Hang Out and Play

I feel like a winky dinky little guy

July 16, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 18
Hang Out and Play
I feel like a winky dinky little guy
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Happy Friday - hang out and play some open world adventure games with us! This episode we play Dragon Age: Inquisition and Breath of the Wild. Sam gives us some life updates, and we play a few rounds of would you rather. Enjoy!

Games in this episode
Dragon Age: Inquisition | Playstation store link

"Welcome to Dragon Age
Enter Thedas, a vibrant world of rugged wilderness, treacherous labyrinths, and glittering cities. The Dragon Age is a time of warring nations, savage combat, and secret magics. Now, the fate of this world teeters on a knife's edge.

Thedas needs a new hero; one they'll never see coming. Forge a courageous fellowship to challenge the gathering storm. Friendship, drama, and romance abound as you bring striking individuals together into an extraordinary team. Become the hero and light the beacon of hope in their darkest moments."

The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Nintendo eshop link


Forget everything you know about The Legend of Zelda games. Step into a world of discovery, exploration, and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series. Travel across vast fields, through forests, and to mountain peaks as you discover what has become of the kingdom of Hyrule in this stunning Open-Air Adventure. Now on Nintendo Switch, your journey is freer and more open than ever. Take your system anywhere, and adventure as Link any way you like."

Karly  0:00  
[Music] Hey there, welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly.

Sam  0:07  
And I'm Sam. Grab a snack, grab your controller, and let's hang out and play. [Music fades out]

Karly  0:28  
Hey, buddy. 

Sam  0:30  
Hey, dude. You know, I feel like we should take a shot every time we or I am like, 'Okay, are we ready? 321' and then something does not go according to plan because I think it's every time.

Karly  0:47  
Yeah, I think so too. But that's okay.

Sam  0:50  
Maybe one of these days, I'll get it right.

Karly  0:54  
The Chaos is just part of the charm. Also, I would just like to apologize in advance, because my upstairs neighbors are being particularly loud. And I know the mic picked it up one of these past episodes. I always try really hard to edit out as much background noise as I can. 

Sam  1:19  

Karly  1:20  
But if any peeks through, I'm sorry, but also, you know, it could be worse. You could live here like I do and have to listen to it all the time, so.

Sam  1:29  
I can't hear anything for what it's worth. Ever. 

Karly  1:33  
Okay, well, good to know. Good to know.

Sam  1:37  
I feel like I always feel bad because when we're recording I feel like the whole time you can just hear the buttons on my on my controller because I just the way I play is super, I just smash buttons.

Karly  1:50  
I mean same.

Sam  1:51  
And then just hope something works, so.

Karly  1:55  
I almost like it though that you can hear the button mashing in the background. I think it's almost like ASMRy.

Sam  2:03  
Okay, cool. That's a that's like a hip thing. That's like popular. 

Karly  2:08  

Sam  2:12  
Let me... listen to the sound of my people. Just me smashing buttons. I do love the sound of people typing. I love that sound. Is that weird?

Karly  2:23  
Ugh. I love it. I love it so much. But also, it's one of the reasons why I love mechanical keyboards.

Sam  2:33  

Karly  2:35  
I've really gone down a wormhole. I have a couple of different boards that eventually I would really love to splurge on. 

Sam  2:43  

Karly  2:45  
Not all of them. I just want to pick one. 

Sam  2:47  

Karly  2:47  
But I love to go on TikTok and just search like the hashtag mechanical keyboards because you just find videos of people typing away and like, I love it.

Sam  3:01  
That kind of leads me into something, I eventually want to get a different keyboard than the one Jake's - Lily's boyfriend. *loud thunder in background* Oh my god. Did you hear that Thunder?

Karly  3:15  
I sure did.

Sam  3:17  
Y'all living in Florida is crazy in the summer because it's just so this storm that we've gotten today is probably worse than when Elsa came through or supposedly came through.

Karly  3:32  
Oh, yeah. Yeah. 

Sam  3:34  
This is like way worse. So apologies. But that's Florida baby. Also, sidenote- 

Karly  3:42  
Hope you like stormy weather ASMR.

Sam  3:44  
Yeah, honestly. I'm currently just like sitting in the dark soaking this up like this is like my most ideal weather and like thing like I'm playing video games. I'm talking to you. It's storming like, literally nothing could be better. In my opinion.

