Hang Out and Play

We could hit it and quit it

July 09, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 17
Hang Out and Play
We could hit it and quit it
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Hi friends! Surprise, it's another guest episode. We're joined by our best friend (and Sam's roomate) Lexi. Hang out and play the Sims 4 with us! We talk all about how we became friends with each other 11 years ago, hint, it involves a truly awful pop punk band. Listen to find out who.

*Please note, there is some brief mention of rape culture/rape culture denial around 32 minutes in.  It's not too intense, we don't go very far into it and only lasts a couple minutes, but just a heads up that it's there.

About this weeks game:
The Sims 4 | Origin Store Link

"Unleash your imagination and create a world of Sims that’s wholly unique. Explore and customize every detail from Sims to homes–and much more. Choose how Sims look, act, and dress. Determine how they’ll live out each day. Design and build incredible homes for every family, then decorate with your favorite furnishings and décor. Travel to different neighborhoods where you can meet other Sims and learn about their lives. Discover beautiful locations with distinctive environments, and go on spontaneous adventures. Manage the ups and downs of Sims’ everyday lives and see what happens when you play out realistic or fantastical scenarios. Tell your stories your way while developing relationships, pursuing careers and life aspirations, and immersing yourself in an extraordinary game where the possibilities are endless."

Karly  0:00  
[Music] Hey there, welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly.

Sam  0:07  
And I'm Sam. Grab a snack, grab your controller and let's hang out and play. [Music fades out]

Karly  0:27  
Hey, buddy. 

Sam  0:28  
Hey, dude. 

Karly  0:30  
No, no, I'm sorry. Not you my other friend. 

Sam  0:33  

Lexi  0:35  

Karly  0:36  
Hi friend. 

Lexi  0:38  

Karly  0:40  
Tonight an exciting episode. We finally have Lexi.

Sam  0:45  
It really is. I know. We talk about her all the time. I can't believe it took 16? No, 17 episodes.

Karly  0:53  
Mhmm. 17 whole episodes before we got old Lexi on.

Lexi  1:00  
"Old Lexi".

Sam  1:02  
Which is just crazy cuz like, for those that don't know, me and Lexi live together. Like it really didn't *laughing* like it didn't need to take this long.

Karly  1:13  
It really didn't.

Sam  1:14  
But Lexi is joining us because Lexi, tell us all about your most recent purchase and what you've been into.

Lexi  1:24  
So, I, on a whim, purchased a laptop.

Karly  1:30  
We love to see it.

Lexi  1:32  
And then paid for same day shipping so that I could buy and play The Sims. Because this is who I am now. And this is my life. 

Sam  1:42  

Karly  1:42  

Lexi  1:43  
And I kept stealing Karly's computer every time I would go over and hang out to play the Sims. And I wanted to play it on my own. Also now that we've talked about me playing the Sims, I just need everyone to know that my sim woke up, made breakfast. It is 8:32am on a work day, and pulled a drink out of their inventory to drink with breakfast like a champion.

Sam  2:07  
Listen, your sim is a real mood honestly. 

Lexi  2:11  
That's all.

Karly  2:12  
They're really going through it. 

Lexi  2:15  
It's you know, it'd be like that on workdays. 

Karly  2:19  
It really do. But yeah, when she was coming over to my apartment the last two times that she was here, we basically just like holed up in my room and did nothing but play The Sims. And I truly wish the people could have seen us when Lexi made her first sim named Emery cuz we basically like went feral over this sim. 

Lexi  2:47  
It was a weird time. 

Karly  2:49  
It really was.

Sam  2:51  
I love that. And then I don't know, I was gonna say something I completely forgot so 

Karly  2:59  
Well, yanno. It's been a long day. It's fine. 

Sam  3:02  
It really has, I had an interview this morning for

Karly  3:09  
Yay, how did it go?

Sam  3:11  
I feel like it went really well. But I don't want to jinx myself either. So I'm cautiously optimistic. But I, the more I think about it, the more I want this position. So yeah, I should know in the, within the next couple of weeks.

Karly  3:28  
Fingers crossed my dude. 

Sam  3:30  
Thank you. Yeah, we will. We'll see. It's just so the position that I'm going out for because it's, you know, it's not a secret or anything. But basically, there's a department where I work at full sail where basically they do all the social media. So there's a team that like creates the content. And then there's a team that I went out for that basically, like, responds to anytime someone like comments on any of our social media posts, or if they message us, like dm us, or if prospective students or current students or if anyone uses our chat live feature. On our website, it goes to a real person, it goes to our chat team. And they're a very, very small team. They were a team of four. They recently had gotten approval back in October to add a fifth person. So it's a team of five, but they are they're down one person now so fully staffed, they're a team of five people. And so, I don't know I just I went to school at full sail for media communication. So it's like right up my alley. So yeah, I hope I get it. 

Karly  4:47  
You probably told me and I guess I just misunderstood but I didn't realize you were going out for like a different team. I thought this was like a... like a TL position on like your current team. 

