Hang Out and Play

Just talking about her is making me like hyperventilate

June 11, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 13
Hang Out and Play
Just talking about her is making me like hyperventilate
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Hi friends, happy Friday! We're back and we're playing a new game! Today is all about Subnautica. We're pretty early into this one, so enjoy us panicking through the ocean and our confusion. Don't be surprised if we play this again in a future episode because we've been loving it so far!

We decided to gush about our pets today, so be sure to listen all the way through so you can learn about Walter, Rosie, Penelope, Periwinkle, and Pippin. If you follow us on our socials, you might get to see some pretty cute pictures, too. We're like, real obsessed with our pets, okay?

Game featured in this Episode:
Subnautica: Switch EShop Link

"Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril.

Subnautica is an underwater adventure game set on an alien ocean planet. A massive, open world full of wonder and peril awaits you!

Dive Into a Vast Underwater World

You have crash-landed on an alien ocean world, and the only way to go is down. Subnautica's oceans range from sun drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers. Manage your oxygen supply as you explore kelp forests, plateaus, reefs, and winding cave systems. The water teems with life: Some of it helpful, much of it harmful."

Karly  0:01  
[music] Hey there, welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly. 

Sam  0:07  
And I'm Sam. grab a snack, grab your controller, and let's hang out and play.

Karly  0:27  
Is this the Krusty Krab? 

Sam  0:30  
No, this is Patrick. 

Karly  0:33  
Hey, buddy. 

Sam  0:35  
Hey, dude. 

Karly  0:38  
How are you?

Sam  0:39  
For a second I need you to know that my brain panicked for a split second I was like, I was like, oh my god, what is this? What is the correct response to that? 

Karly  0:47  
Well I knew you'd get it. 

Sam  0:48  
No, this is Patrick. Anyway, I'm good. Happy Memorial Day friend. 

Karly  0:57  
Yeah, I don't - I always feel so conflicted when people say that is it supposed to be a happy day? I don't think so. It's not.

Sam  1:07  
I mean, I think it's supposed to be a time of, you know, remembering those that served. And I think to remember them and to remember that can be happy.

Karly  1:23  
I guess. So. To me, it just seems like it should be a more somber day. 

Sam  1:28  
Sure. Absolutely. 

Karly  1:29  
I feel like America has turned it into 'hey, three day weekend have a barbecue and sales.' 

Sam  1:37  

Karly  1:37  
I hate capitalism. Anyway.

Sam  1:39  
I mean, same. Side note real quick. Speaking of Memorial Day, I was with my friend, Lindsey, a couple of days ago. And she served so thank you, Lindsey. I don't know if she listens. But I'm going to make her because we shouted her out. So she served in the Army from 2010 and 2016. And we were at the pool the other day, and she was wearing her army shirt. And this really creepy guy came up and he'd been talking to us for a while and he was just like, super annoying, and none of us were trying to engage. And he came over again, because he I guess he wanted to interact with Lindsey because she was wearing her army shirt. And he was like, oh, did you serve? And Lindsey was like, again, not even making eye contact, like, yep, yeah, I did do that. And he was like, oh, when? And she was like 2010 and 2016. And he goes, Okay. And then he goes, you know, anyone that got blown up? 

Karly  2:41  
Oh, my God. You've already told me this story. And I'm still just as horrified as the first time I heard it.

Sam  2:50  
I know. I just wanted to put it on the airwaves. I know I had told you but I just it's still it's sent me. I immediately like texted our group chat like who I was with and was like, who the EFF thinks thats okay to say to anybody? Like, what? He was so weird. But I just like, I'm still thinking about it, obviously. Know anyone that I got blown up?

Karly  3:19  
It's just, I we could have like, a whole episode on the complex feelings I have towards our military. But I will say I think it's wildly disgusting how especially like, even within like the conservative party, they who, you know, their big thing is we love our troops or whatever. They love to send people overseas, for mostly needless reasons. 

Sam  3:55  

Karly  3:56  
They come home with mountains of trauma. And then they're always the first ones to stop you and be like, Hey, did you kill anybody? Do you know anybody who got hurt? Like, basically like asking them to relive their trauma for their entertainment? Like, who thinks that's something that you can just ask somebody that you don't know? Even somebody you do know.

Sam  4:24  
Update on that man, though, and it tracks. Yesterday, Lindsey texted our group chat and was like, I think I just saw the guy from the pool and he had his Trump sticker on his car.

Karly  4:34  
Of course. 