Karly  4:04  
Yeah. Sorry, I Okay, so, real quick, what are you playing today?

Sam  4:12  
So - we have so much to talk about. Um, 

Karly  4:15  
I know. 

Sam  4:16  
I'm plaguing *laughs* 'plaguing', I am playing this game called Dragon Age Inquisition. Um, I should have been more prepared to tell the people what that is or what it is. So give me a second I'll pull it up. That's not what I want. Okay, here we go fresh straight from the website. I can't even say the second word. I'm so dumb. 'A cata...cataclysmic, cataclysmic event plunges' -

Karly  4:54  
Is it cataclysmic? 

Sam  4:55  
Yes, that. You got it. You got it, buddy. *continues reading* 'plunges the land of Thedas, into turmoil. Dragons darken the sky.' Although side note have not seen a single dragon yet, 'casting a shadow over land on the brink of chaos. Mages break into all out war against the oppressive Templars, nations rise against one another. It falls to you and your allies to restore order as you lead the Inquisition and hunt down the agents of chaos. Explore lead and battle. Tough choices define your experience, and even one decision can change the course of what's to come.' And that's Dragon Age.

Karly  5:36  

Sam  5:38  

Karly  5:39  
Interesting. So another fantasy? 

Sam  5:42  

Karly  5:43  
Uhh, sort of thing. 

Sam  5:46  
I've been describing it -

Karly  5:47  
Fantasy adventure game.

Sam  5:48  
Yeah, I've been describing it as, like a less janky Skyrim. Kind of, there's lots to do. It's a huge open world. Lots and lots and lots of things to explore. You know, you can really customize your character in the beginning. If anyone's interested, you know, I know Karly always puts the links for the games, but it's currently on sale through July 22. On the PlayStation Store for $8 because it is a little bit older. I think it came out in 2013 or 2014. So it's a little bit of an older game. But for $8 I got not only the game, but like all the expansion packs, and like the DLCs that came with it, so. 

Karly  6:32  

Sam  6:33  
Yeah, for eight bucks. I was like, willing, I'd even like I watched like a trailer. I was like I'm buying it. I'm willing to risk eight bucks on this. So I'm so happy I did.

Karly  6:43  
Well, that's awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I am playing Breath of the Wild again. Because, again, I don't have a lot of open world adventure games. And when possible, I do like to try to keep like our games at least within like the same genre or style. 

Sam  7:01  

Karly  7:02  
I have a lot of other games. Well, I don't really have a lot of other games. I've played a lot of other games in that genre. But they're all my brother's PlayStation. So I can't play them while recording. But yeah, so - oh, geez. So. 

Sam  7:22  

Karly  7:23  
Everything just happened so much. Like I said, I'm playing Breath of the Wild and I'm just running around in a field having a good old time and one of those. I don't know if you remember them, but like the giant stone monster guys? 

Sam  7:38  

Karly  7:40  
Just came up out of the ground scared the bejesus out of me. And I got so stressed because I have two hearts. I'm not prepared to fight. I just like paused the screen and I just need like a second to like, prepare. And while we do that, you can tell everybody your exciting news that you like sort of started while talking about keyboards. 

Sam  8:04  
I did. I know. So I - it's finally happening. We've been talking about it since our first episode. But I am finally getting a gaming PC. It's all happening. I should have it. Whenever I pick it up from my parents.

Karly  8:24  
Very exciting. tell everybody how it went down? Yes.

Sam  8:26  
So it all started -

Karly  8:28  
Cause it's like in like perfect Sam form, how it all went down.