Sam  4:58  
No, I have that on Thursday.

Karly  5:00  
Oh, I didn't realize that you had two separate ones. Wowie, busy week.

Sam  5:05  
Yeah, I have that one is a panel interview. It's from 1230 to 230 on Thursday. 

Karly  5:15  

Sam  5:16  
Yeah, I'm already tired. 

Karly  5:19  

Sam  5:19  
Just tired of interviewing for jobs. Can I just be given a job? I went to college. I got a degree. Can I just get a job. 

Karly  5:35  
Why is capitalism?

Sam  5:37  
Why capitalism? What I am mad about in the Sims is why and I now that I'm saying out loud I guess I get it. But why I have to pay to paint. Like why do I have to pay to do an activity? Eff capitalism. 

Karly  5:56  
The thing with painting in The Sims is like, I have a lot of paint and I can use it for multiple paintings. I don't really pay $100 every time I paint. 

Sam  6:06  

Karly  6:09  
Paintings great though in the Sims. You can make bank.

Sam  6:13  
Truly, truly, she's never painted before. So she's starting that process while the welcome wagons here.

Karly  6:21  
God the welcome wagon.  

Lexi  6:22  
Did you start a new, a new game?

Sam  6:24  
No, I didn't start a new game. This was the one I was playing in a couple episodes back. I just haven't picked it up since. So I didn't get very far when we played, when I played it a couple weeks ago.

Karly  6:42  
But speaking of when we played? 

Sam  6:46  

Karly  6:47  
So I'm still working on my legacy challenge. 

Sam  6:51  
Love that.

Karly  6:51  
My my Sims just got married. 

Sam  6:54  

Karly  6:55  
That's my gripe with the Sims is that I have never once had a wedding go well, in this game, ever. They're all cursed. All of them. 

Lexi  7:09  
Do you have to like do certain things for weddings?

Karly  7:12  
Yeah, so it's like a goaled event. So it's sort of like, if you've done like a birthday party, or like, had like a date with your Sim. There'll be like a timer for how long the event goes. And there will be like a list of things that you have to do like, for the wedding, you have to obviously, like get married. That counts as like the biggest chunk. But then it'd be like, have three drinks, have four people eat food, talk to your guests for two hours, flirt with your spouse. And like, after you like check off the things -

Lexi  7:48  
No pressure. 

Karly  7:48  
Right? It'll like check things off the list. And then the more things you accomplished, then the higher rated your event is, the happier Sims will be. And sometimes you get like a prize in your inventory after but like, the thing that is so frustrating is that like, you'll tell the Sims to do something and they'll only like halfway do it. And like you can't control the guests. So like when you need them to do like an item on the list. And you can't get them to do it like you're kind of screwed, which is what happened to me. It took me half of their allotted time for their wedding just to get both of my Sims to cooperate and go to the wedding arch. Like it in game took them like an hour and a half to go just to the wedding arch because the one would stand right under it. But then the other one kept like running off lot and going to talk to people who weren't even her invited guests at the wedding. And I could not get her to cooperate. And then I finally get them there. And I was like I don't even have time to try to get guests over here. They're both the arch. Let's just do this thing. And one of the things that was like for a decent chunk, I guess of points for this event was to have your guests watch the wedding and nobody watched it. Not a single one. 

Lexi  7:54  
Oh, wow. You know when you invite a whole bunch of people to your wedding and no one watches it? *laughing*

Karly  9:24  
Right, exactly. Also I paid I hired a mixologist. They didn't show up. So I had to re hire another one. It was they were cold because it was snowing. It was the first snow of the year. And they're not in like cold weather outfits. And then it started raining.

Sam  9:44  
Oh my gosh.

Karly  9:46  
I literally like I left. I like just ended the event because the only like checklist item that was left for me to do was to get people to watch the wedding. Which obviously I couldn't do and my sim nearly peed herself in her wedding dress so I was like whatever the night's done. Moments over. *laughing*

Lexi  10:07  
What a nightmare. 

Karly  10:08  
It really was not great. But it's part of the charm of the Sims. I guess.

Lexi  10:15  
This random old dude just showed up outside of my house. First of all, I was talking to like this neighbor outside my house. So this random old dude came up and is feeling flirty. Get out of here. No. 

Karly  10:28  
That hits a little bit too close to home from my real life today. So, I made a mistake, guys, I made a mistake. I redownloaded dating apps. I really goofed. Um, and I got a random like today from a guy named Jack. I legitimately thought it was a mistake, like a meme profile at first. 

Sam  10:58  

Karly  10:59  
Because the guy's profile picture looks like he sort of looks like Sir Ian McKellen but in casual clothing. *laughing*

Lexi  11:13  
Oh, okay. What if it is Sir Ian McKellen? 

Karly  11:15  
It's not. *laughing* It's just some creepy 60 year old guy who had like a line in his profile about like, if it's love age doesn't matter. Which is just code for he only goes after younger women. 

Lexi  11:36  

Sam  11:36  
Ew I hate it.

