Hang Out and Play

The nerd I was always meant to be

August 06, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 20
Hang Out and Play
The nerd I was always meant to be
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Happy Friday friends! Sam's gaming PC arrived, so hang out and play Final Fantasy with us! We explore this MMO and talk about Sam's new gaming setup and our brand new d&d game we're about to start. We're sleepy in this one, and boy you can hear it. But we had a lot of fun recording it and we hope you enjoy!

Game in this episode:
Final Fantasy XIV
| Final Fantasy XIV website

"Set in the fantastical realm of Eorzea, Final Fantasy XIV is a sprawling online adventure where hundreds of players set out to conquer a vast world teeming with fierce monsters, powerful magic, and alluring myths.

In this massively mulitplayer online RPG, you’ll share your experience with countless other players who populate the world, either passing them a wave as you scoot by on your own errands, or teaming up to conquer dungeons or fell powerful enemies together.

As you quest, you’ll shape your character’s skills, appearance, and history, take on job roles and classes, pick up powerful weapons and armor, and help the denizens of Eorzea bring peace to the continent."

Karly  0:00  
[Music fades in] Hey there, welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly. 

Sam  0:07  
And I'm Sam. Grab a snack, grab your controller, and let's hang out and play. [Music fades out]

Karly  0:27  
Hey, buddy. 

Sam  0:29  
Hey, dude. Oooo I closed my eyes for that one and everything just gettin into the groove.

Karly  0:35  
I know, I saw it happen. It was like really intimate.

Sam  0:42  
Only the best for you babe.

Karly  0:44  
Thanks babe. 

Sam  0:47  
Do I... one or two? 

Karly  0:51  

Sam  0:53  
Good choice.

Karly  0:54  
Okay. What did I just pick?

Sam  0:58  
I needed to pick something for my character.

Karly  1:01  
Interesting. Well, I guess then we'll just dive right in. What are we playing today?

Sam  1:10  
Final Fantasy 14. 

Karly  1:13  

Sam  1:14  
So exciting. I'm obsessed. I'm now obsessed with MMOs. Don't look at me, or my children, or my subscriptions.

Karly  1:28  
We are currently doing like the free trial, you can play up to level 60 for free, which is a pretty good trial. It feels quite generous. So that's what we're doing. I'm trying to log in, but it keeps telling me to try again later. So I'm just looking at my character selector. And admiring my little character. She's adorable. 

Sam  1:58  
Yeah, it did that for me too. I just like was getting like I just like kept clicking on it until it worked. But do you want to describe your character for everyone?

Karly  2:09  
Yes, sure. So her name is Ellawena Luna. She's a Lallafell, which are the I feel like the most equivalent way to describe them be like a halfling. She's freaking cute. She's got like mint hair with like pinky highlights. And she carries around a little satchel with flowers in them and it's adorable. Also, I did a quest that gave me a hat that looks like the sorting hat. So you know, she's a real vibe.

Sam  2:44  
I love that.

Karly  2:46  
What about your character?

Sam  2:51  
Um, I am a cat person. I looked very slutty in the beginning. No shame. She just looked a little. Just a little promiscuous, you know, for a game that really was probably geared towards men. And 

Karly  3:12  
She had like the, sort of stereotypical like anime half naked look to her.

Sam  3:20  
Yeah, exactly. Which is fine. But like, come on lady.

Karly  3:24  
You do you girl.

Sam  3:26  
So I thought I gave her blue hair. I didn't. It's white.

Karly  3:33  
The color selector was not great to be fair.

Sam  3:37  
Yeah. And she just looks like a badass B but so she started out looking like just very, like she was going to The Club. And now she looks like Do Not Perceive Me. She is literally wearing like just this is really poofy armed like, long like tunic type thing. With black pants and brown boots and the to kick it off she's wearing like a Viking hat and. 

Karly  4:07  
You know. 

Sam  4:08  

Karly  4:09  
Good for her. 

Sam  4:10  
Honestly. Yeah. One thing I love about this is I just love there's so many quests This is like my dream.

Karly  4:23  
There really, there really is like a lot. It's... it's a little overwhelming. I currently only have one quest that I'm working on right now. Which is like, almost strange, because the rest of the time that I've been playing this game I had like 9 or 10 at all times. 

Sam  4:24  
Yeah, I told you there's a little bit of a lull. 

Karly  4:46  
Yeah, yeah, I'm trying to figure out because I'm not getting any sound to my game, which is very frustrating. I don't understand.

Sam  5:00  
Which is really a shame. Because the sound in this game is so lovely. I frickin love the music. I was listening to it earlier today. 

Karly  5:10  
Oh, I got it. 

Sam  5:11  
Yay. Where am I? The map is also very big. I don't know where I'm going or like, it's just very large.

Karly  5:22  
Yes. Um.