Sam  4:36  

Karly  4:37  
Absolutely. Of course. 

Sam  4:39  
We were all like, yep, that makes sense. That makes total sense. 

Karly  4:43  
Sure does track. 

Sam  4:46  
Anyway, shout out to Lindsay. 

Karly  4:48  
Hi, Lindsey. 

Sam  4:49  
Shout out to our troops. 

Karly  4:52  
I'm sorry your country treats you like crap. 

Sam  4:56  
Yeah, honestly. But here enjoying this free meal on us. 

Karly  5:03  
Right. Can we interest you in a slightly discounted living room set? You know, for the house that you probably can't afford to buy. Because America. 

Sam  5:21  
Anyway, hi, friend. 

Karly  5:22  
Hey, friend. 

Sam  5:24  
What are we playing today? 

Karly  5:27  
You know, this is a really momentous occasion because for maybe the first time we're actually playing what we said we were going to play next. 

Sam  5:36  
I know. 

Karly  5:37  
We are playing Subnautica, shout out to Abe we're playing ocean games like he requested. 

Sam  5:44  
Yep. What is this? 

Karly  5:47  
Subnautica Oh, 

Sam  5:48  
oh, go ahead. No, good. No. Oh, god, I'm hurting something just attack me. Stupid crab. 

Karly  5:56  
So Subnautica is a underwater diving survival game. You are basically on like this alien planet in a pod that has crashed there's -  I couldn't really tell you the story yet. We have played I've put about four hours into the game. But I haven't gotten very far into like the story. And I'm a little bit further than Sam. I don't really want to spoil her either. It's, it's hard, at least for me. I'm first of all, not great at first person games, like the controls I find hard. But the game literally like drops you in the middle and tells you nothing. Like they don't teach you the controls. They don't teach you like where you should go. There's no map. There's, you're just in the middle of the ocean. Go see what you can find. So yeah, it's very stressful. Also, I'm a little scared to play without sound on because there's a lot of things that want to hurt you in this game. 

Sam  7:09  

Karly  7:13  
What were you gonna say?

Sam  7:18  
Oh, I was gonna I was gonna tell you like what has happened to me since you are ahead of me a little bit. But Karly's absolutely right that I so we bought this game on Friday. And we both started playing. And we had no clue what we were doing. Because like she said, it gives you nothing. And so when I came home then on yesterday, I restarted my game. Because I had died a bunch of times, we like had no idea what we were doing. And I restarted and I was like, oh, I was like slowly getting the hang of it. I was like, okay, cool. Cool. Cool. Got it. And I just wanted to let you know that I did get to the part where like that big spaceship thing blew up a little bit more. And I did get the blue pins. Blue pins, the blueprints for the radiation suit. But like you said to you, I don't know how to make fiber mesh. 

Karly  8:20  
I figured that I can tell you it's really easy. 

Sam  8:22  
No, don't tell me yet. I don't want to know. Maybe.

Karly  8:26  
The game doesn't tell you so. 

Sam  8:28  
Oh, really? 

Karly  8:29  
It didn't tell me I had to Google it. 

Sam  8:32  
Okay, what is it then? 

Karly  8:35  
Take your - do you have the knife? 

Sam  8:38  
No, not yet. I can craft one though. 

Karly  8:41  
Okay, craft a knife and use it to chop the creep vines. Which, you know those. Okay, yeah. And you'll get like a sample of it. If you get those. You use those to make the mesh. 

Sam  9:00  
Oh, okay. Cool.

Karly  9:01  
Yeah, it was. I'm so mad again. Like this game tells you nothing. And like that's part of the fun of it is like you have to explore and like figure things out. But it also is like a bit of a learning curve. I'm more used to games like give you like, a half hour tutorial and teach you everything and then throw you. 

Sam  9:19  
Yep. Um, so question. So I'm on this island, and I need a tablet. But I don't have a tablet. And I don't do I have to explore the cave that's on this island to get to a tablet. 

Karly  9:33  
You need a tablet? What do you mean? 

Sam  9:36  
This is what it's saying? 

Karly  9:39  

Sam  9:41  
Maybe we're not on the same island?

Karly  9:43  
I think we are. Is it? Did something tell you to do that? Or did you just explore and find it? 

Sam  9:49  
I just explored and found it. 

Karly  9:51  
Okay. I didn't find that. But I will say if you just explore you might find what you need. 

Sam  9:57  
Okay, that's what I was thinking. Oh, I found it. Stupid. 