Karly  11:37  
And I was like, wow, it's it's time to get rid of the apps. I've had them for a day and a half. And we're done now. 

Lexi  11:44  
Yes, it's time. Gross. Dating apps are gross. I hate them. 

Karly  11:50  
Same. They're really cursed, but like, where else am I gonna meet anyone? 

Lexi  11:57  
I don't know. I just got a pop up in my game. My sim is at work. And "it's finally end of Jax's shift. But the cash register is short. It wasn't your fault. But you have to decide whether or not you want to report your coworker keep quiet about it."

Sam  12:17  
Report. Because then what if it gets back to you and then people think you stole the money.

Lexi  12:22  
I know.

Karly  12:23  
Don't. Don't be a rat. 

Lexi  12:24  
I personally am a law abiding citizen. 

Sam  12:28  
Karly's like 'don't be a rat'.

Lexi  12:29  
I said that really weird I think I added an extra a in there. A law abiding citizen. So I would me personally would report because it wasn't me.

Karly  12:46  
Don't rat. 

Lexi  12:47  
I reported it. 

Karly  12:47  
No, you rat!

Lexi  12:49  
I'm a rat, I don't care.

Sam  12:53  
Let us know what happens. 

Lexi  12:54  
"It seems this isn't the first time the register has come up short, After being fired, Jax's coworker yells at her. Performance gain: small." Well. 

Sam  13:03  

Karly  13:07  
"Nothing beats the feeling of crushing that final boss level. Whenever Cameron is gaming she is one she is as one with the universe. Is it safe to say that she likes video gaming?" Sure. Why not? Maybe she can come on the podcast.

Sam  13:28  
My sim, my one sim's gonna practice programming. None of my Sims, neither of my sims have jobs. They're literally just doing like crafts and having sex with each other and honestly, like, what a life. 

Karly  13:41  
The dream. 

Sam  13:42  
I know. 

Karly  13:43  
That's the dream life. 

Lexi  13:44  
My sim is tense from working too hard. 

Sam  13:48  
Me too, buddy. 

Karly  13:50  
Okay, guys, buckle in, my sim is taking a pregnancy test. Let's see. 

Sam  13:54  

Karly  13:56  
Let's see. Oh, she's pregnant. 

Lexi  14:01  
Oh, exciting. 

Karly  14:05  
The game however, is glitching. And her you know how like when you take a pregnancy test, and if you're pregnant, like their stomach immediately gets bigger? 

Sam  14:14  

Karly  14:16  
Hers just keeps getting bigger and smaller and bigger and smaller.

Sam  14:20  
She got a demon inside. 

Karly  14:22  
You know, it's really not great. But yeah, if you guys haven't seen about the new update, would you like me to tell you what it is? 

Lexi  14:32  

Karly  14:35  
Um, they're doing like a special summer event. And it goes I think until July 8, but there's gonna be in game concerts that your Sims can go to like a music festival in Willow Creek. 

Sam  14:48  

Karly  14:49  

Lexi  14:49  
You know, I did get a pop up about that in my game. I didn't realize that that was what the update was. 

Karly  14:54  
Yeah, so you get like a ticket in your inventory. And then I think it's like every Sunday evening they can go to, I think it's the park in Willow Creek, like up by like the river. And there's a stage. And there's three artists that come out and perform. And you can buy like, band merch, and it's really cute. 

Lexi  15:19  
That's fun, have you done it? 

Karly  15:21  
No, not yet, because I'm only on Wednesday in my game. So I've several days before I'm there, but I just think that's so fun. And also it makes me emo because I miss fun events and concerts in real life. 

Lexi  15:36  
That's fair.

Sam  15:38  
Elliott reached level two in programming. Homegirl is painting. I'm just gonna get him so good at like programming that he just like, hacks a crap ton of money.

Karly  15:55  
Incredible. If you do the programming freelancer career, you make so much money.

Sam  16:06  
I don't think I have the freelancing ability in my Sims cuz I don't think I have like the expansion plan to be able to do that. 

Karly  16:12  
I thought it was a base game update.

Sam  16:15  
Oh, I don't know. We shall see.

Karly  16:19  
Maybe. But anyway. Sam, would

Sam  16:23  
Maybe he should get a job. 

Karly  16:26  

Sam  16:26  
yes. Would I like to - register with Ministry of Labor. What does that mean? Is that for freelancing?

Karly  16:35  
No, that's sort of like, um, like, if you wanted to say your sim was like, a painter or whatever or hatever you want it to be. You could give like a custom career, basically. 

Sam  16:49  
I got you. Anyway, you were gonna ask me if I wanted to do the honors or something.

Karly  16:56  
Yeah, to kick us off and explain how we all became friends cuz that's what we were gonna talk about.

Sam  17:03  
*laughing* No, I don't want to.

Karly  17:06  

Sam  17:07  
Okay, so it all started a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago. Back when Tumblr was a thing *laughing*. 

Karly  17:23  

Lexi  17:24  
I mean, Tumblr is still a thing. 