Sam  5:24  
But I am. Oh, go ahead.

Karly  5:27  
No, you go.

Sam  5:28  
I was just gonna say like I'm playing. We're playing this because I finally got my PC. And what a time that was getting it all set up and everything but it's here. I've been playing this and World of Warcraft. 

Karly  5:42  
Tell everybody about about getting it and just all about it, tell everybody about your new baby.

Sam  5:50  
My new baby. So I talked about it in a previous episode, as far as it's one of my best friend, Lily's boyfriend was upgrading his PC. And so he sold me this one. It came down on my parents. So it was with my parents until not this past weekend. But the weekend before I think or maybe two weeks ago. I don't really remember. No, I think it was last week. And I went and I picked it up from them, I bought a monitor. So hold on, I got to stop running to tell the story. So I buy my monitor. Before I went and got my PC. I went and got the monitor on a Friday, I think. And I was getting the PC on Saturday. So I go to Best Buy, pick out this monitor, love it great, whatever. Go to pick up my PC. And it wasn't even until I'm there that I remember that Lily and Jake told me that it doesn't just connect to Wi Fi that he would hardwire into it. And I'm not the smartest when it comes to computers. And I just figured I could plug in my router like I we have a modem. And then we have a router we don't usually use. But our modem can only be plugged into our living room. And I just figured I could plug in my router in my room and like hard hardwire my router into my computer but your router needs to be connected to your modem. So that wasn't going to work. Unless I ordered like a really really really long Ethernet cable to like clip up through our apartment. So I ended up going back to BestBuy on Sunday and bought this little nifty gadget you like USB gadget that just plugs into it. You can either it can go in like USB, or you can like it has like a docking station. And you can use it to get Wi Fi to your computer. So, which is great, so I buy this thing. I even make sure I'm talking to the lady from Best Buy. I was like okay, this is gonna work? This is gonna do the thing? And she was like, yeah, it's gonna do the thing. So I'm like, Okay, cool. So I opened it up. And you have to install a disk. Okay, so the PC doesn't. So I set it up on my desk in my room, everything is set up, everything's plugged in monitor plugged into the PC, everything needs a disk. But then it says, okay, if you don't have a disk drive, that's okay. You can download it by by going to this website. But remember, y'all couldn't get internet to my computer to download it to install it. So I literally had to unplug everything, plug everything into the living room on the floor, just to download this stuff. So then to then just disassemble everything and put it back in my room. It was such a huge ordeal. But moral of the story is it's working now and it's amazing.

Karly  9:01  
I love that I love that. Does it have a name? 

Sam  9:06  

Karly  9:07  
It needs one. 

Sam  9:09  

Karly  9:10  
Since it's part of the family. I mean, you don't have to come up with it on the spot. I'm just saying. 

Sam  9:17  
Yeah, no, I know. Yeah.

Karly  9:19  
Feels like it needs a name. 

Sam  9:20  
I didn't even think about giving it a name to be honest. So yeah, I'll have to think of one and let the people know. I think it's a guy though.

Karly  9:32  

Sam  9:35  
That feels right.

Karly  9:37  
All right. 

Sam  9:38  

Karly  9:39  
So how do you feel because this is really like your first foray into PC gaming. And I know you've been pretty into like, your PlayStation and your switch. 

Sam  9:55  

Karly  9:55  
Do you feel like you maybe like this more? Better? The same? Not as much? How do you feel?

Sam  10:02  
Oh, if I I am definitely one of those people who are like if I never have to touch any other console again, great.

Karly  10:08  

Sam  10:09  
I mean yeah, I mean I love my PlayStation though so like yeah I love my PlayStation but I do love my PC. I'm one of the people like you know cuz they joke people joking like once you get a PC like you know you never want to go back. What's happening here? Sorry, I just got into a fight. Um And yeah, that's 100% how I feel.

Karly  10:38  
Well, I love that then, makes it a worthy investment. 

Sam  10:41  

Karly  10:41  
I, I mean, I don't have like a dedicated gaming PC like we've talked about before. I really like playing on the computer because um, oh, Lord, I started a fight. So things are happening. Um, but I have had oh my god, why are you telling me invalid target? Why are you not working? Sorry, y'all. I do be dying. The trees in this game are mad and you know, I truly might die.

Sam  11:27  
I'm about to die.

Karly  11:30  
Ah, do you remember the quest where you had to investigate the lifemend stump? 

Sam  11:37  

Karly  11:38  
Okay, I'm doing that. I'm doing like the big fight for it. I am scared. Um, but anyway.

Sam  11:46  
Oh, you're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine, buddy. I'm legit about to die though from a firefly. 

Karly  11:52  

Sam  11:53  
You would not believe your eyes if 10 million fireflies came out and killed my character.

