Hang Out and Play

Cows and Republicans

July 23, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 19
Hang Out and Play
Cows and Republicans
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Happy Friday friends, it's another guest episode! Lexi is back and we're playing Toontown, but not just any Toontown, Toontown: Corporate Clash! Hang out and play this nostalgic, yet absolutely infuriating gem of a game with us while we talk about our experiences moving to Florida.

Game in this episode:
Toontown: Corporate Clash | Toontown site

"Toontown: Corporate Clash is a completely free-to-play massively multiplayer online game designed to be a reimagined experience of Disney's Toontown Online.

Suitable for players of all ages, ANYONE can have fun joining in the battle against the evil robot "Cogs".

Create a new Toon, grab a few Gags and dive right into the never-ending battle to save Toontown from the Cogs! What are you waiting for?"

Karly  0:00  
[Music] Hey there, welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly.

Sam  0:07  
And I'm Sam. Grab a snack, grab your controller and let's hang out and play. [Music fades out]

Karly  0:26  
Hey, buddy. 

Sam  0:28  
Hey, dude. 

Karly  0:31  
Hello other buddy.

Lexi  0:33  

Sam  0:35  
Guess who's back, back, back, back again. Again. Again. Lexi's Back, Back. Back. Tell a friend doo doo. 

Lexi  0:44  
All of my adoring fans demanded more.

Lexi  0:46  
It's true. *laughing* Unfortunately, that's only me and Sam, but. 

Lexi  0:55  
Well, that's fine. Do not perceive me. 

Sam  0:56  
Do not perceive me to like the three people that listen to this show. *laughing* What are we playing friend?

Karly  1:08  
We're playing - 

Lexi  1:09  
Okay, well I'll go 

Sam  1:12  
Sorry, I didn't specify

Lexi  1:15  
We're playing Toontown. 

Sam  1:16  
Yeah we are. 

Karly  1:17  

Lexi  1:18  
But we found a new version of Toontown. Not just Toontown Rewritten. Toontown: corporate clash, corporate crash? Crash? Clash. 

Sam  1:28  
Clash. Corporate clash, it would help if we could say the name.

Lexi  1:33  
It's a tongue twister.

Sam  1:35  
Yeah. This is like the third version of Toontown. There was the original Toontown that you had to pay for cuz Disney a bunch of money grubbing whores. And then that shutdown we played it before and like we talked about it in our other episodes. People liked it so much that they made a fan made version called Toontown Rewritten. And then Lexi found this gem over the weekend. 

Lexi  2:02  
Thanks TikTok. No, it was it was tiltok and the toonHQ website. 

Sam  2:08  
Love that. And we've been playing the whole weekend, I feel like. We played in person all together yesterday. 

Lexi  2:17  
Thanks vaccinations. 

Sam  2:20  
Ay science. Oh, heck. We are in a building so we're trying to do math. 

Lexi  2:30  
Who's doing what?

Sam  2:31  
I don't know. 

Karly  2:32  
I don't know. I don't know what to do. 

Lexi  2:35  
Yeah, that's great. Cuz then - aw dangit. 

Sam  2:38  
Lock it in bitch. So basically, it's the same thing as Toontown Rewritten but like they're they there's different types of cogs. There's a new world. The way you - 

Lexi  2:57  
There's a new gag type. 

Sam  2:58  
Yeah, then and the way you kind of level up is a little bit different. Unclear if it's the same people or if it's a bunch of entirely new people that took Toontown Rewritten and  like, did that joke of like 'you can copy my homework but change it up a little bit so it looks a little bit different' type of thing because it's very, very similar. So I'm unclear on that. But we're having fun. Anyone else want to say something? *laughing*

Karly  3:32  
I just got really distracted by 

Sam  3:36  
No, no one else having fun? Just me? Okay. 

Lexi  3:38  
No I'm suffering to every second of this. 

Karly  3:42  
My cat is she like locked herself in my room. So I was very distracted. Also, I forgot to turn the sound off on Toontown. So I'm doing that now.

Lexi  3:58  
Should we talk about our character's creation process? 

Sam  4:01  
I was gonna say, yes.  

Lexi  4:02  
Because it was quite quite the experience.

Sam  4:04  
I absolutely did want to talk about that.

Karly  4:07  
Yeah, you guys go first, since you guys started playing before I did.

Lexi  4:10  
Yeah. So we like set it up, or I downloaded it on my computer. And then Sam and I kind of started around like the same time like creating our characters. We decided even though we were sitting on the same couch, that we weren't gonna like talk about what we were making or what we were creating. And then we both created our characters. And we logged in for the first time. And we found each other and we both made light blue bats. Like we're almost the same shade of blue.

Sam  4:42  
Yeah. And then the funny part about that then Karly came and she - Karly, what was your first character?

Karly  4:52  
A raccoon.

Sam  4:53  
A raccoon. So she made a raccoon and then our other friend Abe -

Karly  4:57  
But also the raccoon was the same light shade of blue. 

Sam  5:01  
Yes, yes. 

Karly  5:03  
But also,

Sam  5:04  
I'm dying guys, I'm gonna die. 

Karly  5:07  
I'll toon you. Um, I went through like the whole I went through like the whole process and I originally made a bat but then I was like, No, I'm gonna I'm gonna do the raccoon. And then I was so mad when I saw Sam and Lexi because I was like, so close to going through with it and we would have been matching.

Sam  5:32  

Lexi  5:32  
And then we made Abe make a character and play with us. 

Sam  5:36  
Shout out to Abe. 

Lexi  5:37  
And he also made a light bluish teal bat.