Sam  17:25  
Back when Tumblr was in its prime. Okay, so there was Okay, so here it is. 

Karly  17:32  
Okay so. 

Sam  17:33  
Um, so there was this band.

Lexi  17:36  
We do not need to go into which band. 

Sam  17:39  
Yes, we do. 

Karly  17:40  
Yeah we do. 

Sam  17:40  
It was Cute is What We Aim For. 

Lexi  17:41  

Sam  17:44  
Um, some people might know them for that one song There's A Class For This where it was like, 'what you got now gotta gotta give it up'. 

Lexi  17:53  
No, people know them because of Curse of Curves. 

Sam  17:55  
Oh, I thought people knew them because of There's a Class For This. 

Lexi  17:57  
I think it's Curse of Curves. 

Sam  17:59  
Okay, well, anyway. Can you believe I was in Cute is What We Aim For with those singing skills. I basically was, I knew them better than they knew themselves. But I digress. We'll get there. So anyway. And I was what some may call a mega fan of this stupid punkass band that like, they were not very popular. And I decided to - so back when Tumblr was a huge thing. And like people used to have like, tumblrs like about, like band members? 

Lexi  18:45  
Like fan tumblrs. 

Sam  18:46  
Yeah, yeah. And so I made one for Shaant, which was the lead singer. And I had decided that one of the concerts I was going to it was like the first tour after the lead singer, they had come back like they were a band, then they broke up, and they were coming back. And so it was - 

Karly  19:08  
Which was sort of a theme for them.

Sam  19:10  

Lexi  19:11  

Sam  19:12  

Lexi  19:12  
They kind of recycled through members.

Sam  19:15  
Yeah. So I decided I was gonna make a scrapbook about like, so embarrassing. *laughing* Like it's shameful I hate talking about this. 

Lexi  19:25  
This was your idea!

Sam  19:29  
I know because I think it's important but I just hate talking about it out loud. I've locked these these memories away. I don't talk them anymore. 

Lexi  19:39  
Can you believe we live together and I hate you? 

Sam  19:42  
They go into a shame closet and I keep that shame closet locked away with a deadbolt. So anyway, I decided to make a scrapbook about all the reasons like why Shaant was so great. *fake gags, laughing* I wish I could find, I took pictures of the end result of the scrapbook. I wish I still had those pictures to see like what we had come up with. Anyway, I like reached out to the Tumblr verse of like, hey, like, if anyone has any reasons of like, why they like Shaant, like, send them my way I'm putting together this scrapbook. Um, and so I was kind of in charge of that. And then Karly, do you want to say how you got involved into this project and how we met?

Karly  20:35  
Yeah, so I never reached out to anybody ever. Because I'm very shy. And I don't typically like initiate conversations. But I was like, I love Shaant too. And maybe he'll like notice my part in the scrapbook. I want to be part of this. So I emailed Sam, and like, offered to help out. And I don't, I feel like it didn't take that long for me to like, send in whatever I included in the scrapbook. But basically, like from that moment on, we just talked like all the time. And because the tour was coming up, and I was going to a different date, I remember at some point, I like pitched like, when I go I'll tell Shaant that you said hi or something like that. And, and I definitely did I remember doing that. And that was sort of like, what kick started it, was the fact that we both loved Cute and that we were both like going to the same tour. So we would just kind of like hang out and be excited over the same thing. Lexi I didn't, I didn't really talk to Lexi until after I don't think. But I remember like following her online, and I was too afraid to talk to her. I think the only time I talked to Lexi before the show was he did like this online interview thing, like a livestream. And he gave me like a shout out or something like that. And I feel like Lexi like tweeted me and I was like, yay, that's so cool. Or something like that. That's all I got.

Lexi  22:17  
Yeah, I think I remember like him saying something. And then I like I can't remember I like wrote on your Facebook wall or something about how cool it was that like, I don't know. He talked about you. And I thought it was just so cool. 

Karly  22:35  
Yeah I think it was Twitter though. Because but either way. Yeah. 

Lexi  22:43  
I have a Sims question. I'm so sorry to interupt the story. Can you only self publish books?

Karly  22:50  
No, but once you get your writing skill up, then you can sell them to a publisher. 

Lexi  22:55  
Oh, okay, okay. I guess my writing skill is not high enough yet. It is not giving me that option. 

Karly  23:01  
Yeah. Um, but Lexi, do you want to say like how you got involved with us? That's a weird way to word it, but.

Lexi  23:11  
Um, I mean

Sam  23:12  
'How you got involved.'

Lexi  23:14  
I honestly, as you may know, am the old friend. And I don't remember. *laughing* Something something something scrapbook. I definitely remember writing a really cringy list of all of the reasons why I thought Shaant was just so cool. And it was cringy and alarming. And then Sam, and I think we just started talking through aim. 

Sam  23:43  
Mm hmm. Yep. 

Lexi  23:44  
Pour one out for aim. 

Sam  23:45  
Pour one out for aim.

Sam  23:48  
And then I guess, Karly, you and I, I guess I had talked from there just because like you were a fan and I was a fan. And we both knew Sam, I guess. And then. 