Karly  12:03  
But yes, so I had a PlayStation 2 when I was younger, that was mine. And it was like in my room or whatever. But a lot of times for most of my life, the consoles were always my brothers. So whenever like I wanted to play it was like, okay, I have to go and share it. Like when he's not using it be in his room, his setup all his stuff. And that was fine. He was always really great about sharing. He wanted me to play with him. Like, he liked it that I wanted to play video games too. So like, it wasn't that, but I much prefer to just be comfortable. Like in my own space, like my own stuff. To like to not have to, I always felt bad to like, I always felt like I was hogging his PlayStation and like taking up too much time. And he would never like tell me that I was but I know sometimes I definitely did. So that was always why I wanted to play on my computer because then I was like, I don't have to feel bad about eating up his storage because it's mine. So yeah. I also don't love the PlayStation controllers. I have tiny baby hands, and they're way too big. So I don't love a lot of like, keyboard controls. 

Karly  13:30  

Karly  13:31  
But I kind of prefer the keyboard anyway, just because it's easier for me than a big honkin controller.

Sam  13:39  
Yeah, that's fair. Yeah, I've been getting really good. So the one thing so before we started playing Final Fantasy, the first and only - well, not the only game because I also downloaded Toontown because I'm a Toontown stan on come at me.

Karly  13:56  
We all know this. This is not news. 

Sam  13:58  
Yeah. Anyway, the first game I, well the first game I downloaded on my PC was World of Warcraft, which I feel like kind of came out of left field like I didn't really like I heard about it. But I was like, oh, let me let me look into it. And then you had sent me a tiktok about it. And so I downloaded that and I like fell hard and fast for that. I quickly so they give you a free trial. But it's only to level 20 and I like got to level 20 in like less than 24 hours like that's how quickly I was that's how much I was playing. And so I subscribed to World of Warcraft. 

Karly  14:37  

Sam  14:38  
And no one and before anyone comes at me about not that I think anyone will because like three people listen to this, but. 

Karly  14:45  
And one of them is you.

Sam  14:46  
Right. I didn't know about the blizzard lawsuit until after I bought the subscription. 

Karly  14:57  

Sam  14:57  
So I feel bad about that but also at the same time, like, well, I bought it now I'm going to still play but.

Karly  15:05  
Yeah, I mean, like you said you didn't know it's not like you were like there was no like ill intentions there at all. 

Sam  15:14  

Karly  15:14  
Um, I also think anybody who listens to this and or knows us in real life knows that like that's not the kind of bullshit that we would ever like knowingly support or look past I guess but anyway this episode is not about that I don't think either of us have like the mental capacity today to get into that subject just know. 

Sam  15:40  
Correct, and I'm not even as well like I'm not even super

Karly  15:43  

Sam  15:44  
I mean I know but yeah.

Karly  15:46  
Yeah. I don't know all the details as well either because I I'm not like super into that studio like I don't really play those games just know that it's shitty and. 

Sam  15:59  

Karly  16:00  
There's unfortunately a lot of really not good things in a lot of corners of the video game industry. There's a lot of not good stuff. 

Sam  16:12  
And just capitalism in general.

Karly  16:16  
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, but especially I think because for so long, like video games were such like still are in a lot of ways like a very male dominated industry like that breeds a lot of not great things. But. 

Sam  16:32  
Yeah, agreed. 

Karly  16:34  
But anyway, Final Fantasy has been a lot of fun so far.

Sam  16:38  
Yeah. I, I love it.

Karly  16:42  
I don't know do I love it enough to pay for it monthly? 

Sam  16:49  
I probably will. 

Karly  16:49  
Because I don't, I don't have a lot of money to just, I mean, I'm okay. Like, it's it wouldn't like bankrupt me or anything, obviously, like it's like 12 bucks a month. But I feel like it grinds my gears that you have to pay for the game and then pay for it monthly, like on the one hand, like I understand like it's an online game. So like there's an online subscription. But there's just so many things you have to freakin subscribe to nowadays. And I.

Sam  17:26  

Karly  17:26  
I don't know that I would prioritize this when I I think I would kind of prefer to like just get a new game each month. 

Sam  17:34  
Yeah, that's fair. 

Karly  17:37  
But, but the good thing about it is that you can pay for it like one month, when like, if I'm really wanting to play, I could just have it for a month. And then when I'm bored with it again, I don't have to continue the subscription. And I won't like lose my progress. I just have to wait to play until I pay for it again. So. 

Sam  17:55  

Karly  17:56  
I might do that. We'll see. I'm only on level nine. So I've got quite a ways to go with my trial here. 

Sam  18:06  
Right, we have a long time. 

Karly  18:08  

Sam  18:10  
So are you still fighting the trees?

Karly  18:12  
No, I won. I'm done. 

Sam  18:15  

Karly  18:15  
Yeah, I did it. It was not as hard as I thought. 