Sam  8:31  
Honestly. It really is. So on last Saturday, me and Karly were hanging out all day because we're needy. And we like each other. So we were hanging out. And I forget even, oh, we go through these phases of like, let's look at gaming PCs. And so we were looking and I literally had a gaming PC, in my cart on Best Buy with a monitor like I was like ready to drop like $980 on Saturday night. Because I'd just gotten paid. I don't know. I was feeling like a weird, high like endorphins of like, I'm just gonna do it. I'm just gonna do it. And I was like, 'You know what?' No, this must have been this had to have been Friday because Lily texted me the next day. Lily texted me on Saturday, telling me - so I didn't buy it. I just left in my cart. Lily texted me on Saturday letting me know that her boyfriend Jake was upgrading his PC. And before he decided to sell it for parts, he wanted to know if I would be interested in buying it. And I was like, hell yeah. So basically Jake upgraded his PC. He had me send him the computer that I was looking at just to make sure that like if it was going to be worth it for me to buy it off of him or to get the PC I was looking at. And so he was like comparing like the specs on it and the one that he had had like three times the better of a graphics card, it had more RAM. And he was giving it to me for a steal, basically. He's he is selling me, the PC, a keyboard and a mouse all together for $500. So it was stupid not to take advantage of that. And so they literally dropped it off, Lily dropped it off at her parents house, my dad was up that way this morning anyway and picked it up. And so it's coming down with them when they come down tomorrow, they start making the drive. So the only thing left that I have to purchase is a monitor which Jake, Lily's boyfriend, shout out to Jake and Lily, we shout them out every episode just like we shut out Abe. *laughing* 

Karly  10:52  

Sam  10:53  
Um, and he even like, put together some recommendations for like monitors and stuff for me and has just been super, super nice. And yeah, so I should have that by like next week.

Karly  11:07  
Can he put together a list of recommendations?

Sam  11:11  
Oh, he absolutely would. Yeah. 

Karly  11:13  
For starter builds?

Sam  11:14  
Oh, he absolutely would. And I'm sure he would love it. We could absolutely ask him if you wanted to.

Karly  11:20  
I feel like this is just like par for the course for Sam. Sam, in some aspects of her life, has like incredible luck. Like, I have lost count of how many times Sam has like, wanted to buy a thing or go to a thing or something. And like, think it's not gonna work out. And then somebody basically calls her up and be like, 'I got you I'll hook you up' and I'm just like oh my god. Like, I can think of several examples right off the top of my head. Like we all wanted to go see Hamilton couldn't get tickets, someone gives Sam tickets. Stuff like that, like you have really insane luck.

Sam  12:08  
With some things, yes, you're absolutely right. And then there are other things where like growing up, I've had the worst luck. I've had multiple things that I've wanted to do. And multiple things will fall on the same day. And then I've had to either choose something, or when I was younger, be told. And I'll give a really good example. One time when I was really young, I was younger, probably like fifth or sixth grade I used to play on a traveling soccer team. And I was best friends you know, friends with Lily at the time, all the way back then we've been friends. We've been best friends since fifth grade. We have to get her on. So she can tell everyone the story about how I first didn't like her. Because anyone who knows us knows that story. But if some of you guys are newer you guys might not know, but I digress. Her mom used to work at a hospital and every year for that hospital they used to buy out this this janky kind of like think about like a think of like a grade D level like six flags. So it was only like in this one town in New Jersey was called Clementon Park. And they had a waterpark and they had like regular rides. And every year the hospital would basically let all the employee they bought out the park right and so like all the like employees could like go and like bring their families and I wanted to go so bad. And Lily invited me and it fell on the same day as like a family reunion. Right? And I remember finding out at the at a soccer game like afterwards Lily like inviting me and I was so upset because I couldn't go because I had this family reunion. And I don't remember this but apparently like I I took it very well as far as like I didn't surprisingly wasn't a brat about it and just like told Lily like hey, like I can't go and because of that because of my good behavior my parents actually let me go with Lily instead of the family. I don't know if it was a family reunion but it was something that was falling on the same day. And again, that's like very much small scale but that has happened to me on much larger scales as well. And so I either have really good luck or really really terrible timing with luck too. It's really just, it's it's both.

Karly  14:46  
I feel like I've just have a lot of really terrible luck.

Sam  14:54  
But yes, I'm super grateful and happy that it all like fell into place for sure, and I'm super excited. Karly asked me earlier like, what game I think I'm gonna buy and I don't know. So if anyone has any recommendations of the first PC game I should buy, let a girl know.

Karly  15:15  
Yes, bonus points if it's multiplayer. 

Sam  15:20  

Karly  15:20  
So that we can both play it together. That'd be fun. But also bonus points if it would run on a non gaming PC. Because see, I have a computer. I bought the computer I have now when I started my current job because I needed one that would run everything I needed for my job because I work from home. And it's not a bad computer. It's like one of those all in one PCs. So there's like no tower or anything, which is nice for me. Um, and it plays the Sims fine. Which was kind of like the one game at the time that I wanted to be sure that it would play. 