Karly  10:02  
But now I know to go back. So that's good. Um, but yes, tell us what has happened other than the explosion you saw.

Sam  10:14  
Okay, I think - hold on one second? So I just found the purple tablet so the purple tablet. Okay, did I get it? No, I had to make it. Hold on. Please hold. Oh, yeah, okay. Oh, F I ned an ion cube and two diamonds. Also, it's very dark. But that's okay. Because I have a flashlight. Have you? You I know you had built a flashlight too. Can you just like switch out like the batteries when the battery goes?

Karly  10:59  
I assume so. But mine hasn't gone out yet. So I don't know. But I assume that you can. 

Sam  11:06  
Okay, because they have extra batteries here with me. 

Karly  11:11  
I'm currently hunting for bladder fish because I can never have enough water in this game. 

Sam  11:19  
Oh, is this I found a tablet itself. Oh, bish, we out here. 

Karly  11:28  
Yeah, I have a tablet. It's in my storage back at my pod. Because I didn't find the thing where you have to insert it.

Sam  11:36  
Oh, okay. Which is wild to me because you said something happened and you think it's gonna happen to me? But you haven't? 

Karly  11:44  

Sam  11:44  
Did you explore that? Did you explore a cage? I go explore a cave. 

Karly  11:50  
Not yet. Okay. So tell me why you're on the island. Explain to everybody what brought you there? 

Sam  11:56  
Oh, I just, I just ended up in this direction. 

Karly  12:01  
Oh, you weren't directed there? 

Sam  12:04  

Karly  12:05  
Okay, then maybe we're not on the same Island. And I will say no more. 

Sam  12:12  
Okay, well, I'm scared. Did I miss something? 

Karly  12:14  
No, you won't be able to miss it. It's something that's going to come through your radio, they're going to tell you they're going to give you coordinates to somewhere. 

Sam  12:22  
Okay. Yeah. Okay, wait I do have. So when I was swimming to the islands, a little radio station pop, like popped up to the right, but I don't think I heard anything. 

Karly  12:35  
You have to go into your pod and listen.

Sam  12:39  

Karly  12:40  
Yeah, if he gets a little symbol about the radio, that means you have to go back and you have to click on the radio to play it. 

Sam  12:47  
Okay, well, it's so far away. So should I go back and listen to it? 

Karly  12:53  
I would because it tells you important stuff. 

Sam  12:56  
Okay. That's fine. 

Karly  12:56  
And triggers like, events in the game. 

Sam  12:59  
That's fine. I will. I mean, it's 800 meters away, but that's okay. I will swim. 

Karly  13:07  
So I am gonna go back to my pod and cook. And then once I'm out of the water and not worrying about drowning, I will tell you about the progress that I've made with no spoilers. 

Sam  13:19  
Perfect. Do that. Will I be able to read what the radio is saying? Since I don't have the sound on? 

Karly  13:24  
Yeah, there'll be subtitles. And I think that you can then hit the minus sign. And you can go to your like your log. Yeah. 

Sam  13:33  

Karly  13:34  
Okay, so I'm in my little pod, which has been like fully repaired. So I've made a bunch of tools. I have. Oh, hold on. My guy's freaking out because he's about to die of dehydration. Give me a second.

Sam  13:55  
Yeah, no worries. I when I restarted I decided to make it a little bit easier. And so I only have to worry about my health and oxygen, so. 

Karly  14:07  
You know, I'm a little jealous. Like I thought about going back but like I've gone so far now. I haven't gotten that far. I feel like I've made a lot of progress that like I don't want to go back now. I wish that I could like switch. 

Sam  14:22  
Change it? 

Karly  14:23  
Yeah, like interchangeably. I know some games will let you like switch however many times you want like in between game modes. But anyway, so I have my standard O2 tank which I like upgraded. 

Sam  14:39  
Yep, same. 

Karly  14:40  
So I get now 135 seconds underwater. 

Sam  14:44  

Karly  14:45  
Which made a huge difference. I made a sea glide. Which just lets me swim faster basically. I made a rebreather which I haven't been able to use yet. And I'll tell you why in a second. I have fins which let you swim faster. I have radiation gloves, radiatio suit, and the radiation helmet. So I've been exploring around areas where there's radiation. So I, you can't wear like the rebreather, and the helmet at the same time. And I have a compass. And I have the flashlight, the knife, a scanner, and I have the pathfinder tool, which I just made. But it is used to map a way back out of caves and hard to navigate spaces. Which I'm sure will be nice because I have zero sense of direction. I take one turn and I'm lost, especially underwater when it's dark. 