Sam  18:18  

Karly  18:20  
The fighting is not like, like games like Breath of the Wild or whatever where you have to like, very carefully like aim and shoot and. And it's different fighting mechanics. You basically like select your enemy. And then you have like a hot bar that has like your different attacks that you can do. And so you kind of just like click them and like wait for like a timer until you can do it again. And so it's it's not necessarily easy. But in some ways it is easier. 

Sam  18:54  

Karly  18:55  
If you're not great at like, playing out the combat, I guess.

Sam  19:02  
Yeah, I just love like, I'm just clicking buttons like, I use the short key. So I use like just the number one and two and 

Karly  19:09  

Sam  19:10  
Just like, I just alternate them and I'm just like, yep. 

Karly  19:15  

Sam  19:15  
Doing it. 

Karly  19:17  
I'm sure that like people who have played this game for years have some sort of like strategy. I really don't. I'm just button smashing. But to be fair, that's how I play any kind of fighting in any kind of game. Like I'm not thinking about it. Like once a fight starts like panic takes over and I'm just mashing buttons and if I live I live if I die, I die. 

Sam  19:39  

Karly  19:41  
Also two things, because people might notice you're gonna hear our keyboards clicking. 

Sam  19:50  

Karly  19:51  
I'm sorry. I hope that you enjoy that sound as much as I do, because it's gonna be there. 

Sam  19:56  
God ASMR man. 

Karly  19:57  
It's gonna be there. The other thing is that I'm hearing this little chirp. I don't know if you guys will be able to hear it.

Sam  20:06  
I don't even hear it.

Karly  20:07  
I don't think anybody else is gonna hear it. I don't know where it's coming from. I don't know if it's my headphones, or your air pods?

Sam  20:15  
I don't know.

Karly  20:16  
I don't know. But I keep hearing it. So if I sound like I've like lost my train of thought, it's because I'm distracted by chirping I don't know what it's coming from.

Sam  20:29  
So one of my tasks is journey to the lavender beds. But I know what that means. Like there's nothing here.

Karly  20:43  

Sam  20:45  
I I know.

Karly  20:49  
Yeah, the map is huge on this game, like there are so many different areas to go. It's not like some games, like the paths that you can travel are very obvious and easy to navigate. And this is you can go like anywhere it feels like. And you have a map.

Sam  21:11  
Except in the water. I just tried going in the water and I can't go in there. I was like, oh, maybe do I need to go into the lavender? No.

Karly  21:21  
When we first started, I was like, Sam, I'm so sorry. Like, I I'm gonna be a healer. Like that's the kind of character I chose. So I will heal you in a battle. But you have to lead me to it because I cannot find a single thing.

Sam  21:37  
Do you feel like it's gotten easier?

Karly  21:39  
A little bit. But I just I'm never gonna be good at that kind of thing. Like, I am not good with directions. I'm the kind of person who if I turn one time, I have no idea where I am. Like, and I'm really bad at reading maps, like, I have no sense of direction at all. In real life and in games.

Sam  22:03  
I'm not too bad, there's just a lot happening. So it's taking me a while to kind of get my bearings.

Karly  22:09  
Yeah, like once I get more used to like what the different worlds are and like I guess spend more time in the the world I'll be able to just figure things out on my own like just from habit, but I don't know it well enough yet. And it doesn't help that like I grabbed every single quest I could find. And so they were sending me like back and forth all over to like all these different areas with like, no real pattern to like, help me get like I didn't stick to like one area first. I just went everywhere and grabbed everything.

Sam  22:52  
Ooo, I just got a new attack because I just leveled up.

Karly  22:55  

Sam  22:57  

Karly  22:57  
Are you level 10 now?

Sam  23:00  
No, I'm level 12.

Karly  23:02  
Jesus, I'm only level 9.

Sam  23:06  
Oh, your baby.

Karly  23:08  
I am baby. This happens a lot Sam and I will start a game at the same time. And she blows past me.

Sam  23:20  
I have been trying really hard not to like play when you're not playing. 

Karly  23:27  
I do appreciate that. But you absolutely don't have to like I do not mind. Especially because like I don't know if I'm going to continue playing past the trial. 

Sam  23:37  

Karly  23:39  
And also one of the bummers of the trial is that we can't be friends. 

Sam  23:45  
Don't. Angy. 

Karly  23:46  
So like I kind of like when we went into it thought that we would be spending like more time with each other. 

Sam  23:54  

Karly  23:55  
But it's kind of more we're doing like our own separate things and occasionally we'll run and see the other one but we're not really like playing together. 

Sam  24:05  

Karly  24:05  
And I think if we had paid for it, I think there might be more options to like Co Op, but I really don't know if there are. 

Sam  24:15  
Yeah, I think so.

Karly  24:17  
Because there's the option to like make like a party. But just not if you're in the trial. What a bummer.