Sam  16:06  

Karly  16:07  
 But like most games, it's kind of just like a gamble of whether or not it will run it or not. And I would love to get a gaming PC. I don't think I would need anything, I think super intense. Because like, I feel like most like big studio games. I don't. I don't really play a lot of them anyway, I play a lot of like smaller indie games that are a lot of times easier to run. 

Sam  16:38  

Karly  16:39  
But I'm really hoping that sometime before too long, I can upgrade my computer because my computer is like three years old now and already giving me trouble sometimes, which is frustrating, but for now it works. But very excited that we can play some PC games together like Phasmaphobia.

Sam  17:03  

Karly  17:04  
I'm very excited to play that.

Sam  17:06  
Phasmaphobia is just gonna be a just a complete funny nightmare I think. Like, I'm baby when it comes to like video games and movies and things like that. So I'm really nervous. Like I when I first heard of Phasmaphobia, I talked a big game and I was like, Yes, let's do it. And the closer we get

Karly  17:33  
And now you're scared?

Sam  17:34  
Yeah, I'm scared. Scurred

Karly  17:38  
I mean, you know me. I am like the world's jumpiest person. 

Sam  17:43  

Karly  17:43  
Everything scares me. So like, I feel you but I think it's gonna be so silly and fun.

Sam  17:52  
Yeah. I mean, I agree.

Karly  17:58  
Oh, my God. I just got killed. 

Sam  18:01  

Karly  18:01  

Sam  18:04  
Almost just died.

Karly  18:05  
But yeah, another one last thing about the PCs. 

Sam  18:08  

Karly  18:11  
Sam and I talk about this like almost every episode. So like I'm sure nobody would be surprised but I am so desperate to be a streamer.

Sam  18:22  

Karly  18:23  
I just I want to stream so bad. I think all the time how much fun it would be to especially stream The Sims because I love to watch people play The Sims. Some of my favorite streamers are like they mostly played Sims. So maybe one day, hang out and play can be part podcast part streaming adventure.

Sam  18:49  

Karly  18:51  
We will see. But anyway, friend, what's new with your life? Have you made any drastic decisions? Regarding your appearance?

Sam  19:02  
I don't think I know what you're talking about. It's such a non pointed question.

Karly  19:08  
Yeah, I don't know. It's a shot in the dark.

Sam  19:12  
Um, yeah, I may or may not. I mean, I'm constantly always going through it. And I chopped all my hair off a couple of weeks ago. You were there.

Karly  19:26  
I sure was. It was my mom who did it.

Sam  19:29  
Yeah. Yep. You know, it's so funny because I I have been saying for such a long time about wanting to chop all my hair off like I wish I could. And yeah, we were at Karly's house, and I was in a really just bad mood. Just not a bad mood. But like in one of those moods were like, nothing sounded interesting. I didn't want to do anything. I didn't want to play a game. 

Karly  19:59  
Can confirm she was a full brat.

Sam  20:02  
Yeah, didn't want to color didn't want to do anything. You couldn't tell me nothing, didn't wanna do anything. Um, and I don't even know how it came - oh, and I also recently had gotten my haircut when I was home for that wedding. And I didn't like it. Like, I just thought it looked like meh. Um, and so I don't even know, like, how we why we started talking about it or how we came to talk about it. But someone was like -  did I ask like, hey, should we cut my hair off? I don't even know. 

Karly  20:37  
You did. 

Sam  20:38  

Karly  20:38  
That's how it came up. You were board and you were like, let's just shave off all my hair.

Sam  20:43  
And so we so we did it. Oh, that's not bad guy.

Karly  20:49  
Yeah, we did it. There was a lot of back and forth. But we did do it.

Sam  20:52  
There was. Lots of back and forth. And we did it. And it was so liberating and amazing. And now doing my hair. Like getting ready takes five days and like, here's the thing too. I being in Florida, I have really thick -

Karly  21:13  
You just said getting ready takes five days.