Sam  15:52  

Karly  15:54  
So like I've made a lot of stuff to go and start over and not have any of that stuff would make me want to die.

Sam  16:01  
Okay, I'm listening to the radio. 

Karly  16:02  

Sam  16:05  
I did just craft myself a knife. 

Karly  16:08  
What do you have a knife? No! 

Sam  16:10  
No! Okay, so the log nine, sharing locations with other. So here's what the radio told me playing partially translated broadcast, then a bunch of like weird symbol things, nine new biological subjects, designated mode, hunting slash analyzing sharing subject location with other agents. 

Karly  16:37  

Sam  16:39  
That was all I got. 

Karly  16:40  
Okay. Give it time. 

Sam  16:43  
Okay, I'm gonna go back to that island. Anyway, I know, we're talking a lot about the game. And I think that is absolutely great. But one thing I do want to talk about and it's okay if we don't get into it so much. Because again, I know we're both super into this game. And I like you know, the cooperative kind of like, help me. But - I should use the knife to slash things. I thought we could talk about Oh, creepvine sample. I don't know if that did anything and also now my storage as well.

Karly  17:23  
Yeah, they're really big. So they take up a lot of space.

Sam  17:26  
Yeah. Okay, let me look at my inventory, see what I can get rid of. Um, I thought we could talk about our pets, since you know, they're part of the family and I feel like we have you know, the way we got some of our pets is a little interesting. And so -

Karly  17:51  
And we also talk about them all the time anyway, so like. 

Sam  17:55  
Truth. So for those that don't know, I Samantha have a dog. Her name is Rosie. She's a shitzu mix and then my roommate Lexi has a black cat so both of our pets are black. We have an all black cat named Walter named after Walt Disney. Rosie is six. Walter is four. Karly, do you want to introduce your pets?

Karly  18:20  
Yee. I have three cats. I have a really pretty - I call her my watercolor kitten. She's white. She has really floof, she's not really like fully long hair but she's pretty long fur. But she has like she's like a muted Calico. She's very pretty, love of my life. Then I have Periwinkle who is black with white socks, and a little white chin. And she is my emotional support pet. Love her. She works with me every day. She lays my desk next to me. She's great. And then my brother likes to think that it's his cat but she's mine too, is Pippin and she is a little tiger striped cat. 

Sam  19:15  
I love it. They're the best. Peri scares me, Peri owns the world. 

Karly  19:21  
Peri is boss. 

Sam  19:23  
It's Peri's world. We're all just living in it. 

Karly  19:25  
This is true. I forgot to say how old they are. Penny is seven. I think that makes Peri four and Pippin is two.

Sam  19:35  
God I can't I can't believe Penny is seven, does not compute. 

Karly  19:40  
I don't want to talk about, she can never die. She can never die. She has to live forever. And she's stubborn enough that I believe she'll figure out how. 

Sam  19:51  
Good. She also has a lot of anxiety which just like feels right. 

Karly  19:55  
She really does once - so Penny has had health problems in the past. And also, it's important to note that when I adopted her she was little she was like, a couple months old, she was a little tiny kitten. And when they're that little, you have to like take them right back to the vet after you adopt them because they need like their booster shots and stuff. So I'm taking her to the vet. And I'm like, assuming nothing wrong with her cuz she's a brand new little baby, whatever. I'm just there to get her her shots. And they're like, she has like a defect that basically, her chest wall or something like didn't form correctly. And like, something to do with her heart. I don't even remember exactly what it was. But they were like, either she'll just adapt to it and be completely healthy and normal, like, a lot of them do, or she'll just die. And I was like, how will I know if she's going to die and they're like you won't, you'll just find her. And I was like... okay. And like she is seven years old. So clearly, she has adapted and she's fine. I always have that in the back of my head, like, oh my god, her heart. She's gonna die. Anyway, one day, she's just like, not acting herself. She's not eating. She's not drinking. She's not going to the bathroom. She's just like laying in a spot where she doesn't normally lay. She's getting sick. She's like, not well at all. We fully thought she was dying. We took her to the vet. I think we maybe even took her to a couple we did x rays. We did blood work. We did all these tests. And they were like, we think your cat has anxiety. We can prescribe medication if you'd like she'll probably be fine in a couple of days. She was she's just anxious. 

Sam  21:48  
Just an anxious bean. Which like mood, honestly. 