Sam  24:28  
Honestly. Oh, I'm getting a new outfit. Let's see if this is gonna be - Karly's, I'm so angry because Karly's character is so cute. Mine literally just looks. Oh my gosh. *laughing*

Karly  24:48  
Wait we're gonna have to meet up.

Sam  24:50  
My girl does not know she just - oh god, bitch.

Karly  24:57  
Where are you? I want to find you. We have to meet up

Sam  25:01  
Oh God, I don't know where I am. I'm in. Oh, you know where to go you know where you had to? You know where you had to find those like lazy soldiers? 

Karly  25:17  

Sam  25:19  
Remember last night you had to find the initiates I had to help you find them.

Karly  25:23  
I remember the quest but I don't remember where it was like, I'm going to need you to give me a name and then I can find it.

Sam  25:30  
Oh, okay. Bentbranch. I'm - I can go there. That's -

Karly  25:34  
Okay. Yeah.

Sam  25:36  
I'm gonna go to the thingy the I'm going to teleport there to the thing.

Karly  25:41  
Okay, I can't teleport, but I will. I'm pretty close. I will run there now.

Sam  25:46  
Okay. This bitch just does not understand the assignment.

Karly  25:55  
You know, it be like that sometimes. 

Sam  25:58  
Yeah, she's... 

Karly  26:00  
Okay. I am on my way. I was just turning in a task.

Sam  26:04  
That's fine. I'm so in the bentbranch area, you'll be able to find that portal. It's just like that blue diamond looking thing. And then you'll be able to teleport there. You just have to, like attune to it. And I'm standing there and just hanging out. 

Karly  26:19  

Sam  26:20  
I'll wait. Let me see my new attack. Blood bath - converts a portion of physical damage dealt into hp. 

Karly  26:28  
Here I come. I see that a crystal. Did you ever tell anybody what your name is?

Sam  26:34  
I didn't. Her name is Orphelia Mitnu. Orphelia is also my Warcraft World of Warcraft name. And it's also my dnd name.

Karly  26:47  
Ooo, we should talk about dnd. Oh my god you look like a spicy pirate.

Sam  26:52  
I know. Right? She doesn't understand. She either goes, like full club outfit or let me wear a potato sack.

Karly  27:02  
You know, honestly, I respect it. 

Sam  27:05  
Yeah. She's kind of hot.

Karly  27:11  
She is. Honestly, I wanted to be like a cat person. Because like.

Sam  27:16  
Oh my god look, this little guy. Here. Come back to me. Oh my god. He's so little. He looks like a knight. But he's like miniature size. Look up there he is - you're kind of looking at him?

Karly  27:29  
Oh, I see him. Yeah, yeah. Wild.

Sam  27:32  
He's so wittle. Oh, oh, he disappeared. Okay.

Karly  27:35  
I wanted be a cat person. But I did not like the starting outfit. And I loved the starting outfit for this one. Like she has a little flower pouch.

Sam  27:43  
Yeah, she's so cute. 

Karly  27:45  
I had to do it. But yeah, we're gonna play d&d. Should we talk about that? That's kinda fun.

Sam  27:52  
Yeah, we absolutely should.

Karly  27:55  
So it's not our first time playing d&d. We played before and I DM'd it. And then I don't even really remember. We just stopped playing. 

Sam  28:10  

Karly  28:11  
Um, but now Lexi, shout out to Lexi.

Sam  28:16  
Should out to Lexi. 

Karly  28:17  
She's going to take a stab at dming.

Sam  28:21  
Yeah, I'm so excited. I bought dice. They're super cute.

Karly  28:25  
I did not buy dice. I already have dice. I feel like I should not spend the money to get dice. I don't need them. I also kind of like rolling on dndbeyond because they do all of the math for you. 

Sam  28:39  

Karly  28:41  
Which is nice. But yeah, I'm really excited. We're playing with Steph and Abe. Steph hasn't been on yet. We're gonna have to get her at some point.

Sam  28:54  
Yeah, absolutely.

Karly  28:56  
Lord knows y'all know who Abe is. We cannot shut up about him ever.

Sam  29:02  
And Abe's, I'm so excited for Abe's character.

Karly  29:06  
Yes, he's gonna play a bard.

Sam  29:10  
I'm just really excited honestly, for everyone's like, I'm just so excited. Honestly.

Karly  29:15  
Yeah. Do you want to tell everybody about your character? At least what you know, I know you're still figuring her out, but.

Sam  29:22  
Yeah, so she is a tiefling rogue. And she is going to have a tragic backstory because obviously. 

Karly  29:34  

Sam  29:36  
But I went with a rogue because I feel like when I play any sort of video games, like if I can be stealthy, like that's always like my, the way I've way I play. So I was like, oh, it kind of resonates with me, which is why I originally went for that and then yesterday we practice just like battling monsters, and I really fell in love with rogues man. They have some good shit.