Sam  5:42  
We, I'm gonna screen y'all. My thing missed.

Karly  5:48  
But yeah, so then when we when I saw Abe, I was like, screw it. I'm going back like I had only been playing for like, less than an hour at that point. And I went back in and made the bat I was originally going to make. My bats name is Little Marigold Whiskerbop.

Sam  6:08  
I love it. She's adorable. She's currently wearing a party hat.

Karly  6:11  
She is, do you guys want to say what yours are named? 

Sam  6:15  
Yeah, so mine is Bonbon Flowernoodle who is literally going to die in this building to spread her ashes here folks, because we are dying.

Lexi  6:27  
I don't even what are we doing really quickly?

Sam  6:28  
We're just gonna wait until they come and then I'm going to squirt.

Karly  6:36  
Don't forget you guys have SOS cards. They might be helpful.

Sam  6:39  
Who you squirting?

Lexi  6:41  
I guess I'll squirt this level six. The one that's already like down some. 

Sam  6:45  

Lexi  6:46  
Anyway, my character's name is Lucky Fangs Twiddlefluff.

Sam  6:50  
It's cute. Because bat. 

Lexi  6:52  

Sam  6:56  
What's not cute is this building. 

Lexi  6:59  

Sam  6:59  
I hate this for us. What's not cute? Are these cogs faces.

Karly  7:05  
Yeah, they like - 

Karly  7:06  
They're so hideous. 

Lexi  7:07  
They updated it and made them more like 3d. And it's it's alarming.

Sam  7:14  
God, we are. Oh, shit. 

Lexi  7:17  
I can't - oof. That absolutely would have almost killed me.

Karly  7:24  
It should also be noted that this is our second building in a row that we're going to die in. 

Sam  7:30  
Yeah, I'm angy. 

Lexi  7:31  
I don't know why we cannot figure this out. 

Sam  7:38  
I'm just mad. 

Lexi  7:38  
Also Karly I should have tooned you, I'm sorry. 

Karly  7:41  
That's fine.

Sam  7:42  
Doesn't matter. We're all going to die anyway. 

Karly  7:44  
At this point. It's more helpful if you just at least knock out one cog.

Sam  7:49  
Yeah. Which we should this round. Oh, thank God. 

Lexi  7:55  
"There should be a law against you."

Sam  7:58  
Oh, God. Oh, God. I'm gonna die. 

Lexi  8:01  
Yeah. Oh my gosh. 

Sam  8:03  
Oh my god I have two laugh points left. All right. Okay. 

Sam  8:08  
I'm gonna... should I also toon? Who should I toon? Should I toon Karly? 

Karly  8:13  
You should toon Sam cuz she's lowest.

Sam  8:15  
I'm gonna try and... that's that's what that's gonna do the most damage, I feel like. 

Lexi  8:24  
"Lunch and dinner." 

Sam  8:27  
Stupid. Thanks, guys.

Karly  8:30  
What was the first half of the joke? I didn't even see it. 

Lexi  8:32  
What two things can't you have for breakfast? And the answer is lunch and dinner. *fake laughter* Oh man, I'm gonna die.

Sam  8:44  
Maybe not. 

Karly  8:45  
It's not looking good friends. It's not looking good. 

Sam  8:48  
Oh my god.

Lexi  8:49  
No, no, it's not. 

Sam  8:51  
Yep, yep, I'm dead. 

Lexi  8:52  
Me too. Bye Karly. Enjoy this building by yourself. 

Sam  8:58  
Remember when Lexi was like, 'hey, do you want to do cog buildings?' I changed my mind. I don't want to do them anymore. 

Lexi  9:03  
Yeah, I thought that would be like a fun thing to do. 

Sam  9:06  
No, none of this has been fun since we 

Lexi  9:08  
The cog buildings are so much harder in this version of Toontown. So much harder. 

Sam  9:12  
I don't want to I'm not doing another one. I'll get my lawbots off the street at this point, but we should ride the trolley. 

Lexi  9:18  
We should ride the trolley. 

Sam  9:19  
Once Karly dies.

Karly  9:22  
Well it'll be soon because my gag missed. 

Lexi  9:25  
Oh, nice. 

Sam  9:27  
I'm down to four laff points.

Lexi  9:30  

Sam  9:31  
What if you did it?

Karly  9:35  
I mean, I'm not going to. 

Sam  9:37  

Lexi  9:37  
Not with that attitude. 

Karly  9:39  
I'm dead. 

Sam  9:40  
Well, it was a good run. We tried. Two stories? I thought that was gonna be a piece of cake.

Lexi  9:49  
For three toons? It shouldn't have been. 

Sam  9:51  

Karly  9:51  
Look, I warned you.

Sam  9:53  
I know you did. But to be fair, your warning said we could do it. It's just gonna be brutal. And I we all said Yes. And now it sucked. 

Lexi  10:03  
"And now it sucked" *laughing*

Sam  10:07  
Much to the rest of my life. 

Karly  10:10  
I do be frozen. 

Sam  10:11  
I'm about to play without you. 

Karly  10:15  
Okay. Asshole. *laughing*

Sam  10:21  
See Lexi, I'm not just an asshole to you, it's everyone.

Lexi  10:25  
It's not something to be proud of, dude.

Karly  10:28  
Okay, I think I'm good. I'm good now. So we're all dead. We're going on the trolley. I love the trolley.

Sam  10:38  
I like the trolley now that you can skip games.

Lexi  10:41  
I'm indifferent about the trolley honestly like it's fun but like meh. I would rather fish for jellybeans. 

Sam  10:47  
Of course you would. 