Karly  23:59  

Lexi  24:01  
I mean, the really the best part of this story is what happened after Sam gave Shaant the scrapbook. This is the culmination of the story, can I tell it?

Sam  24:10  
Yeah, yes, absolutely.

Sam  24:12  
I think it was actually around that time that same interview Karly that you were talking about where it was like a q&a thing. And Sam mentioned like a scrapbook like, 'Did you like the scrapbook? Did you have chance to look at the scrapbook?' in that like q&a session. And he said something like, 'Oh, yeah, Lexi made me this really great scrapbook.' And I got all of the credit, even though Sam is the one that started it. And that tells you all you need to know about the rest of our journey with that god awful band. 

Sam  24:44  
Honestly, it is. 

Karly  24:45  
It's really true.

Sam  24:46  
Yeah, it's all yeah, that basically sums it up.

Karly  24:53  
It's funny because like, the timeline is so scrambled in my brain because it was like 10 years ago. 

Lexi  24:59  

Karly  24:59  
But like, in my head, we didn't really like talk as much until like, way after the livestream. But that's not true because Sam, I remember watching that livestream with you. Like, I'm pretty sure we watched together on aim or at least like, texted each other.

Sam  25:18  
Yeah. I just remember -

Karly  25:21  
Cuz I just

Sam  25:23  
Oh, go ahead.

Karly  25:25  
I was just gonna say I remember us like being really excited for each other that we got like shout outs or whatever.

Sam  25:30  
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, what a time so that's how we became friends and I just feel like I feel like we all clicked really really well and really, really fast. 

Karly  25:46  

Sam  25:47  
And yeah. 

Karly  25:51  
It's funny because like me and Lexi like we clicked we got along really well. Otherwise, like, we wouldn't be friends, but I was so horrifically afraid of her. 

Lexi  26:04  
I am the most intimidating friend. 

Karly  26:07  
I don't. I don't know what it was. But like I can remember like, if the three of us were like on aim at the same time for at least the first several months of our friendship. I would always be like, 'Sam, can you? Is it uh? Do you think Lexi would care if I messaged her? Is she busy right now? Would she mind?' cuz I was just so afraid that like one day I was gonna message you on aim and you were gonna basically tell me to get lost or tell me off for being annoying or something I was so afraid of you, couldn't tell you why. 

Lexi  26:41  
Again, cuz I am the scary friend. 

Karly  26:45  
But yeah, so are *talking over each other* oop. Go ahead. 

Lexi  26:48  
Oh, I was just gonna say my sim is making a move kind of. Not really. 

Karly  26:54  

Lexi  26:56  
I don't know. There's just like stock sim that keeps coming over to my house all the time. And I'm not really interested. Neither is my Sim. But we could hit it and quit it.

Sam  27:06  
*laughing* We could hit and quit it. Okay.

Karly  27:10  
Wow, spicy. 

Lexi  27:14  
I'm bored. 

Sam  27:15  
That's fair. 

Lexi  27:19  
All the stock sims suck. 

Karly  27:21  
Yeah, that's why I don't ever play with them.

Lexi  27:24  
I know. But like, it took me so long to make this Sim. Can you imagine me making this sim a partner?

Lexi  27:34  
You can always just like take a stock sim and then just modify them until they're less hideous to look at. I do that too. You can. *laughing* Just like you can shift click - 

Lexi  27:45  
Change everything about them.

Karly  27:46  
Yeah, shift click and then hit modify in cas. Easy peasy. 

Sam  27:53  
Easy peasy. 

Karly  27:54  
But yeah, so our love of Cute is What We Aim For persisted, unfortunately for a couple of years. Until I got a text one day, Sam was going to see them. And she had written a letter for Shaant. And like, that was like her goal, she was going to read him this letter. It was really sweet. I remember it. And she texts me and she goes, 'so Shaant made me cry.' And I was like, 'in a good way?" "No." I was like... uh oh. Uh oh.

Sam  28:34  
It should also be noted that like, at that point. So that was like in the - So they went on tour. And I saw them like four or five times on that tour alone. And this took place out in Ohio, which was nine hours away from me that this happened. So like it's not even like I was like, Oh my god, I'm gonna go see them. Like, I traveled with my best friend, Lily. Shout out to Lily *laughter*

Karly  29:06  
Hey Lily!

Sam  29:08  
Lily is the real MVP. And so, yeah, I had seen them at that point, like over 20 times. And so like, I had like, written a letter that I like wanted to read to him. And that wasn't okay apparently.

Karly  29:29  

Sam  29:31  

Karly  29:32  
He's a real son of a bitch. But like, we got shaarmli [our "friendship name"] out of it, so. 

Sam  29:42  
This is true. 

Lexi  29:43  
That's true. 

Karly  29:45  
Worth it.

Sam  29:46  
Yeah, I mean, definitely, I was gonna say wouldn't trade anything but I mean, I would trade maybe being left alone in a parking lot in the middle of Ohio. At like midnight crying. I would trade that in. But yanno other than that.