Karly  30:07  
Rogues can do a lot of damage. They have a lot of really cool abilities. 

Sam  30:13  

Karly  30:13  
Which is cool. But yeah. 

Sam  30:18  
And her name is Orphelia. So I latched on to a name. And now here we are. 

Karly  30:25  
Do you? Do you know what her tragic backstory is yet? Or do you just know you want to have one?

Sam  30:33  
No. So I know kind of what I want it to be. I want it to be I'm setting the scene of Vampire Diaries. And there is a season where you kind of learn more about Damons really tragic backstory. And you find out that like in the 1950s or something, he was captured, and he was experimented on by this horrible doctor. And things like that. And he meets this guy, Enzo.

Karly  31:15  
And Lord, didn't we thirst over Enzo God. 

Sam  31:19  
I mean, who didn't thirst over Enzo. Anyway. Yeah. And so there's a scene where like, one night like this doctor is like having a party and they're like, they just like put Enzo and Damon on display. And a fire breaks out. And Damon gets out and leaves Enzo there to die. And that's my that's, that's the inspiration of my tragic backstory.

Karly  31:45  
Okay, love that.

Sam  31:46  
So do it that as you will.

Karly  31:49  
Very dark we love to see it. 

Sam  31:52  

Karly  31:53  
I wanted to play originally a druid because every time I've played d&d, so I've played like, three separate games, I think. And every time I've wanted to be a druid, I love Druids the'yre my absolute favorite, there's such a vibe. They're all about like nature and animals, which really resonates with me, I love it. But Steph, who is like super into like the whole witchy kind of vibes really wanted to do a druid. And it's her first time playing and I felt like we didn't necessarily need two Druids in the party. And I like to use magic when I can when I play. So I was like I'll be a cleric because we don't have one. 

Sam  32:41  

Karly  32:41  
And if I know anything about our friend group, it's that it would be pure chaos.

Sam  32:46  

Karly  32:47  
And plans that are not really planned out well. Which means there's gonna be a lot of times where we need a healer so I'm gonna play a cleric. Her name is Kelwarin, and she's gonna go by Rin. She also has a - Oh, and she's a wood elf. I think. She's an elf for sure. I think I went with a wood elf, but, um, because I wanted her to be like, kind of more like nature based. Even though I couldn't go full Druid. I still leaned into that vibe. 

Sam  33:29  
I love that. 

Karly  33:30  
Yeah. And she so she definitely has the tragic backstory because I love angsty stories. Like everybody makes fun of me for it because I really love angst like when I was in my fanfiction years I had no interest in like the sexy stories. I wanted the sad traumatizing horrifying sad shit. I wanted it. When you're making a character on dndbeyond, you get like, I mean, you do this when you're just making a character in general, but, um, you pick like a backstory, and it it gives you like a one or two line like inspiration like for your character's backstory, and one of them is haunted one. 

Sam  34:27  

Karly  34:29  
And basically just like they have something that haunts them that they don't really speak about. And so I chose that and that's sort of like the inspiration for their backstory. I have like an idea for it's not like fully planned out. I'm gonna work on that this week so that I can send it to Lexi. But I do know what she looks like.

Sam  34:52  
Oh, yeah, see, I don't even know what oh shit. I don't even know what she looks like yet. Also, side note real quick. I am fighting a giant rock person and the recommended level was 13. And I'm only at level 12. 

Karly  35:08  
Oh you confident. 

Sam  35:09  
So we might be out here dying. And, and one of my commands is gone. I don't know if it's just like if I accidentally deleted something or what just happened. So.

Karly  35:23  

Sam  35:25  
Say a prayer for me.

Karly  35:27  
Well, good luck. I've literally just been running around collecting tasks. Because now that I did that one, like a bunch opened up for me to do. So I've literally just run around. I've got like, let's see, I have now. I went from zero to I now have five but there's at least four that I haven't grabbed yet.

Sam  35:49  
I love that.

Karly  35:50  
Yeah. But yeah, I made a I was really bored one day. So I was like, I'm gonna make a Pinterest board to figure out like what I want my character. 

Sam  36:01  
I think that's a really good idea. 

Karly  36:03  
Yeah, it was fun. I love a good mood board. Something to help me figure out my vision.

Sam  36:10  
"My vision."

Karly  36:11  
My vision. It's, you know, wouldn't be me if I didn't pick a project and then completely hyper focus on it, and obsess. And just so happens d&d is gonna be it for a while. But we'll have to update everybody on how our game goes after we have like our first session.

Sam  36:33  
Yeah, I think it's gonna go well, we practiced last night, with just with battling and that was really fun.