Lexi  10:49  
Fishing in toontown is the best fishing. It's good fishing mechanics.

Sam  10:53  
It is good fishing mechanics - ugh I hate this one can we skip it? I'm skipping. It is good because you mechanic though I agree.

Karly  11:00  
I don't love the mechanics of it. I think it's really tedious and annoying.

Sam  11:03  
Really? Oh. It's Lexi's favorite game - treasure dive. 

Lexi  11:09  
I hate this game so much.

Karly  11:13  
I think we talked about it in our first Toontown episode, but if you haven't played Toontown, the trolley is just a bunch of mini games. And then you get jelly beans and the jelly beans are how you buy stuff in the game. 

Sam  11:26  
Yes, it's currency. 

Karly  11:28  
Yeah. And like each - 

Sam  11:30  
Could you imagine if that was real currency? Like I was like, 

Lexi  11:34  
Going to the store and paying in Jelly Bellies? 

Sam  11:36  

Karly  11:38  
Lexi, we also talked about this in another episode. I don't remember which one but what's your favorite Jelly Bean flavor?

Lexi  11:45  
Um, so I don't really love jelly beans. But, like, if I do eat them it's like jelly bellies because bougie. 

Sam  11:54  

Lexi  11:55  
But growing up I really liked the juicy pear Jelly Bellies. I liked the Dr. Pepper Jelly Belly. There was a peach I think that I liked. And I think there was like a chocolate like chocolate pudding or something that I thought was tasty. 

Karly  12:12  

Lexi  12:14  
I don't remember but I don't really like jellybeans. 

Sam  12:17  
Me either but Karly likes the red hot ones.

Lexi  12:20  
I mean, yeah, I like cinnamon. Like. 

Karly  12:22  
Yeah, the cinnamon ones are the best. 

Sam  12:24  
Y'all are nasty. 

Karly  12:28  

Lexi  12:30  
Can we just take a moment to appreciate that I got two treasure chests that time? 

Karly  12:34  
Good job friend.

Sam  12:36  
You did it buddy.

Lexi  12:39  
Well, I was hoping for like encouragement. Not like, patronizing, but cool. I'll take what I can get at this point. 

Karly  12:48  

Sam  12:49  
I stand by this toontowns not a kids game. It is hard. It's not for children. I mean, I guess it could be for children, but it's not just a children's game. 

Karly  13:01  
Sure, grandma. Let's get you to bed. *laughing*

Sam  13:08  
It's for serious gamers only. You're welcome by the way for carrying the team on that one.

Lexi  13:13  
Catch me out here pro toontowning.

Sam  13:19  
Ooo the ring game. 

Lexi  13:20  
Love the ring game. What's everyone's shape? I'm squares.

Sam  13:23  
I'm circle. 

Karly  13:24  
I'm a pink star.

Sam  13:26  
Yeah, you are. I'm just sitting here trying not to poop myself from taco bell *laughing* 

Lexi  13:34  
Leave that part in. The fans need to know.  *laughing* Really ran through ya dude we ate like four minutes ago. 

Sam  13:49  
I know.

Lexi  13:49  
"I'm just trying not to poop myself" You know when you just casually shit yourself?

Sam  14:04  
It's fine.

Lexi  14:07  
"Hey fans!"

Sam  14:08  

Lexi  14:08  
"It's about time you get to know the real me." *still laughing*

Sam  14:12  
Everybody poops, y'all.

Lexi  14:14  
Yeah but not everyone shits their pants.

Sam  14:21  
I'm not gonna shit my pants, I'm home!

Lexi  14:23  
You said you were trying not to, you didn't really know how close to the threshold

Sam  14:28  
No, the windows like... could be opened *laughing*

Lexi  14:31  
I don't know the why that was the funniest thing that's ever happened. 

Sam  14:42  
My body's like looking at the window but it's not open yet. 

Lexi  14:46  
Okay, well. Your body's considering how nice the breeze is outside. 

Sam  14:51  
Yeah, it's like "mm,  you should maybe want to open this window to let the toxins out."

Karly  15:07  
This episode has really taken a turn *all laughing again*

Sam  15:14  
Not me just sitting here trying to figure out how to redeem myself from this becoming about almost shitting my pants. 

Lexi  15:20  
We have five seconds left. 

Sam  15:22  
Anyway guys, I have a great personality. Hot bod, sometimes poops.

Lexi  15:30  
Hot bod, full of shit. I can't wait till this podcast takes off and you open an only fans.

Sam  15:40  
I wish I could have an only fans. 

Lexi  15:44  
You could have an only fans. 

Sam  15:45  
I mean, yes, I could. But what would be the point? No one would. 

Lexi  15:52  
That's not true. Everyone has unique and interesting tastes so you can't say that no one would. I landed in the center of that and Bonbon dancing shoved me off to the side.

Sam  16:07  
Well. It kicked you out of the trolley.

Karly  16:12  
Yeah, I know. Things are happening, y'all. My cat is being a nightmare and I've gone back and forth trying to close my door so that the audio isn't just absolutely ruined. Everything has happened so much. I got kicked off the trolley. But I'm back now. Do you know what I'm really mad about?

Sam  16:37  

Karly  16:38  
They got rid of the Toontown section of Disney.

Sam  16:41  
Yeah, we were just talking about that. 

Lexi  16:43  
They got rid of it in Disneyland, too.

Karly  16:46  
I'm really mad about it. I never got to see it in person. I mean, not that I'm going to Disney right now anyway, and probably won't for a while. But man, I would have liked to see that. 

Lexi  16:58  
It was cute.