Karly  30:04  
Yeah, fair enough. Fair enough. Um, it's just so. So strange to me. That that one we were so unaware of, one, how cringy we were but also just like. 

Sam  30:22  

Karly  30:24  
The things that we like, we would have done anything for such a mediocre band. 

Sam  30:29  

Karly  30:32  
So glad I grew out of that. 

Lexi  30:36  
I mean, I know this is like a I don't know, strong opinion, but I still kind of think they're fun. 

Sam  30:49  
I mean, their musics a bop. 

Lexi  30:50  
Yeah, I think they I still think their music is fun. 

Sam  30:53  

Karly  30:55  
I mean. 

Lexi  30:55  
As people they suck.

Karly  30:58  
Yes. Are some of their songs bops? Sure. Did the lyrics age well? No, not at all. 

Sam  31:06  
That's also fair. 

Karly  31:07  
Literally not at all. And also like, their music can be fun. But if we're just speaking about them, like as musicians, they're pretty mediocre. They're not like, phenomenal. You know? They weren't special, I don't think as much as we thought they were when I was like a teenager. I don't think they're like that incredible. They just happen to have bops.

Sam  31:35  
No, I mean, as people they absolutely were garbage. And like you said, some of the most of the lyrics are not great either when you think about them. So just because this, this whole - Cute is What We Aim For was literally just like a train wreck that kept on going despite the fact that they were just bulldozing their way through act like just train wrecks. Like it was a train on a train wreck that train track that could not be stopped, like. 

Karly  32:06  

Sam  32:06  
Because do we all remember? When he basically was like, yeah, rape culture doesn't exist. It's not real, because I personally don't know anyone that's raped anybody. And like, so there was all that drama. And we can we can talk more about it if we want to. But basically I remember on this Twitter account called pup fresh was basically like, is anyone surprised about the guy who talks about? I forget what specific song he was calling out.

Karly  32:38  
I think it was 'in every circle of friends there's a whore.'

Sam  32:41  
Yes. He's like, 'is anyone surprised is the man who wrote this doesn't believe that rape culture exists?'.

Karly  32:48  

Lexi  32:50  
And he also like had all of those like things about how like, depression isn't real and medication doesn't fix anything. And also, he was like, very adamant to like women shouldn't wear like yoga pants in public.

Sam  33:03  
Yeah. And like leggings. I feel like he had like. 

Lexi  33:06  

Sam  33:06  
Tell me you hate women without telling me you hate women and want to control them. 

Lexi  33:11  
Shaant will go first. *laughing*

Sam  33:11  
Shaant will go first.

Karly  33:15  
Yeah, I also remember at some point, he took a picture. I think it was with Jeff, but I'm not 100% sure. And they were like, under like a bridge maybe? Or somewhere. I don't even remember. But they posted and made some comments some joke about like, it looking like a place where people would get raped or something like that? 

Sam  33:39  
What? I don't remember that.

Karly  33:41  
I remember there was a real creepy rapey joke made on a picture they tweeted. And then for him to like, make jokes like that. And then he had the audacity to onstage talk about rape culture, which it should also be noted he pulled like, a very upset girl on stage. And like, publicly shamed her. Do you remember that? 

Sam  34:06  
Yep. I do. 

Lexi  34:07  
I don't remember the details of that. 

Karly  34:08  

Sam  34:08  

Karly  34:09  
Yeah, it was wild. But also, the real thing that gets me is that even if you think his music is great, whatever. He only had two albums ever released. So like. *laughing* 

Lexi  34:28  
You know, my timehop is so funny because like he announced that he was releasing new music so many times. 

Sam  34:34  
All the time. 

Lexi  34:35  
Like, new cute album coming next year. *laughing*

Karly  34:39  
And it would never come. 

Karly  34:40  
No, ever. Never, ever. And yet, they would still sell out tours.

Sam  34:47  
Yeah. Remember when we used to. When we used to feel so special because he used to message us on aim and like send us demos. I was such a simp.

Lexi  34:57  
Some of those demos were great though.

Sam  34:58  
They were I wish I - 

Lexi  34:59  
And like also like, yeah, I mean, we were simps. But it is what it is. Because like, how cool is it like your favorite band and like the lead singer of your favorite band is sending you unreleased demos that no one else has heard and like asking for your feedback?

Sam  35:13  
Oh, absolutely. I mean, I, I ate that shit up. I felt when I was this was all happening when I was in high school. And

Sam  35:25  
God, you were in high school?! 

Sam  35:27  
High school. College.

Sam  35:30  
I mean know, I know, you were I know, logically I know. But it hurts every time. 

Sam  35:36  
But like, I felt untouchable all the time. Like, I just remember, like, I felt I don't think I've ever been as confident as I was when like, I had something to like, pour myself into. And, again, shitty band aside, like that was what it was like, I just poured myself into loving something so much. And it just gave me... it gave me so much like it gave me you guys. But it also gave me again, unreleased music, like I remember, like, being a freshman in college. And he called my cell phone we talked for like, an hour and a half and at the time. Like that was like the coolest thing. Like who how many people can say like, you were just saying like, like that your favorite band and like the lead singer like knew you and like, talked to you like I just felt. I just felt like the coolest person in the world.