Karly  36:38  
It was really fun. I didn't know if it was I mean, like, I wasn't like not thinking it would be fun. But I wasn't like, super stoked, because like, I knew it was just going to be practice round. Like, I was almost worried it was gonna be tedious, like learning the spells and stuff. But it wasn't it was just really silly and fun. Are you thinking that you're going to lean into like, the role playing aspect of it or more just the fighting?

Sam  37:03  
Um, I might. I don't know. I, I make this joke with my therapist all the time. But I don't like role playing. I don't like role playing activities. I don't like doing it in therapy. I don't like doing it in job interviews, which I've had to do. I just don't like doing it. But I these past, like, few months, like I've had to do it in job interviews and in therapy. And so it's kind of like, made me not hate it as much. So we'll see.

Karly  37:35  
Okay. I think for me, like I so I love to watch critical role. If you haven't watched it before, it's voice actors who play crit- "who play critical role" - who play Dungeons and Dragons, and they like, they go all in. 

Sam  37:54  

Karly  37:54  
Like, they don't half ass anything. They are fully committed. It's wild. And I guess like that has made me a little more open to it. I just always, like in my head, I'm like, yeah, I'm gonna do it. And then I get like, I get shy. 

Sam  37:54  

Karly  38:01  
And I'm also just not great at like thinking on my feet. In any sort of conversational setting. I'm just not, like, I'm one of those persons. Who are - one of those people who will, like, replay conversations in my head from like, years ago and be like, I can't believe I didn't say this. That would have been so much better. So should be interesting. We'll see how it goes.

Sam  38:48  
Yeah, I think it's gonna, I mean, I think it helps to that, like we're at least we're with people like, or like with really close friends. You know, so that makes me feel a little bit better, more comfortable, I guess, leaning into like, the role playing aspect, but. 

Karly  39:02  

Sam  39:02  
I was talking to someone - 

Karly  39:04  
I feel like - go ahead. 

Sam  39:07  
I was gonna say I feel like I'm really just like embracing and leaning into my like the nerd I was always meant to be like, always meant to be. 

Karly  39:15  

Sam  39:16  
I was like talking to someone and he was like asking me about my weekend and like what I was doing. I was like, I've been playing World of Warcraft. Oh, yeah. Now I'm playing Final Fantasy. Oh, yeah. And then I'm playing d&d. 

Karly  39:26  

Sam  39:26  
He was like, wow, nerd. And I was like, yeah, like, this is the best.

Karly  39:31  
Yeah, I've definitely always been a nerd. My thing is that like, I didn't always have people to be a nerd with you know?

Sam  39:40  

Karly  39:41  
Like anybody who's known me for any like length of time can tell you like I have. I've always been like a dork. And when I like something, I go all in and I really like it. But it's hard to find people who want to who are into the same thing. So I'm excited that we have like a full group who is just as nerdy and silly as us that wants to do it, because that'll make it really fun. I was gonna say, just from like our little practice round, it seems like Abe is gonna lean until like the role playing. So I think that'll make it easier too, like. It's hard if you're the only one doing it, you know? 

Sam  40:20  
Yes. Agreed.

Karly  40:22  
But everybody's getting into it. Then it's easier. I am fighting something called a dyremite which basically looks like a giant scorpion. I don't like it. 

Sam  40:34  
Oh, yeah. Get used to a baby. There's more of them.

Karly  40:39  
Honestly, though, like, scorpions are one of the bugs that scare me the most.

Sam  40:46  
I have two things chasing after me. They're called trickster imp's. And they look they're terrible I hate them. Get away from me. Get away. Get away. Can I not? "Your actions canceled. You are under attack." No, I don't want to be.

Karly  41:05  
So random question for you, friend.

Sam  41:07  

Karly  41:08  
Now that you have your PC, I know you've looked around on Steam a little bit?

Sam  41:14  
Well, that's a whole story in of itself.

Karly  41:19  
Yeah. Are there any games that you would like to get? Other than like, a subscription to Final Fantasy?

Sam  41:30  
Phasmaphobia for sure.

Karly  41:32  
Yes, yes.

Sam  41:33  
I also just I'm mad that I played through all of My Time at Portia on my PlayStation and not my computer because the PC version has more quests has a whole final section that the PlayStation doesn't even have and I'm mad about it. Because I'm not going to replay that game. At least for a while. But the game is a lot.

Karly  41:54  
Yeah, it is for sure. I will say it's on sale right now on steam for $10. 

Sam  41:59  

Karly  42:01  
That's fair. I wouldn't really buy it either. Um, there's this new game that just came out that I really want to play. It's called Death's Door. 

Sam  42:12  

Karly  42:12  
It looks really fun. It's like an adventure game. I believe you play like a crow who collects souls and one escapes or goes missing or something in like, it's about like going to find it, I think? I read the description very briefly, like days ago, so that could be completely wrong. All I know, is it - Oh, I died. 

Sam  42:41  
No bitch.

Karly  42:41  
I wasn't even paying attention.