Sam  17:00  
I saw the one in Disneyland but never never the one in Disney World. 

Lexi  17:06  
It was like county fair themed. 

Karly  17:09  

Lexi  17:11  
And they had like Mickey and Minnie's houses that were cute. You could go in.

Karly  17:15  
What up Bonbon.

Sam  17:16  
What up I need to return my tasks. 

Karly  17:19  

Sam  17:21  
They're both right here on Buccaneer. 

Karly  17:25  

Lexi  17:26  
I don't really have the mission. I mean, I have to like just kill three cogs or something.

Karly  17:32  
I wish that everybody could have seen me and Sam when we were playing last night, when I accidentally discovered that if you're running and you hold Shift you sprint. 

Sam  17:43  

Karly  17:44  
It really just changed our entire lives.

Sam  17:48  
And we cried about it. We cried laughed.

Karly  17:50  
We sure did. You know, in some ways, this Toontown is so much easier. In that like jelly beans are a lot easier to earn. I feel like it's been a lot easier to get like teleport access to like the different worlds. But in other ways, it's so much harder. 

Lexi  18:08  
The fights are so hard. 

Karly  18:10  
There are these certain kinds of cogs that like are they're called like executives or whatever. So they're, they do more damage and they're harder to kill. 

Sam  18:20  

Karly  18:20  
And they're just like randomly on the streets, which is different from the other Toontown. The buildings, I feel like are not as balanced like before, like if you go into a four story building, you know, it's going to be hard, because the higher you go like the harder it is. 

Sam  18:39  

Karly  18:40  
But usually if you did like a one or two story, it was not that hard once you hit like the second world, but this one is so hard. Like I went into a one story building and died three separate times and I have 30 gags and 30 laugh points like in the old Toontown I could have done that. No problem. 

Lexi  19:02  

Sam  19:04  
Okay, I just need a cog building, I need five more law bots and just four plus cogs basically.

Karly  19:11  
Okay, I'm running down anchor avenue to see what I can find there's a three story cash, but we're gonna die if we do that so. Well, while we can't out a building, Lexi, last time you were on and we talked about how we became friends. So this time we were going to talk about living in Florida since none of us are originally from Florida. 

Lexi  19:39  
And somehow we all ended up here. 

Karly  19:42  
Somehow. To be fair, I was already here when we became friends, but. 

Lexi  19:47  

Karly  19:49  
Yeah, I am from Pennsylvania originally. And my family moved down here when I was 12. So I was already here. And for me, I really liked it because I'm always cold, but also, from where I'm from, there was nothing to do at all. I lived in a tiny little town. There was nothing. Nothing ever happened. No one ever came. So when we moved down here and like, we were near Orlando, I felt like I was like in a whole new world. 

Sam  20:23  

Karly  20:23  
It blew my mind.

Sam  20:24  
There's so much to do here. I love I love Orlando. 

Lexi  20:27  
Yeah, same.

Karly  20:29  
Yeah. But do you guys want to talk about like, why you came? Like what made you want to move down here?

Lexi  20:35  
Yeah, so I'm originally from Northeast Ohio. And not that there wasn't like a lot to do or anything there was and I have lots of friends up there and family and whatever, it was fine. But I really, really, really, really, really, really hate the cold. I am miserable from like, I don't know, October through March or something. And it just kept getting worse and worse every year. And like, I just hate the snow and I hate having to like deal with the snow and like plan for snow and I just hated it. So very much. So.

Karly  21:18  
Real quick I do have a two story boardbot if you guys want to come. 

Lexi  21:22  

Sam  21:23  
Yeah, I guess we can try it. 

Lexi  21:23  
Can we survive a two story? 

Karly  21:26  
I mean, it's a gamble, but I'm not finding any one stories. I've been down three streets.

Sam  21:31  
Yeah, that's fine. We can try it.

Karly  21:36  
Anyway, you hate the cold?

Lexi  21:37  
Yeah, I don't know. I just like snow is awful. Ice sucks having to deal with snow and cold and like, go out in it and like plan for it ugh just all of it. I don't like sweaters. I don't like scarves. I didn't I didn't even own a pair of boots. Like my last two years in Ohio. People had to like force me to wear a coat like it just is not my vibe. So I wanted to 

Karly  22:00  
Once it starts hitting like fall, Lexi's mood would start to shift like once like pumpkin spice came out and any sort of Halloween decorations in stores.

Lexi  22:09  
I just I don't like I yeah, hall- I've never really liked halloween either, like whatever, but fall associated a little too closely with winter for my taste. It was all kind of just sketchy, so I didn't appreciate it. Um, so yeah, that coupled with my overwhelming love of Disney, and wanting to be as close as possible to Disney World, or just Disney in general left me with like, here or Southern California. And I had never lived outside of Ohio. So both were pretty daunting and scary. But then Sam

Sam  22:51  
Sidenote, quick question. Would you have lived as far out west as California? Would you ever?

Lexi  22:59  
Um, I don't know. I definitely wouldn't have like just gone by myself. 

Sam  23:04  

Lexi  23:05  
I would have needed someone to go with me, I would not have just made that move alone. I've only been to California once and it was when I was in high school. I went to like, tourist places we went to like Hollywood and like the Santa Monica Pier. And it was fun. But like I didn't really like like Hollywood, it was like a tourist trap. And like, I was in high school. I didn't have money to like go shopping in all of the fancy stores in Hollywood like, I don't know. So I don't know that I would I would ever, like live in California. I've heard lovely things. And I would like to go and like see it. I would like to go to San Francisco. And I would like to go to Disneyland. And you know all those like places that I've heard about and seen in movies and shows my whole life. But I don't know that I would have picked up and moved to California. But the goal was to be away from snow and close to Disney, so. 