Karly  21:53  
But also the perfect segue into your weekend.

Sam  21:58  
This is true. So, I have to put the game down, I did go inside this alien facility. That's cool. So this-  so I want to preface, preface oh my god, can I even speak today? Pre phase prep. Oh my god, I quit. 

Karly  22:20  
It's just preface friend. 

Sam  22:22  
I'm going to start the story -

Karly  22:23  
There you go. 

Sam  22:26  
With this happened a few months ago where Walter out of nowhere, started like breathing really heavy. And coughing almost like he had a hairball but could never cough up said hairball. Like that's just like the best way to describe it. There was no hairball. But he was coughing up, like there was one. So Lexi had taken Walter to the vet. And they were like, well, the most common thing that it could be is probably just asthma. So they gave him a steroid shot and a little nebulizer and then like literally immediately that day, he was fine. So we're like, okay, great. Like it must have just been asthma. And so I guess like either Wednesday or Thursday of this past week, he started doing the coughing thing again and breathing a little heavier than normal. And so Lexi made an appointment for Saturday to take him to the vet. Here's a couple things about Walter. Walter is a big fluffy boy. Walter is 21 pounds. He is bigger than Rosie. And he has been on a diet since January. He's on special food. Lexi measures out like his food. He really doesn't even get that much food a day, he only gets three fourths cup a day. So whatever. So when we take him to the vet we use, so Rosie has a carrier. It's like a mesh, like carrier. You know, whatever. Not hard, which is nice, because then it can like form to their body. And so that's how we take Walter to and from the vet. So we were planning on leaving here at 10:40. I took Rosie on at 10:30. And I was like and let's he was just getting ready to start getting Walter. And I was like, hmm, okay,  she was like, I just don't wanna stress him out as least for like least amount as possible. So okay, cool. So I come back inside right at 10:40 Walter is not in the carrier. Lexi's screaming and crying. Walters under the bed and won't come out. So and of course like Rosie like just like wants to be everywhere and we can't get him out from under the bed. We open tuna he comes running out but we don't close Lexi's bedroom door again. So I tried to grab him and he ran right back under the bed. 

Karly  25:07  
There's your first mistake, when herding cats you have to close all doors.

Sam  25:11  
Yes, my door was closed. Lexi's was not this is not a podcast shaming anyone's mistakes. So anyway, so he's back under the bed. Lexi is still trying to get him. We're trying everything laser pointers, all of his toys. Nothing. I'm like, Lexi, like, let me just try. So he was like, under the bed but like right at the edge. So like, once you like lift her like the bed skirt. He was right there. So I'm like, let me just try like I don't care. Like, I feel like, again, this has nothing to Lexi at all. But I feel like when it's our own pet like we're very like, 

Karly  26:00  
You're more frazzled. 

Sam  26:03  
Well frazzled, but also more like, very gentle. Like, and not to say that I like, hurt him. But I was not afraid to like, grab him and get him out. Like that was like that was my one goal. Like, I so, I was like, ready to like, hulk it. I was ready to like, not let go. No matter what. I didn't care if he scratched me. I did not care. Like I was like, we have to go. So I grab him. I get him. And he's scratching me. I have cuts all over my body. I almost I legit thought he was gonna rip my face off. But I was able to get him into the bathroom. At least there with the door closed. And then it was like, you know, he couldn't go anywhere. Long story short, we were able to get him into the carrier. 

Karly  27:00  
Which like, thank God for all that. 

Sam  27:03  
Yes, but we didn't even leave our house till 11. And that's when the appointment was they were super nice. Like it's okay, we understand blah, blah, blah. We get there. The vet tech just fat shamed Walter the entire time and was like that carrier is not big enough for him does he need because he and then he was like breathing really heavy because he hates the car. She's like, well, we might have to put him on oxygen. Like we're like, relax, like he's just stressed because he just was in a car. He didn't like, whatever long story short, they were giving him other medicine. They still think it's asthma. So whatever but they go to the vet tech was like, I'm going to give you guys a bigger crate or a bigger carrier to bring him home in. Bitch. This crate was basically the same exact size as the carrier the carrier that we brought him in. And it was cardboard. So on the way home, Walter was so stressed and anxious. He broke through the carrier. 

Karly  28:01  

Sam  28:02  
We almost had a loose cat in the car. Like. 

Karly  28:05  
Which is a nightmare. 

Sam  28:05  
There's pictures, we'll have to post - yeah - we'll have to post them on our podcasts social media, cuz it's just, it was insane.