Sam  21:15  
It does. Getting ready to like prep myself to go out takes five days, okay? So I said what I said. So takes like five minutes. Oh, crap. Hold on. I have two people are dying. Oh my god. I'm gonna die. Oh my god. Sorry, hold on. Crap. I don't have any potions left. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Um, I'm pausing. Because I don't want to. I want to make sure I'm fully present. So I live in Florida, I have very, very thick curly hair. It stays on top of my head 95% of the time. I can straighten my hair maybe, I maybe will straighten my hair once or twice a year, like because the humidity is that bad. So like, yeah, it's so freeing. I love it. My head feels so much lighter. I love it. And so I made a post about it. But I think you know, here's the thing. We all just survived a global pandemic. And we're not even done like this past year. 

Karly  22:29  
Nope, we're still right in the middle of it. 

Sam  22:30  
Right in the middle, into the thick of it into the thick of it. Ugg. Right, so do what you want, right? Like, cut off your hair, it'll grow back, move to a different state. Like just do things that make you happy because, like, who cares?

Karly  22:52  
Yeah, especially if it's something that harms nobody, especially yourself. 

Sam  22:57  

Karly  22:58  
I feel like go for it. And also the thing about so I also shaved my hair. I've been doing it for several years now. And I also have very thick curly hair, but I never like knew how to like, style my hair and look cute. 

Sam  23:21  

Karly  23:22  
And I always wanted to I love like the look of long hair. I always kind of wanted like a fun style hair or like hair long enough that you can like do stuff with. But when I think it was when Stranger Things came out actually because you know Millie Bobby Brown looked like such a badass. 

Sam  23:47  

Karly  23:48  
As like an 11 year old kid with shaved hair. And then a bunch of girls started shaving their heads. And I was like I want to do that. And I did it. And I'll be honest, I don't think that I necessarily look incredible with shaved hair. But it was such a game changer to like, in the morning. Like my hair is just my hair. I can't do anything with it anyway, so like I literally don't need to worry about it. 

Sam  24:16  

Karly  24:16  
It's great. Also, head scratches with a shaved head? Next level. Love it.

Sam  24:24  
Yeah dude, I scratch my own head, but like yeah I get it.

Karly  24:30  
I mean, same. Same. But yeah, it's great. I would recommend we were it was funny though, because Sam is a little bit hard to pin down sometimes. Um, especially her moods, because much like myself, they come and go in an instant. And Sam is also very impulsive.

Sam  24:54  
I am. 

Karly  24:55  
Which is both a strength and sometimes a bit of a flaw.

Sam  25:00  
Yeah, can confirm.

Karly  25:03  
And I think we all were like this is either gonna go really great or really bad. But she was really sure she wanted to do it. She'd been talking about it for weeks and weeks and weeks. My mom offered to do it. My mom was the most scared because I think my mom was afraid you were gonna, like, resent her if you didn't like it.

Sam  25:23  
I mean, that's fair. I would never but that's a fair concern. I think, for anyone you know?

Karly  25:31  
Yeah. But it went so well. And like you immediately looked adorable. Also, my brother's girlfriend like recorded it. So everybody tell Sam to,

Sam  25:43  
I know we have to like

Karly  25:44  
Edit all the videos together. So everybody can see because it was a wild time. 

Sam  25:51  

Karly  25:52  
But yeah. Okay, friend. I have a random question for you.

Sam  25:57  

Karly  25:59  
Would you rather be a sea creature that has to stay at the bottom of the ocean? Or creature that can fly but you can't leave Antarctica?

Sam  26:10  
First one.

Karly  26:12  
You'd be a creature that has to stay at the bottom of the ocean. 

Sam  26:14  

Karly  26:16  
I don't think I would. It's too dark down there. And the bottom of the ocean is where all the freaky shit is.

Sam  26:23  
Yeah. I know.

Karly  26:30  
I'm gonna hang out with the penguins.

Sam  26:32  
But what's the point? If you can't leave Antarctica? Like, what's the point of flying? 

Karly  26:37  
What's the point if you can't leave the bottom of the ocean?

Sam  26:40  
I don't want to leave the bottm of the ocean. The oceans the best.

Karly  26:44  
You won't be able to see - Okay, the ocean is the best, but not once you get that deep. It's too dark down there. It's cold as shit.

Sam  26:52  
But if I was a sea creature, I'd be able to see I would be able to see.

Karly  26:56  
Not necessarily.