Sam  24:02  

Lexi  24:03  
And within this country that meant one of two places. 

Sam  24:05  
Right. I was just curious. Well, yeah. And so it just worked out because I was doing my senior year of college up in New Jersey, but I've done a couple of different college Disney college programs. And so I knew I wanted to come back down here and work for Disney after I was done college. And so *Lexi starts laughing* I already know you're gonna say but I stand by what I said. Lexi can explain in a second. But I knew I wanted to come back down here and I could apply for the college program during my senior year of college, and so I got accepted to do that. Starting so I was graduating in May. My college program was going to start in September. And so it just worked out that I also wanted to be come down to Florida. Lexi wanted to come down to Florida, Karly was already here. And, yeah, so that summer, we spent the entire summer trying to figure out a place to live. We even came down here in like June to like, apartment hunt. And - of course that missed - to apartment hunt couldn't find anything or we were told that we were looking too far out. Like it was just, it was a whole disaster and but Karly ended up finding our place to live, thank goodness. And that's how we ended up down here all together.

Lexi  25:31  
Yeah, and that move was rough. At least for me, it was a, it was a hard move for me to make. Sam got here like a week earlier than I did. And so thankfully, she had, like, come down with her family. And they had helped her move her stuff, like, kind of gotten our apartment set up a little bit for us, which was nice. And then when I came down, I came with my friend, Nick. I had to like rent a u haul. And because I drive a pretty small little baby clown car. And so my stuff wasn't gonna fit in my car, and my car wasn't big enough to tow something behind it. So I ended up having to drive a 15 foot u haul with my car on a trailer behind that. And it was the scariest thing. It was so terrifying, driving a huge truck through like the mountains of like Virginia and West Virginia. And just like having my car behind me the whole time. I don't know, it was just very surreal. But the drive from Ohio to Orlando, at least where I was about generally like 14 to 15 hours. And it took probably closer to like 20 hours. Can't go as fast in a u haul. And I was like trying to be cautious. We also for some reason, I can't remember why but we planned it. We left. And you know I think I think Nick who was helping me move had to work for like part of that day or something. So he left like two or three in the afternoon. And so like most of the drive was overnight, and I'll never forget we got here. And we got like to the apartment and like unpacked our stuff. And then

Karly  27:14  
Can you toon me? 

Lexi  27:14  
Yeah, it was like a marathon of like, unpacking my stuff. Like, just like, we live on the second floor. And like unloaded the u haul unpacked all our stuff. I hadn't slept in like 24 hours. And then we like returned the U haul. And then came back. We ate Taco Bell on our floor because we didn't have like furniture at that point. And then

Sam  27:39  
Drank champagne. 

Lexi  27:39  
Yeah, Nick, Nick brought a bottle of champagne to christen our apartment. We drink champagne, ate taco bell on the floor of our apartment. And then Sam and Nick went to the pool. And I went to bed. I passed out for like four solid hours and it was like the best sleep I've ever had. And then we woke up and went to Karly's house. And we, I think Karly's mom made us breakfast for dinner. If I remember correctly. It was great.

Karly  28:05  
Yeah, I think that's what Nick had requested. 

Lexi  28:08  
And then the next day we went to Disney. And it was Nick's first time at Disney and it was just such a fun, magical magical day. But I oh god I never want to make that kind of move ever again. It was awful.

Karly  28:20  
Yeah. So when I moved down here, I was just a kid but we

Sam  28:26  
*singing* I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare. Sorry. Had to. 

Karly  28:33  
We so my mom's ex who we lived with when we moved down here got like a job. So like he came down first and like got our house or whatever. And then it was like, also I'm dead. 

Lexi  28:50  
Why can't we survive through a two story building? 

Karly  28:54  
I don't know. But I'm mad about it.

Sam  28:57  
Because they're so hard we still have to fight a whole nother cog. I'm so angry. 

Karly  29:01  
I know. It's ridiculous. It was an ordeal just because my brother and I being disabled, it was like a little bit more complicated to get us down here. So we had people who were driving like our car, and like the U haul and stuff. But we rode down on the train, which was like 18 19 hours on the train. It was not great. We almost got left behind at like midnight in DC because we had like a like a stop in DC and they weren't gonna let us on the train because they gave our seats away. And this was like the week before Christmas. So it's like freezing cold we have no car because that's on its way to Florida. We had an accessible van like waiting to pick us up at the train station at a specific time. And they were like not gonna let us on the train. So like it was an ordeal to get us down here as well. But I really like it here so. I'm glad that we did it. 

Lexi  29:08  

Karly  29:12  
Sam how was it for you.

Sam  29:50  
Um, I mean, it was pretty smooth. Both my parents came down to help. My dad, we didn't have like a u haul truck. We did have 

Lexi  30:20  
I got a new zap gag!

Sam  30:22  

Lexi  30:22  
So sorry. 

Sam  30:24  
We had like a u haul like van and put everything in that because I wasn't bringing my bed I was gonna get like a new bed frame and bed here when I was down here. And me and my mom were in my car and made the drive down. We stopped I think once I think we stopped in South Carolina, and then like Lexi said they came and helped me move in and kind of get things settled there. So yeah, I mean, it was pretty, pretty seamless. I feel like.