Karly  28:16  
Also, not to interrupt you, we'll go back but I thought they no longer thought it was asthma and they thought it was anxiety. 

Sam  28:25  
No, they, they do think it's asthma. But they didn't. They weren't 100% sure. They were like well, we can't really tell because, like his breathing is so heavy right now and like he's not calm, and.

Karly  28:40  
I see. 

Sam  28:42  
Yeah. They were just like we don't know, like, you know, could be that but yeah. Yeah. He's fine. For anyone wondering. He is totally okay.

Karly  28:56  
Well that's good. 

Sam  28:58  

Karly  28:59  
Poor beanbag. 

Sam  29:01  
I know. Poor beanie, but he's fine now living his best life.

Karly  29:09  
I love that for him. 

Sam  29:11  

Karly  29:15  
Real quick. Let's do a game update and then you can tell everybody about your lovely Rosie and how you got her? 

Sam  29:23  

Karly  29:25  
I'm literally still just hunting out food and water so I don't die. 

Sam  29:32  
I am still in this weird facility. I got an ion cube. 

Karly  29:37  
Oh, nice. 

Sam  29:39  

Karly  29:40  
Do you have a compass yet? 

Sam  29:42  
I do. 

Karly  29:43  
Okay, can you tell me what direction you swam so that I can get back there? Cause I don't remember.

Sam  29:50  
Yeah. So if you're looking at, if you stand up in your pod and you're looking at that the big infrastructure that had -

Karly  30:01  

Sam  30:01  
Blown up. 

Karly  30:02  

Sam  30:03  
Yeah. And you swim to the left.

Karly  30:06  
Okay, to the left of the big thing. 

Sam  30:09  

Karly  30:10  
Okay. Coolcoolcool. Okay, tell us about Rosie. The light of your life. 

Sam  30:15  
The light of my life. Hold on, I just got more data download. So I'm just gonna pause here for a sec. So Rosie came into my life, almost three years ago. It'll be three years in September. Yeah, we got Walter first because me and Lexi really wanted a pet and our old apartment complex was doing an event to help the animal shelter down here and the Humane Society to help like clear their shelter. So they were waiving like all the security deposits on dogs and cats. And so we got Walter but I'm definitely more of a dog person. Like, I like cats. Like I don't not like them. But I'm more of a dog person. I've had dogs for as long as I can remember. But when I first moved down here, I was working for Disney. So I was working really insane hours. And when I started where I work now, and I had a consistent schedule, I started like thinking more about getting a dog and the realities of that and being able to afford a dog and take care of a dog and all that stuff. And also Lexi doesn't super love dogs. So I wanted to be aware of that and just you know, I didn't want to bring an animal into our apartment that you know, Lexi didn't want but I had started like looking at like different rescues around the Orlando area. And there was this one called Florida like little dog rescue because I knew I needed a little dog. As much as I love Golden Retrievers and pit bulls. I just I know that like with pit bulls like the reality is like they come with like, you know a lot of like people judge them and then they you know, you can't live anywhere you want that sometimes apartment complexes have restrictions on breeds and things like that. Which is a whole nother story because honestly I think Rosie is more dangerous than a pitbull but whatever. 

Karly  30:35  
She probably is. 

Sam  31:32  
Yeah, like I love her. But that's that's the truth. We have a pitbull downstairs from us. And she's like the sweetest thing. So I'd been looking at like different, again, rescues and this one again, Florida little dog rescue, I would check like the dogs available every single day. And one day, I found Rosie's picture and like description, and I was like, that's my dog. Like, I want her so bad. Like she was just perfect in the sense of like, she was house trained. She was crate trained. She was good they said with other pets. She walked well on a leash. All that like everything that I was looking for in a dog. It was Rosie. So the application process to adopt dogs sometimes is insane. Like you have to like, apply and then have a phone interview. And then you have to meet the dog in person. So I had my phone interview. And then like a day or so later, they let me know that Rosie had been adopted. And they were like, well, that's okay. Like, your application is good for 30 days. If you see any other dog on our site, just like give us a call, like, let us know. I was like, Okay, cool. And then about a week later, I'll never forget I was at work. I was on my lunch break. And I got a call from someone who works at this rescue. And she was like, so we have good news. And we had bad news. And I was like, okay, and she was like, the bad news is Rosie got returned to us.

Karly  33:49  
Poor Rosie. 