Karly  36:29  
Yeah, I remember. So the first time that I met him, there was like this online contest for like, you had to like write a thing about being like a fan of Cute is What We Aim For. Like, why you were like the biggest fan or whatever. And then people could vote on the website for like, who they thought should win or whatever. And you were supposed to win, like a phone call or whatever. And I wrote a thing which I'm, I don't have it anymore. And I know, it was disgusting. And like super filled with like internalized ableism and just really gross stuff. Um, but yeah, I, I did it. I ended up winning. And then I happened to like have like a show that lined up like right after it and so I like printed it out and like gave it to him so that he could read it. And I remember him being like, 'Oh, you know, forget phone calls. You know, who cares about that? Like, every time we're in town, we'll hang out.' And I basically was like, I have ascended. I am one with the gods. *laughing* I really hate that man. He's such a prick. 

Sam  37:51  

Lexi  37:52  

Sam  37:54  
Remember that one time he came up on my Facebook as Timothy

Lexi  37:59  

Sam  37:59  
Yeah, as Tim. 

Karly  38:01  

Sam  38:02  
Like going on like a new identity. 

Lexi  38:05  
I will never forget that day because I was in Chicago visiting Laura and it was with Nick you were like texting us. And I like scream laughed, we were like in the middle of a zoo. I like had a breakdown from laughing so hard.

Sam  38:22  

Karly  38:25  
Wowie friendship. 

Lexi  38:30  
Anyway, we are so much better. 

Sam  38:33  

Karly  38:35  
Yeah. It's true. And the weird thing now is like, could you imagine telling us like back then like, hey, one day you're all gonna live in the same state. And like get to hang out on a fairly regular basis. 

Sam  38:51  

Lexi  38:51  

Karly  38:52  
Absolutely wild. 

Sam  38:54  
Yeah. Malarkey.

Karly  39:02  
Maybe Lexi isn't the old friend. Maybe it's you.

Sam  39:06  
It is me.

Karly  39:07  
What's everybody's Sims up to?

Sam  39:10  
My sim wants me to buy a VR like the motion gaming mat. So I'mma buy that for him. 

Lexi  39:19  
Wow. You rich rich?

Karly  39:21  

Sam  39:21  
No. But he deserves it.

Sam  39:27  
My sim is a snob. And every time I take them out to like the bar or whatever, and order them like really expensive drinks. It gives me like uncomfortable from drinking a bad drink even though the quality was like excellent. And I paid $30 for a drink.

Karly  39:44  
That's funny.

Lexi  39:46  
The only time that hasn't happened was the time we paid like 50 plus dollars for a drink. Like homie, you make decent money, but you aren't making that good of money.

Karly  39:57  
I feel like my sim does that too. She's a foodie. So like she cries about her food all the time. I'm like you made it. I'm sorry. I don't know what to do for you.

Lexi  40:05  
Yeah, my sim is a foodie too, which is why the drink thing happens. But thankfully, like, pretty good at like cooking, so I don't really get that with food.

Karly  40:17  
Gotcha. My sims are on their honeymoon. I took them snowboarding, it's not going well. 

Lexi  40:24  
Oh, yikes. Also, Karly, I do have to say that playing my Sims after playing your Sims is so disappointing. 

Karly  40:32  

Lexi  40:33  
You have all of the cool stuff. You've got all of the worlds and like all of the cool clothes and like hairstyles and decorations. And I don't know, my sim has $3200 and is just sad. 

Karly  40:51  

Lexi  40:52  
Also I didn't realize I tried to move them into like a neighborhood. And like, there weren't any houses or people in the neighborhood. And I was like, Oh, I guess I guess I just have to build a house. And then Sam told me that I was in the wrong neighborhood. And then 

Karly  41:09  
What do you mean the wrong one?

Sam  41:12  
She was in the one that is empty that you can like build.

Karly  41:15  
Oh, Newcrest? 

Sam  41:17  

Karly  41:18  

Lexi  41:19  
So then I had like, put like a couple $1,000 into building a house. And then I moved to like a different neighborhood. So I could like have neighbors and stuff. So I have not had money since.

Karly  41:32  
Yeah, life comes at you fast. 

Lexi  41:35  
Life comes at ya fast. 

Karly  41:39  
Sam, do you still always play with like, cheats for money?

Sam  41:42  
Yes I was just gonna say I literally just cheat. I currently am playing - what? 

Lexi  41:47  
I was trying not to cheat. 

Sam  41:49  
I mean, sometimes like sometimes if I get bored with the cheats, I'll play a game and I totally don't cheat to this kind of spice things up. But right now all of my like needs aren't decaying. Like I just get to live my best life. Just vibes.

Lexi  42:02  
I mean, if your needs aren't decaying then what's the fun?