Karly  30:59  

Sam  30:59  
I was just ready to move honestly, like, I don't know, I, I say I talk about it all the time. But moving from New Jersey down to Florida was like, one of the few things that I've done for myself, and no one could have told me anything. And it was I'm a very anxious person. But moving to Florida was one thing that I was not anxious about. And you couldn't tell me nothing like, I talk a big game. And there's I like like to please others and I like to do things and revolve the way I live my life around other people's expectations. But moving to Florida was not one of those things.

Lexi  31:42  
I was very anxious about moving. I had never well I have lived not on my own but I had lived with my with a roommate in Ohio. So I lived away from my parents for a while for like a couple years. And then when that roommate decided to move out, I knew at that point that fairly soon after that, at some time, I was going to be living in Florida and so rather than like finding another place to stay, my parents decided to just like, have me come stay with them. You know, just like save up some money and whatever, not have to pay rent anywhere things like that, which is very, very lovely of them. So I moved like back into their house. So like I had gotten again, like pretty close with my parents and like gotten used to seeing them every day. And so then like having to leave them and I I don't know, I had a lot of friends in Ohio like and that sounds braggy kinda like I just I had a lot of people I grew up there I've been there you know, my whole life I'd gone to school there and whatever so I just like had a lot of groups of people in Ohio that like were important to me that are important to me not were so like leaving all of that behind was pretty scary, but I'm so happy with the with the change and like I'm just I'm very very very happy to be in Florida and getting to go to Disney whenever I want. It's just like the life that I had always dreamed for myself. I used to like, I don't know be in Ohio and like be at work and like listen to Disney Parks music and like, just pretend like oh, like today I'm gonna listen to the Jungle Cruise audio or today I'm gonna listen to the audio from like the firework show. And just like, a sad, sad kid in Ohio who like didn't ever get to go to Disney. That's not true. I went to Disney on a couple of vacations, but I like, you know, didn't go all the time or get to go whenever I wanted. And now like, I get to kind of sort of when there's not a global pandemic.

Sam  33:49  
Also I don't think it's braggy that you literally just described having a life, like.

Lexi  33:54  
Yeah, I don't know. I don't I just don't want it to be like, 'I was so popular. Like everyone loved me and wanted to hang out with me all the time.'

Sam  34:05  
No worries. Don't worry, no ones thinking that.

Karly  34:08  
It's not bragging to say that you have friends, but I will say I was like I tried really like you guys had, like joked about moving to Florida multiple times. And then I remember like I distinctly remember when you guys texted me to tell me that you were like actually going to try to come because I was in the car at the time. And they I think you were like in between college programs Sam you were like wanting to do it again and and I guess like Lexi had mentioned wanting to move down here and you said that you would like make the move with her. And so you guys said you were going to start like looking into it or whatever. And I tried really hard not to get my hopes up because I don't have a lot of friends like I don't make friends easy. I like I said I grew up in Pennsylvania. So like I already left all of my like childhood friends. And I really didn't keep most of them for a lot of different reasons. And then I had a hard time with like high school and college. So I really didn't have a lot of friends. Most of my friends at the time were internet friends. Mostly you two. So like, I was really excited that you were coming down cause it meant like I could actually see friends.

Lexi  35:30  
Yeah, I really am just so happy with you know, that transition. Then it was it was hard here, it was scary. When we moved down, Sam had yannno job offer from Disney. And I didn't I was not irresponsible. I had been saving and preparing and making plans to be here. So I like I was it was prepared kind of, but I didn't have a job lined up. And when you

Karly  36:03  
It's also really hard to line a job up like on the other end of the country.

Lexi  36:07  
Yeah. And when you're trying to like move into a new place when you're trying to find like an apartment, they want like proof of income, right? They want to make sure that you're gonna be able to pay the rent. And I didn't, I didn't have it, obviously, and you know, they needed like, you know, like three times the rent or something ridiculous. And Sam's income that she was gonna be earning from Disney shocking to no one that it follows any information about Disney was just not enough to like, cover everything. So. So thankfully, like the apartment that we moved into, basically, like, let us work it out. So that I had like, I had the opportunity to like, show them like my bank account and like show that I had enough saved up to pay like, I don't know, like six months of rent or something like that. And I hadn't had that much saved up. But thankfully, like my parents were so kind and like so generous. And let me borrow money from them to like, put in my bank account and like get on my feet down here. And I don't know what I would have done without that. Because when I got here, I went nine months without a job. I could not find a job in a state for the longest, longest time. I blew through all of the money my parents had lent me. And it was like really coming down to the wire and like thankfully, then I found something but it was really, really scary. 

Karly  37:34  

Lexi  37:34  
To like, you know, just kind of wing it, I guess. And like, hope it worked and like, so it's not like lost on me that I'm very lucky that it did work out and that, you know, it could have been much worse because like, I mean, what would have happened if I didn't find a job? I would have something had to pack it up and move home or ask my parents for more money. Like, I don't know, all of it just is alarming. But so. 

Karly  37:57  

Lexi  37:57  
But anyway, now we get to hang out.

Karly  38:00  
Yeah. But also, I was gonna say we were all together. When you got the call that you got the job we were at Epcot.

Lexi  38:07  
Yeah, we were at Epcot, because they called me and I missed the call. And then I called the person back, the HR person back and I will never forget, we were in England. And I was like sandwiched in between buildings like trying to make it sound like I wasn't at Epcot. And I could like hardly hear him. And I was like, I'm so sorry. Like, I am so thankful for this opportunity. Like Thank you. But I'm at Disney right now. But also, like that was the other crazy thing is I had interviewed for that job in January. And they called me in May to offer me the job like, it was so long. They never like turned me down. They never said anything. They just never followed up. But every time I would try to follow up or reach out because it was a job I really wanted. They were like, oh, like we are we're looking into paperwork and we'll be back in touch yada yada and they just never called me and I was like, Well, I guess they hated me. I don't know what to say. And so then they call me four months later, they're like, hey, by any chance are you still looking for a job? Like Yes, yes, I am. And then I started and like found out that like, right after I had interviewed they had put like a hiring freeze on the department that I had interviewed for. And they couldn't tell me that obviously at the time, but yeah, so it all it all worked out. It's all all's well that ends well. But yeah, it was it was scary for a while. It's hard. 