Sam  33:51  
I know. And the good news is that we would love for you to still meet her if you were still interested. And I was like yes, absolutely. And they had told me that Rosie got returned mind you, first of all, Rosie had been with her original owners for four years. They dropped her off at Animal Control one day and just abandoned her. She goes into this foster system. She gets adopted and then like a week later got returned. And she got returned because the the owners, the people that adopted her or rescued her said that in five days she wasn't showing enough personality. 

Karly  34:25  
Some people don't deserve dogs.

Sam  34:27  
Right. First of all, Rosie has so much personality like the most personality but whatever. So I that weekend me and Lexi drove to Kissimmee and we met her and she like came right into my lap. She was so cute, and like playful and this lovey and like I had gone like a couple days before because I knew like I was getting Rosie. Like I went to PetSmart I got like everything like a pink crate, tons of toys, like, I was just like, so excited. And when I got there, they were like, you know, she might just like want her own space for a couple days. Like while she gets settled and I was like, I was like, okay, that's fine. Like, I'll have the crate set up in my room, like tons of blanket like she can be anywhere like, whatever. And, we got home with her. And she was instantly like, right at my feet the entire time. Like that was her safe space. She slept with me that first night. She sleeps with me every night. Does she have areas of opportunity? Absolutely. Could she be a little bit better with other pets and dogs? Sure. But she she is also my emotional support animal and she is the love of my life. I love her so much. Just talking about her is making me like hyperventilate because I'm so emotionally attached. And I don't know where she is. I just want to snug her little stupid muppet face because it's so cute. 

Karly  36:00  
She is pretty cute.

Sam  36:02  
And that's Rosie. 

Karly  36:02  
We love Rosie.

Sam  36:05  
We love schmoesie. 

Karly  36:05  
My mom loves Rosie. 

Sam  36:08  
Yeah. Also, aka, so her name's Rosie, aka schmoesie, aka monkey, aka Mr. Winkles, aka Posey, if she's at Gammy's aka Boo Boo. 

Karly  36:27  
Boo Boo, who is my mom for people who missed that in the other episode. That's my mom. 

Sam  36:34  
Aka grinch feet.

Karly  36:36  

Sam  36:36  
We love her. 

Karly  36:37  
We do love her. She's very cute.

Sam  36:40  
She's very spoiled. But that's okay. I think I think pets deserve to be spoiled, so.

Karly  36:46  
Agreed. I will go through the adoption story of my pets. I'll try to go kind of quick because I have three. So Penny, we got penny. There was - okay. Me: I'll try and make it quick. Me: doesn't go quick. Penny we got when we lost another cat. And were also about to lose another. And I was sad and wanted a new cat. So we went to the shelter. I looked at other cats. And they were kind of like afraid of the wheelchair. So like it wasn't working out. And then my mom saw from across the room, this little white kitten and she was like, that's your cat, Karly. That's your cat. Let's go see it. Somebody else was holding her and they were going to take her and the people at the shelter like you can't take her. It's too early. She has to stay here for at least another day or two. Because she was so little and had just been spayed. So we were like, okay, they put her back. I was like, can I see her and I was like, I'm fully willing to wait and come back and get her another day. Like, I don't care. I want her. And they were like, you can take her even though like literally not even five minutes before they told these other people that they couldn't have her. So I always tell Penny that she's my lucky Penny. 

Sam  36:46  
Oh, I didn't know that.

Karly  37:36  
Yeah, because they were going to - other people wanted her and they didn't get to take her so she's my lucky Penny. Then we got Periwinkle a couple years later because we originally had another cat Minni and she sadly died. And Penny just wasn't the same after she was a lot more reclusive. And like she really wanted to have another cat and also I wanted another cat we prefer to have at least two. So we just like randomly went to the shelter one day we met with a couple cats. None of them were like we were super vibing with like one of them hated Kevin. It's like that wasn't gonna work. A bunch of ones we fell in love with but they were like FIV positive. And then from the top kennel. Periwinkle stuck her paws out and like grabbed my mom. And like wouldn't let go and was just loving all over her and was like obsessed with my mom from like, day one. So Peri adopted my mom. We brought her home. And then one day we were sitting so at my apartment when you like come in like the front door you're right at like the dining room table because it's immediately to the left. So we're sitting at the table and eating dinner. And I'm kind of like right by the front door and I hear this meowing. Now there's this neighborhood cat named Susie who I assumed it was Susie and so my mom was the door. She's gonna go feed Susie and right outside our front door is this perfect little tiny tiger kitten. My mom picked her up. We both start crying. We bring her in we fed her. We tried for a few weeks to get her a home because we're like we can't keep her we've already got two cats. We couldn't get her adopted and like we tried to give her to you. We tried to give her to a neighbor, a neighbor's friend. We tried a whole bunch of places. Eventually, we found a rescue who was gonna come get her, but it couldn't get her for like a week. And so throughout the week, we're like, what if we try to keep her and so we asked our apartment, we're like, we've already got two cats. One is like, we've got paperwork. She's an emotional support animal. There's another disabled person who lives with us, my brother. If he gets an emotional support letter from a therapist, can he also have an ESA and they're like, yeah, as long as we have the paperwork, so we then decided to keep Pippin. And that's how we have her and the people at the rescue that was gonna take her there like, yeah, somebody probably dropped her at your apartment because they knew you have cats that you take good care of. It's like a really common thing apparently, is people have cats who then have kittens, and then they try to adopt them out and they have like one or two stragglers they can't get rid of so they'll just dump them. 