Sam  26:58  
Depending on what kind of sea creature I am. Yeah huh.

Karly  27:02  
Well, we don't know. We didn't specify what kind of a sea creature 

Sam  27:06  

Karly  27:08  
And like, what are you gonna eat?

Sam  27:12  
I don't know little plankton. Little algae.

Karly  27:16  
I feel like you're just gonna get eaten by some sort of scary ass thing.

Sam  27:22  
No, not if I'm a scary ass thing.

Karly  27:26  
Okay, well, what if you're just a little dinky guy at the bottom of the ocean and you get eaten by something that has like 37 jaws that's never even been discovered by humans yet? 

Sam  27:35  
To be fair, that's how I feel like every day, so like I feel like a winky dinky little guy. Just like that's anxiety baby, a threat that's not actually there. I don't know. 

Karly  27:50  
Except at the bottom of the ocean you know it's definitely there. But fair enough. Fair enough.

Sam  28:01  
Oh, here's one for you. 

Karly  28:04  

Sam  28:04  
Would you rather know the date of your death? Or the cause of your death?

Karly  28:12  
Oh my god. I think the cause I don't want to know when because I. 

Sam  28:18  
Yeah, I don't I think would either. 

Karly  28:20  
I just always be counting down. At least if I know how I'm gonna die like I can prep myself for how painful it's going to be. It would be a real shame if they were like, you're going to die slowly and terribly somebody's gonna kidnap you and torture you to death or like you're gonna burn to death. But I still think I would rather know that then like, when.

Sam  28:48  
Yeah, I think you're right. I think I would also rather want to know the cause because like you said, if I knew when I feel like if I knew when I wouldn't even enjoy the rest of the time I had on Earth. 

Karly  29:05  
I don't think I would either. 

Sam  29:06  
I would be so panicked about actually diving, diving, dying that it, yeah, just would not. Yeah.

Karly  29:18  
Yeah, cuz I already am really guilty of like, I, I'm such a planner. And sometimes it it gets to be to the point where like, I spend so much time thinking ahead, and like, waiting for something to happen. Like, whether it be something I'm dreading or something I'm really excited for that like, I'm not really like present in like, right now. And I miss out and I'll be like I almost feel like I like wasted time that I could have been enjoying, you know? 

Sam  29:54  

Karly  29:56  
Like imagine you know when you're gonna die Just be all I ever thought about and I would just constantly feel like I was wasting all my time. 

Sam  30:04  
Yeah, I think same.

Karly  30:09  
Okay. Would you rather have somebody read your journal or somebody read all of your texts?

Sam  30:19  
Texts I think.

Karly  30:21  

Sam  30:22  

Karly  30:23  
Not me.

Sam  30:24  
I've read my I've read my journal. It's I mean, is it cringy? Yes. But I think my texts are even more cringy because I *giggles* I send a lot of sexts, y'all.

Karly  30:42  
I do not. My I would 100% the opposite. Um, I feel like I really don't have that much to hide on my phone. To be honest. 

Sam  30:54  

Karly  30:55  
And like, I have some stuff that I would be uncomfortable if people saw but I don't really have anything that like. I don't know. I feel like I would be really upset if people saw like, maybe would be uncomfortable but wouldn't be anything like terrible, but my journal on the other hand? Eeek. No, absolutely not.

Sam  31:20  
Yeah, no, I'm the opposite.

Karly  31:24  
That's funny.

Sam  31:27  
Oh, okay. That one. Have the lights on or off if you knew the room was full of snakes? 

Karly  31:37  

Sam  31:38  
Yeah, I think so. too. The snakes don't bother me. I just would want to see them.

Karly  31:45  
Yeah, so it depends. It depends on are they poisonous or not? 

Sam  31:53  

Karly  31:54  
Um, I don't like to be caught off guard or be surprised though. So like, I definitely want to know where they are. Also, I don't want to hurt them.

Sam  32:05  
Yeah, same.

Karly  32:07  
But that also is like the worst possible scenario for my mother. Either way. Either way.

Sam  32:17  
I read that and I was like boo boos mad I even just said that sentence out loud.

Karly  32:23  
She really is my mom would truly just choose to pass away in either option. 

Sam  32:29  

Karly  32:29  
Um, okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Would you rather live in a house with see through walls in the middle of a city? Or in the same see through house but you're in the middle of a forest far away from all civilization?