Karly  39:26  

Lexi  39:27  
But no regrets. I'm not really planning on leaving Florida anytime soon.

Karly  39:32  
Yeah, me either.

Sam  39:35  
Me neither. Especially now that my parents are here. 

Lexi  39:37  

Karly  39:40  
That's just so wild. I know you both wanted to come down here because you love Disney and you wanted to be somewhere without winter. But what do you like living here that you like weren't expecting to love so much or that you weren't aware would be a thing?

Lexi  40:00  
It's a good question. I grew up in I mean, landlocked, I guess we didn't have an ocean near us in Ohio, we had Lake Erie, which we like treated like a beach, there was like sand and you could go swim and like there would be waves and things like that. So it was kind of like a beach and it was like, the beach or the like the Lake Erie portion that we would go to is maybe like an hour and a half or so away from where I lived. So like, I have, like good memories of that. But my family, we didn't take too many family vacations together. We didn't really like go on like summertime beach vacations or things like that. So I pretty much spent a lot of my adult life thinking that I did not like the ocean that I you know, I still I mean, I don't really, who does, like sand? It's gross. It gets everywhere. It's annoying. And I know that's like a weird Star Wars quote or something, but I don't really get the reference. I've just seen the the meme on Twitter. But I didn't think that I liked the ocean. And so the first time we went to the ocean after moving here, I was like, blown away. I was like, wow, okay, wait, no, I think I really like this. And I'm still kind of iffy. I don't love water that you can't see through. So like that's, meh, and I don't really like it when it's really like rough waves. It scares me, I don't want to like drown. But thankfully, we have a couple options. We're close enough to both the Atlantic and the Gulf Coast and the Gulf Coast is calmer. And it has like, you know, like the white sand and it's not really like seethrough water, but it may mean the beach is named Clearwater. So whatever, it's okay. But the beach, the beach is the most surprising thing for me. Wow, that wasn't a tangent. 

Sam  42:00  
That's okay. I think for me, like I love the water. That was never, like something unexpected. I was excited about that. For me, and that says a lot about me, but I really, like was not expecting how many things there were to do close by like, like restaurants, bars. Yeah, just things like that. Like, I feel like I don't know for me

Karly  42:29  
Was there not where you come from?

Sam  42:31  
No, my town was a dry town. So I do not come from an area that like has like, places like, like bars and like fun things to do like that. It was a beach town. And it was dry. So there was no alcohol anywhere. 

Lexi  42:50  
I'm so sorry to interrupt your story. 

Sam  42:52  

Lexi  42:52  
What is a conveyancer? 

Sam  42:54  
A lawbot. 

Lexi  42:54  
Law? Thank you. 

Sam  42:56  
You're welcome. I think there was a an invasion, actually. I don't know if it's still going on. But yeah, so I think that's what was most surprising to me.

Karly  43:10  
Yeah, that was surprising to me. Like I kind of mentioned it earlier. I mean, when I was when I first moved here, like I was, like I said, 12. So I wasn't like going to bars. I still don't go to bars. But Florida really does have a lot to do. Like, I think it's always weird to me, because when I was in high school, people would always tell me, I can't wait to grow up and get out of school so I can leave Florida, there's nothing to do here. And I was like, I mean 

Lexi  43:40  
I feel like there's so much to do in Orlando. 

Karly  43:43  
Yeah. Not just Orlando. But Florida in general. Like if you're willing to drive, especially. Florida has a lot to do here. Unless you're looking for like mountains. There's a lot. 

Sam  43:56  

Karly  43:57  
We've got really beautiful state parks, we've got theme parks of like every genre, whatever you want to call it. We have a couple of cities that like aren't massive, but we've got decent cities here we have a lot Florida has a lot. And I remember 

Lexi  44:16  
I feel like, I'm so sorry. 

Karly  44:19  
No, go ahead.

Lexi  44:20  
I was just gonna say I feel like you know, I've been here for it'll be five years in September. And I feel like I've seen a fraction of Orlando. There are still so many things like people talk about that I have never heard of, and then like not even just like Orlando, like, all of like the little like neighboring communities and like, you know, like, there's just so much packed in here.

Karly  44:43  
Yeah. I remember specifically being in my yearbook class. And this one kid, saying he couldn't wait to leave and I was like, where do you want to go and this kid said, Pennsylvania. 

Lexi  45:00  
No, he didn't. 

Karly  45:02  
And I was like, What are you gonna do in Pennsylvania that you couldn't do in Florida like Pennsylvania? Sure. They have Philly and Philly I've heard great things. Everybody I know who like has lived in Philly or gone Philly has loved it. That's wonderful. But, like as far as things to do, like when I think of an exciting life to live, I would not think I'm gonna go to Pennsylvania.

Lexi  45:27  
Yeah, no me either. 

Sam  45:28  
No. Oh, gosh. Okay, for those that don't know, well, you wouldn't know. I don't know why I said that. For those that don't know our neighbor. We have a neighborhood name is Miss Margaret. She turned nine years old. 