Sam  42:43  

Karly  42:44  
Bitch. I was not even paying attention. But yeah, it looks really fun. It looks kind of similarish to like Hades, which I haven't played. But I like really want to play it and it's only $20 so yeah. Also, I mean, I've played the Sims but I'm so thirsty for the cottage living pack.

Sam  43:09  
Have you bought it yet?

Karly  43:10  
No. Not yet. I haven't been able to pull the plug. Pull the plug. What? Is that the word? 

Sam  43:18  
Pull the plug? Yeah. 

Karly  43:19  
Pull the plug?

Sam  43:20  

Karly  43:21  
I don't think that's the right phrase for this situation.

Sam  43:25  
Yeah, pull the plug on buying it? Mmm. Jumped the gun?

Karly  43:30  
I don't know I just all of a sudden like forgot how words work. I short circuited for a second.

Sam  43:37  
That's fair. Oh, wait earlier - I know we're kind of coming up on time but earlier

Karly  43:42  
Take the plunge! 

Sam  43:43  
Oh, yeah. Yeah, there it is.

Karly  43:45  
There it is. We got there. 

Sam  43:46  
We got there in the end. So my job I talk all day right and I was literally interviewing a student and I was like getting towards the end and my voice literally like stopped working. Like, like my, I lost my voice for like a half hour and I was like, well, this isn't good. 

Karly  44:04  
God, rip. 

Sam  44:08  

Karly  44:09  
But no, I haven't gotten it yet. Origin does this thing where you can like bundle games you can do uh get an expansion pack, a game pack and a stuff Pack. There's like you get like a 28% discount or whatever. But with this new one, they gave like special items if you buy by like September 2 or something like that. So they're not letting anybody bundle and it irrationally annoyed me. So I haven't bought the game yet. Because in my head, I'm like, wait for the bundle because you can save money and get more content. But on the other hand, if you buy it before September 2, you get a bike with a flower basket and I want that. 

Sam  44:53  

Karly  44:54  
But like do I want that more than a deal? It's hard to be Karly. 

Sam  45:02  
Oh to be Karly. 

Karly  45:03  
So much inner turmoil over cottage core lesbian Sims.

Sam  45:09  
It be like that sometimes. Anywhoozle.

Karly  45:13  
Real quick before we go, this is our 20th episode.

Sam  45:17  
Yeah. Wowie.

Karly  45:20  
You sounded so sad. 

Sam  45:24  
I'm not, I'm just tired. 

Karly  45:27  
I mean, same, big same. 

Sam  45:31  
I just can't believe it.

Karly  45:32  
I know, I can't believe for 20 episodes in, and we haven't figured out how to promote this. 

Sam  45:37  
I know. 

Karly  45:41  
One day.

Sam  45:41  
Since it's literally part of my degree. 

Karly  45:44  
One day, we might get it done. 

Sam  45:47  
Well, maybe. 

Karly  45:49  
But either way, I'm having a lot of fun still. 

Sam  45:52  

Karly  45:53  
And now we get to play so many new games.

Sam  45:57  
I know. Do you know you're gonna play next week?

Karly  46:01  
I don't. I don't know. I still would like to maybe find something new.

Sam  46:08  
Oh, wait, we had that one game I put on my wish list. Remember it was free? 

Karly  46:12  
Oh, yes yes yes. 

Sam  46:13  
It was called like The Room or something? Maybe we'll play that.

Karly  46:16  
Sure. Sure. I have a five credit $5 credit on Steam and on switch. So like, I've been waiting for a good sale to entice me. So we'll see. But I also might just stick with Final Fantasy because I still got that trial.

Sam  46:34  

Karly  46:36  
What about you? 

Sam  46:36  
Play World of Warcraft with me. 

Karly  46:38  

Sam  46:39  
Why? For free.

Karly  46:42  
I just don't have any interest in World of Warcraft.

Sam  46:45  
It's the same thing as Final Fantasy.

Karly  46:48  
Yeah, but it's a different aesthetic. 

Sam  46:50  

Karly  46:51  
And plus now I know about blizzard. So. 

Sam  46:53  
Yeah okay. Fair enough. 

Karly  46:56  
And I cannot get sucked into two subscription base games. Like I refuse. 

Sam  47:01  
That's fair.

Karly  47:04  
But anyway, I'm so excited to go to bed.

Sam  47:09  
Dude, same but now I'm like in this fight so now I gotta do that first. And then I'm just gonna lay in bed and I'm so excited. 

Karly  47:16  
Amen. Well, good luck, bud.

Sam  47:19  

Karly  47:21  

Sam  47:22  

Sam  47:22  
[Music fades in] Hey, and thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. If you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutand play or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com. We'd love to hear from you. So feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello.

Karly  47:43  
And if you liked our podcast, please share it with your friends and leave us a review on Apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time. [Music fades out]