had a habit of just disappearing and then coming back randomly and like it was a whole ass wreck but in the times when they would disappear sometimes shaant would like be on facebook and he had at one point given ushis like aim profile or whatever or his ichat or whatever it was and so we would like IM him sometimes he would like send us these secret demos or whatever and we thought we were the hottest in the world we thought we had some like really cool connection. but anyway on facebook we were disgusting. we were basically just like begging for any scrap of attention he would throw our way.

Sam: honestly it's so funny and like you said we really need to do a whole episode on it because I feel like it could be really really funny 

Karly: for sure we'll have to get lexi on for that episode she has to be part of it 

Sam: okay fair 

Karly: but yeah it was yeah sometimes I like get the urge to listen to them but then remember who he is as a person and I just can't bring myself to do it

Sam: you definitely should it's I mean the music are bops

Karly: yeah but I'm just not the kind of person who can separate it

Sam: yeah I mean that's fair I wish I could be I just I don't know it was just too funny too good 

Karly: but yeah I miss live music

Sam: same oh gosh okay so and this will be in like a nice place to kind of end on maybe but if you could who who would you want to be who um what words questions if anyone knows how tired I am this is it first artist you'd want to see after a pandemic

Karly: hmm um well I would love to see the maine again just because I feel like they've in the past three-ish years especially have really become like who I go to when I'm really sad so I think I would love to see them again I would love to see them perform new music yeah I think it'd probably them. what about you? 

Karly: okay

Sam: um I really want to see chelsea cutler yeah

Karly: have you ever seen her? 

Sam: my whole identity is chelsea cutler now. no I haven't.

Karly: yeah that's fair

Sam: so I definitely want to so I've been to supplement that i've been i've watched a couple of like youtube videos of her live shows of like live concerts just to kind of fill the void in the meantime but it's definitely on my bucket like I will I will see her as soon as I'm able to see her 

Karly: I have to say who else I'd love to see who I actually have tickets to see is bts 

Sam: oh yeah dude 

Karly: yes I am kpop trash I'm not as bad as I once was but I have loved bts for seven years it's now I think eight it this is seven or eight it's a lot I think this year would be eight year like right after they like debuted in korea so it's been a long time finally they came to orlando well they didn't come they announced an orlando tour date oh poor sweet naive Karly of february 2020.

Sam: I was there when bought tickets

Karly: you were there I bought tickets I yelled screamed I tweeted about it I was so excited we were supposed to see them in may of last year didn't happen I still have the tickets on ticketmaster they're postponed I don't think it's ever happening but I do theoretically have tickets to see bts 

Sam: I had tickets to see halsey 

Karly: I know I was really jealous and bitter about it to be quite honest did you see she's pregnant 

Sam: I did see

Karly: very excited 

Sam: so happy for her same 

Karly: you know who else I really love and would love to see harry styles

Sam: oh yes 

Karly: his album is so good his newest one

Sam: I haven't listened 

Karly:  oh my god I've been listening to it so muchi swoon I love him he's he's so dreamy I don't know what it is about him 

Sam: I'll have to listen I'll have to listen to it

Karly: man he has an orlando tour date in like october too which like that's optimistic isn't it

Sam:  isn’t it sure is 

Karly: I can't believe people like are that confident in the fact that that's gonna happen

Sam:  right 

Karly: like if I had even like the slightest hope that that concert was actually gonna happen I maybe would look for tickets anything gonna happen 

Sam: right no 

Karly: it's almost  april people still think it ain't gonna happen it's not gonna happen and if it is it shouldn't happen

Sam: right right I'm just gonna say do you know where he's playing 

Karly: probably amway

Sam: yeah 

Karly: I almost got tickets once to see him at house of blues

Sam: gosh 

Karly: I know missed opportunity never happened again. I almost got tickets once to see halsey at house of blues again never gonna happen again and finally I almost had tickets to see 21 pilots at house of blues

Sam: I miss them 

Karly: yeah wow I think we like accidentally made ourselves sad

Sam: I mean can you make yourself something that you already are?

Karly: yeah you ask you pose a you good certainly make it worse if that's one thing i've learned from 2020 there's always it's it can always get worse there's always further to fall 

Sam: oh absolutely there's it's like the ocean right like it just keeps going for a long time and it gets darker and darker and then more weird stuff keeps happening and weird creatures show up

Karly: this is gonna be the weirdest pivot of all time but I really want to see that kristen stewart movie where she's like on the bottom of the ocean

Sam: don't know what you're talking about I'm gonna have to look that up

Karly:  it's just two hours of kristen stewart wet. that's all I need. 

Sam: okay 

Karly: it's enough 

Sam: there you go

Karly: I want to see it it looks like a terrible movie and I want it 

Sam: I hope you get it friend

Karly: thanks friend

Sam: you're welcome

Karly: so uh what do you think you're gonna play next week?

Sam: I don't know 

Karly: maybe you'll get a new game

Sam: yeah it's been a minute since I bought a new game

Karly: so do you have any games on like your wish list?

Sam: I mean I have tons of games on my wishlist I don't but I don't know um 

Karly: okay so it's gonna be a surprise

Sam: maybe I'll play the yeah maybe i'll play that pioneer game

Karly: well maybe that's what I'm gonna play I'm gonna play story of seasons pioneer of olive town

Sam: what did I say? I was close 

Karly: you called it the pioneer game you know you had the essence close you had one of the words

Sam: yeah I'll take it that pioneer game

Karly: we used to ride these babies for miles

Sam: oh god 

Karly: but yeah I got it on the day it came out because I have no chill and I've been playing it when I have time I've been working weird hours like I haven't played it like as much as I would like to but I have a lot of thoughts and I'm excited to share them with everybody

Sam: good thoughts?

Karly: mixed

Sam: oh okay 

Karly: I will go into it more next episode but all I will say is I think I'm glad I used the gift card on it

Sam: okay 

Karly: so if you want to know more stay tuned for next episode

Sam: there you go 

Karly: all right it's late thanks for hanging out with me late at night tonight friend 

Sam: always hopefully this goes better 

Both: bye

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