Sam  41:11  

Karly  41:12  
And like we think that that's what happened because Pippin clearly had not been outside long. She was not dirty. She had fleas, but like she was clean. And she was literally like right outside our door. And so like just like the way our complex is like, we think that somebody dumped her because all of a sudden, there was meowing from nowhere. Like it was a little suspicious. But yeah, she's perfect. We love her. 

Sam  41:38  
*singing* Don't be suspicious? Don't be suspicious. 

Karly  41:41  
She's the sweetest little love. 

Sam  41:44  

Karly  41:45  
That's my cats. I love them.

Sam  41:48  
I love them. 

Karly  41:50  
Periwinkle is currently sleeping on my bed. She has her head on my pillow. She looks so sweet. I love her. 

Sam  41:58  
Oh, I love that. 

Karly  41:59  
We'll definitely have to tweet out pictures of her cats because, and your dog, our babies. 

Sam  42:06  
Our babies. I'm just exploring this facility. 

Karly  42:11  
Yes. Where did you put the tablet because I found it and I can't figure out where to put the tablet.

Sam  42:17  
Oh, so if you go towards the like the door  like to the left with like that infrastructure on the island. Right to the right hand side of that door. There's like this. 

Karly  42:33  
I can't even find the door to be honest with you. 

Sam  42:36  
So it's like towards the left hand side of the island. 

Karly  42:41  
Do you have to climb up or is it at the bottom like? 

Sam  42:43  
No, it's at the bottom. 

Karly  42:44  
Oh, okay. Well, I was a little disappointed because I really thought that - oh, I found it - I thought that something was gonna happen while we recorded but it did not happen. But honestly it just gives us something else to talk about next time.

Sam  43:03  
Yeah, for sure. God time went by so fast. 

Karly  43:06  
So fast. I put on the tablet I'm going in, I'm going friend. 

Sam  43:12  
Oh bish! I can't wait to keep playing even after we're done recording.

Karly  43:17  
Same. But it has been awhile so friend. What do you think you want to play next time?

Sam  43:28  
Oh, shoot. I don't even know what just happened. What in the world is the control panels broadcasting? A method translation reads dot dot dot. Okay, wait. This planet is under quarantine. I think maybe I'll play some God of War.

Karly  43:50  
That'd be a good one.

Sam  43:53  
What about you? 

Karly  43:56  
I don't know. I honestly might keep playing this just because I don't really have like an equivalent game. And also you know me gonna hyper focus. I'm sorry what? Okay. I know we need to end this episode, but I'm inside this building. Why is there a fish floating around in the air? 

Sam  44:24  
Oh, I don't know. 

Karly  44:25  
Is it a glitch? Or is that supposed to happen?

Sam  44:27  
It might be a glitch. I didn't see any fish. 

Karly  44:29  
Either way. I'm scared. 

Sam  44:30  
I I just found a thing and you'll get to this but there's so many other oh god I'm - so much I just learned so much. 

Karly  44:43  

Sam  44:45  
Wowie. Alright. Well, on that note. 

Karly  44:50  
Honestly, I'm stressed but I have to keep going. So we have to end it here so I can freak out.

Sam  44:58  
Okay, well. Bye. 

Karly  44:59  
Okay, bye!

Sam  45:00  
[music] Hey, and thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. If you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com. We'd love to hear from you. So feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello.

Karly  45:21  
And if you liked our podcast, please share it with your friends and leave us a review on Apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time.