Sam  42:04  
Oh, she's they're still doing things and like leveling up skills. And yeah. Maybe I'll turn them on.

Karly  42:12  
I used to always play with cheats. But I like to make it hard now. I live for the challenge. 

Sam  42:19  
Yeah, I mean, I teeter back and forth.

Karly  42:22  
Yeah. Hey, Lexi. 

Lexi  42:25  

Karly  42:27  
Are you excited for your birthday?

Lexi  42:28  

Karly  42:31  

Sam  42:32  
I'm excited for Lexi's birthday. I'm excited to give her her gift.

Sam  42:36  

Lexi  42:36  
I don't need gifts, don't buy me anything. 

Sam  42:38  
Well too bad. 

Karly  42:39  
It's a little late for that. It's so irritating whenever Lexi says that because one, she knows like, I'm going to buy her a gift. She always buys me a gift. So like. 

Lexi  42:52  
Okay but I don't buy you a gift so you buy me a gift. That's not the point. 

Karly  42:56  
I'm aware of that. But like, you see the fun in buying me a gift. So like, obviously, I want to have the fun of buying you a gift. I love buying presents for people. It's my favorite thing. 

Lexi  43:11  
I hate it. I think it's so stressful. 

Karly  43:18  
Not for me though. 

Lexi  43:20  

Karly  43:21  
I'm easy to please. Noo. 

Lexi  43:24  
Yeah, no, I think it's stressful for everybody. I feel like I'm a bad gift giver. 

Karly  43:30  
You have never once gotten me a gift that I didn't like but anyway, that's besides the point it's almost your birthday, which means that we get to hang out in person and celebrate which makes me happy. 

Lexi  43:42  
I am excited about that. 

Karly  43:44  
I feel like we're gonna have to have you on though another time so that we can talk about something other than shaant. 

Sam  43:50  
Honestly, I'm so 

Lexi  43:51  
This is Sam's fault.

Sam  43:55  
I mean, so I think I think it was important because it's our history. The good the bad, the ugly just like America. And now we can move on. I mean, Am I mad?

Lexi  44:07  
'Just like America', I can't stand you. Why are you like this? *laughing* 

Sam  44:16  
I don't know. Anyway, I'm kind of mad that that took up the entire episode, but now we can have more fun conversations. 

Lexi  44:25  
Yeah what a crappy episode. 

Sam  44:26  
Oh, I think this is gonna be a good episode.

Lexi  44:28  

Karly  44:32  
I don't think it's gonna be crappy maybe a little bit shameful. 

Sam  44:37  

Karly  44:37  
But that's okay. 

Sam  44:39  
That's okay. 

Karly  44:40  
This will just be part one of Lexi and then we'll bring you on and you can pick the topic. We can talk about anything you want.

Sam  44:47  
No pressure, though.

Lexi  44:49  
Right, you said that and I was like, I don't - what do you talk about? I don't talk about things. What do we? Things? I don't like anything. 

Karly  44:57  

Lexi  44:58  
[Sam and lexi talking over each other, can't make it out] I know.

Karly  45:01  
It's not that serious friend, we could just talk about things that make you happy. 

Sam  45:05  

Karly  45:07  
 Like, Disney World, cats. Anything.

Sam  45:17  
*silence* okay. 

Lexi  45:17  
Well I'll start thinking. 

Karly  45:19  
Okay, great. While Lexi has an internal crisis. Sam, what do you think you're gonna play next episode? 

Sam  45:28  

Karly  45:30  
Okay, okay. 

Lexi  45:30  
She's been on a real Skyrim kick. 

Karly  45:33  
I know I can't relate. 

Lexi  45:37  
I can. 

Karly  45:38  
Well, maybe you can play with her next time then. 

Lexi  45:42  
I mean, not Skyrim but

Sam  45:45  
Oh yeah, well, next time Lex is on you two can play Breath of the Wild and I'll play Skyrim. 

Karly  45:51  
Oh, that's true. 

Lexi  45:52  
No, I don't want to play that. 

Sam  45:55  
You gotta. 

Karly  45:56  
Why? It's such a good game and you've completely abandoned it. 

Lexi  46:00  
Cuz? I don't know. I tricked myself into thinking I was gonna like it. 

Karly  46:05  
Okay, Lexi stresses me with video games. Anyway. 

Lexi  46:11  

Karly  46:11  
Thanks for hanging out friends.

Sam  46:13  

Lexi  46:14  
Yeah, it was fun. 

Karly  46:17  
Love you. 

Lexi  46:17  
Oh, no, my showers leaking. 

Sam  46:20  
What a great note to end on. In real life AND in the game. *laughing* 

Lexi  46:27  
A little too close for comfort. 

Sam  46:30  
And on that note, bye.

Karly  46:32  

Lexi  46:32  

Sam  46:40  
[Music] Hey, thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. If you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com. We'd love to hear from you. So feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello. 

Karly  46:55  
And if you liked our podcast, please share it with your friends. And leave us a review on Apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time. [Music fades out]