Sam  32:50  
Ah, I think the city

Karly  32:56  
Really where everybody can like,

Sam  32:58  
Yeah, because I think even if they had see through walls, right, if you want to my brain went to like, okay, like, what if you want to have sex with your partner and like everyone can see it? But like, you can like go into a closet or like, go under the covers? Or honestly, just who cares? Get drunk and do it. Like, out in the open? It's not like people don't know people have sex. But I think I need people too much to live super far away from civilization.

Karly  33:31  
I'm the opposite again. Which is funny, because everybody who knows me knows that I've always wanted to live like, in the heart of a city. 

Sam  33:44  

Karly  33:45  
Um, I think I would rather so not to get too deep with it. I already feel like I have like no privacy at all. With like, the people that I know. 

Sam  34:01  

Karly  34:01  
So I think I would just really be on edge all the time. If like, I felt like everybody could see me like, maybe if I was like at the tippy top of a penthouse because then nobody can really see you anyway, because you're so high up but like, if you're on like the ground level. Absolutely not. I also just feel like that would make you so easy to rob.

Sam  34:26  
Yeah, but then, but also I don't have crap. So like, take a look, take a good hard look at what you want to try and rob because you're not getting anything.

Karly  34:38  
I also just think, how beautiful would it be if you're like, in like a sunroom basically, in the middle of the forest. I just think that would be so beautiful and relaxing and cozy and imagine like, how great it would sound. You're in the forest, and there's a rainstorm on your glass ceiling.

Sam  35:05  
Yeah, I mean, that sounds really nice. Like, I'll come visit you. I don't want that to be my entire life I don't think.

Karly  35:16  
Well, it wouldn't be your entire life. They never said you can leave. You just have a farther drive. 

Sam  35:21  
Yeah. You're right. You're right. 

Karly  35:26  

Sam  35:28  
There's some of these that I was like, that's not even a question. Like I'll give you an example one. This isn't my choice for you. But one of them is smack a puppy or get smacked by your dad in public. Like I would 100% get smacked by my dad in public than hit a puppy. 

Karly  35:46  
Oh my God.

Sam  35:48  

Karly  35:48  
Same. That would just mean my dad wanted to see me again. But no, I would never hurt an animal.

Sam  35:57  
Would you rather be the one to find a dead body or witness someone get murdered?

Karly  36:06  
Oh, my God. I'll just find the body.

Sam  36:08  
Yeah, I think I think that would be my answer. I don't. I mean, they're both traumatizing. But I don't think I could handle watching it happen.

Karly  36:18  
No, I think I would feel guilty forever. Absolutely don't want to witness. 

Sam  36:26  

Karly  36:29  
Would you rather have a completely automated home or a self driving car?

Sam  36:34  
Self driving car.

Karly  36:38  
You like didn't even have to think about it.

Sam  36:40  
You've seen smart house. We've all seen smart house. I don't want smart house.

Karly  36:49  
This question is so hard for me. I want both. I feel like both are disabled person's dream.

Sam  36:55  
This is true.

Karly  36:58  
Um, so like, if in this scenario I have like, all of like, my caregiving needs are like, fully met, and I don't have to worry about anything with like, at home. I love the idea of a self driving car. Because then I could actually like go places. 

Sam  37:17  

Karly  37:17  
Without like, needing somebody to drive me. Um, that would be great. But man, it would be so nice to like, go to the kitchen and be able to make my own dinner because the house would help me make it. That would be great. 

Sam  37:34  

Karly  37:36  
That's really hard. I feel like my answer would change. Like, every day depending on my mood.

Sam  37:43  

Karly  37:45  
But I think given my current, how life is right now, I would probably pick the car.

Sam  37:54  
I was looking at one of those like, okay, like, what am I going to ask next? And this one is so effed. Okay. If you were stranded on an island with no food with your dog and your sibling, would you kill your dog to feed your sibling or let your sibling die of hunger? Sorry, Dante. Rip. *laughing*

Karly  38:29  
That's too hard.

Sam  38:31  
I know.

Karly  38:32  
I think I would, I would just kill myself and let them eat me. I would just take myself out of the equation because I don't think I could do either.

Sam  38:44  
That's fair.