Lexi  45:41  

Sam  45:42  
Today is her birthday. Okay. And they did a little birthday thing for her yesterday. And there are signs that say like, honk for Miss Margaret's birthday. It's her 90th and so now like random ass people are honking when they come down our streets. 

Lexi  45:56  
But it's like, not like super late at night but it's like later at night and like she's 90 she's not awake.

Karly  46:03  
At least you have like a wholesome reason behind it my neighbors just be honking for no damn reason. 

Lexi  46:09  
Yeah, that's fair. 

Karly  46:11  
But yeah, I'm from Pennsylvania I lived in two different areas of Pennsylvania both sucked two there was nothing to do there were cows and republicans and that was it. It was not great. 

Sam  46:27  
Cows and republicans. 

Karly  46:29  
Would not recommend. 

Sam  46:29  
You heard it here first.

Karly  46:33  
Episode title.

Lexi  46:34  
Yeah right? I don't know I've gone back to Ohio a couple times and like sure I miss certain aspects of Ohio I miss like the people of course like my parents are still there and a lot of my friends are still there that I miss like some of the aspects of Ohio I miss like some of the places I used to go or like I don't know like restaurants and you know, whatever little things but I'm not like dying to get back. 

Karly  47:09  

Lexi  47:09  
I never wanna live where it snows ever again. I it is not a thing that would like that I want to do even if I don't stay in Florida forever. I don't imagine myself going anywhere that snow is ever again.

Karly  47:23  
Yeah, I wish I could leave America 

Lexi  47:27  

Sam  47:28  

Lexi  47:29  

Karly  47:30  
Like if I'm gonna move I just want to leave the country. 

Lexi  47:33  
Yeah. I really wish and I have been talking about this with like some people at work a while ago. One of my co workers has a sister who is doing like a teach English in you know, teach English abroad kind of program. But she is in in South Korea. I can't remember where in South Korea she's not in Seoul, but I was like saying like, I really wish like, when I was in college, or like around that age, like I had known that that was like a thing that you you could do. I feel like I didn't know about that until like, much much later in life and not that I'm like super established now you know I don't have kids and I don't have like, a significant other or anything that's like tying me down. I just feel like I'm I'm past the point of like a like, international move. And I don't feel like I could take that on but I really wish like when I was younger and like really just like eh heck it I would have done it. I don't know that I would have come back.

Karly  48:37  
Yeah, I wish that there were we don't have time to get into it but. 

Sam  48:44  
No this is 

Karly  48:47  
I wish that there were more options available for disabled people who were trying to leave the country because they're really aren't much. But yeah, that's a whole nother tangent. I - one last Toontown update, ran to the trolley because I died in all the buildings I went in and I need it for my task.

Sam  49:08  
I need it for my task too.

Karly  49:10  
But I'm too sad to try it again. So I'm just sadly riding the trolley. What are you guys up to?

Lexi  49:16  
I'm running around looking for conveyancers I cannot find them. 

Karly  49:21  
Yeah, they're not super common. 

Lexi  49:23  
I need I needed to find I need to get a treasure chest and that went from treasure dive and I just got it. But then I also need a building as well.

Karly  49:33  
Nice, nice. Well, lexi thanks for coming back on the podcast. 

Lexi  49:38  
Yeah. Thanks for having me. Remember when you texted me and you're like you definitely have to come back and I read it as you definitely don't have to come back. And I was like cool cool cool. Yeah, I mean, I just sort of assume that you hate me so yeah, that does yeah, that tracks Yeah, absolutely.

Sam  49:54  
I didn't know that, that's hysterical. 

Lexi  49:55  
Glad you don't hate me. Thanks for letting me hang out.

Karly  49:58  
I don't hate you. Anytime you want to come back

Lexi  50:04  
Yeah, I really, I'm so mad. I really wanted to play Geoguesser like that was gonna be my request and then they made it not free and it's not fun anymore. It looked like it wasn't gonna be fun. I didn't really click around too much, but I loved Geoguessr I thought it was such a great game. But yolo.

Karly  50:21  
I've never played it. 

Lexi  50:22  
Oh my god, it was so fun. 

Karly  50:24  
Maybe we can look it up to see if we can find like a

Lexi  50:27  
A free version? 

Karly  50:28  

Lexi  50:30  
Cuz it's not like, hard. I don't know. It wouldn't be like, hard to program. You just can't play it alone. Or like, you can't play without like the setup. Like I couldn't just like, open up Google Maps and play it. The point is that you don't know where you are.

Karly  50:46  
Right. Well anyway, Sam, do you, do you have any idea what you want to play next time? 

Sam  50:53  
No. No. 

Karly  50:57  
Okay. Well, we have been perusing some Steam games. We mentioned it last time. Sam's gonna have her gaming PC set up soon. So we're still accepting game recommendations. Let us know. 

Sam  51:13  

Lexi  51:14  
I would love to play Celeste. 

Karly  51:19  
It's never gonna happen.

Sam  51:21  
I'll play it. I started. 

Lexi  51:23  
Do you still need the building? I just found a one story sell if you want to come to me.

Sam  51:27  
Yes. I also just got a new gag. No, maybe I'll play Toontown. Maybe I'll play Dragon Age Inquisition who knows the world is my oyster.

Karly  51:35  
Honestly. All right, we're gonna go do a building so.

Sam  51:39  
Hope we don't die, bye.

Lexi  51:50  

Karly  51:50  
Bye, we will. 

Sam  51:50  
[Music fades in] Hey, and thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. If you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com. We'd love to hear from you so feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello.

Karly  52:05  
And if you liked our podcast, please share it with your friends and leave us a review on Apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time. [Music fades out]