Karly  38:46  
I don't even have a dog and I'm upset at this question. I'm in the middle of a shrine. And it's not going well.

Sam  39:01  
I'm trying to lead a buffalo but I think it's called a duffalo into this pasture. But sometimes it gets janky and it stops so I have to like

Karly  39:14  
Well okay, I have one final would you rather? 

Sam  39:19  

Karly  39:20  
Would you rather have more money or more time?

Sam  39:27  
Like more time on earth or just like more time during the day?

Karly  39:34  
It doesn't say so. Whichever, I suppose. 

Sam  39:40  
I think more time. More time to do things that make me happy. 

Karly  39:46  
I think more money. 

Sam  39:47  
That's fair. I mean, that's a tough one honestly cause

Karly  39:51  
I'm here for a good time not a long time.

Sam  39:54  
That's true. I mean, I say that but like I really like wish I could live forever.

Karly  39:59  
I don't know that I wish that I could.

Sam  40:03  
I mean, that's fair. Oh, it's gone. janky. Again, it's one of these instances where it's getting janky. So good timing. I can ask one last one. Oh, God, this one I can't even imagine this one happening. Okay. Having your parents walk in on while you're doing it or accidently walking in on your parents doing it?

Karly  40:24  
I think I'd rather than walk in on me.

Sam  40:26  
I think so too. And to be fair, I'm not doing it with nobody to worry about it. But.

Karly  40:34  
I extra don't have to worry about it because I'm not with anybody. And my parents are divorced since I was 7. I'm safe, regardless. 

Sam  40:44  
Fair enough. I just in this is all hypothetical. So in a hypothetical world.

Karly  40:51  
Right. No, I think I read rather them walk in on me, because it's just awkward for them then.

Sam  40:58  
Yeah. Yeah, I agree.

Karly  41:01  
I wish I had somebody for them walk in on me with.

Sam  41:06  
Same. That's a mood. 

Karly  41:11  
Yeah, honestly, we talked last episode about how I'm back on dating apps. And I know we already had an episode about dating apps, but I feel like we could have another one. Because boy do I have thoughts.

Sam  41:25  
I wholeheartedly agree, I think we should do it.

Karly  41:31  
It's been a time and a half.

Sam  41:32  
Maybe we'll talk about that next week. And what do you think you're gonna play next week, friend? It's always a dangerous question, but

Karly  41:41  
It really is. And I don't know. But I would love to get a new game.

Sam  41:48  

Karly  41:49  
It's been a while. 

Sam  41:50  

Karly  41:52  
So I will be perusing steam and the switch e shop for the next week trying to see if I can get something on sale.

Sam  42:01  
Maybe I'll play Summer of Mara. Remember when I bought that game and then played it for like an hour and then stopped.

Karly  42:10  
I do indeed remember. 

Sam  42:12  

Karly  42:12  
That'd be a good one. 

Sam  42:14  

Karly  42:16  
Well alright bud, it's been fun as always. 

Sam  42:19  
Always. Pleasure to have you here.

Karly  42:23  
Honestly, also, hey, who knows? Next time we record you might be recording from your gaming PC. So maybe we'll be playing something on Steam together?

Sam  42:31  
Maybe! Oh, yeah. Exciting.

Karly  42:34  
Yeah. All right. We're gonna have to tweet it out to the universe on the Hang out and Play account and on our own and see if we can get some some game recs. 

Sam  42:44  

Karly  42:46  
You should ask Jake. What does he play?

Sam  42:48  
I think he's like a big like, Call of Duty person type thing. 

Karly  42:54  
Oh, no offense to Jake. But no. 

Sam  42:56  
Yeah, I think. I think he's like, you know, he plays like those types of games. I don't really know though. I could be making that completely up, but.

Karly  43:08  
Alright. I mean, fair enough. They're popular for a reason.

Sam  43:11  
Yeah, to each their own I guess. To each their own. I just could not be me. 

Karly  43:14  
Yeah. No. Alright. 

Sam  43:19  
Alright. Bye.

Karly  43:20  

Sam  43:27  
[Music] Hey, thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. If you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplay pod.com we'd love to hear from you. So feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello. 

Karly  43:42  
And if you like our podcast, please share it with your friends and leave us a review on Apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time. [Music fades out]