Hang Out and Play

It's been a few cursed years

August 27, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 21
Hang Out and Play
It's been a few cursed years
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Happy Friday, friends!

After weeks of tech issues and all kinds of setbacks, we're finally here with a new episode for y'all! It's a fun guest episode, too. Lexi is back! Hang out and play Katamari Damacy Reroll and Animal Crossing with us!

The 3 of us have been best friends for over 10 years, so we decided to play our version of the Newlywed Game and see how well we really know each other.

Games in this episode:
Katamari Damacy REROLL
 | Switch eshop link

"Nintendo Switch is ready to roll... Are you?

The stop-at-nothing pushing prince is back and ready to reroll! When the King of All Cosmos accidentally destroys all the stars in the sky, he orders you, his pint-sized princely son, to put the twinkle back in the heavens above. Join the King and Prince of Cosmos on their wacky adventure to restore the stars at home or on the go – now in full HD!

The beloved roll-em-up game returns with fully updated graphics, completely recreated cutscenes and in full HD!

Players can use the Joy-Cons­­™ to control the katamari using the gyro controls to turn and shake the Joy-Cons to perform the Prince Dash when in Tabletop mode. Players can also play on multiplayer mode with a friend by using the two Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch."

Animal Crossing New Horizons | Switch eshop link

"Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean. The time of day and season match real life, so each day on your island is a chance to check in and find new surprises all year round.

Show off your island utopia to family and friends—or pack your bags and visit theirs. Whether playing online* or with others beside you**, island living is even better when you can share it. Even without hopping on a flight, you’ll meet a cast of charming animal residents bursting with personality. Friendly faces like Tom Nook and Isabelle will lend their services and happily help you grow your budding community. Escape to your island getaway—however, whenever, and wherever you want."

Karly  0:00  
[Music fades in] Hey there, welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly.

Sam  0:07  
And I'm Sam. Grab a snack. Grab your controller and let's hang out and play. [music fades out]

Karly  0:26  
Hey, buddy.

Sam  0:28  
Hey, dude.

Lexi  0:30  

Karly  0:32  
*bored tone* Hey.

Lexi  0:33  

Karly  0:35  
Just kidding. 

Lexi  0:36  
Cool. You ever remember your friends hate you?

Sam  0:39  
I know. We talked about that on the way here Lexi, remember? 

Lexi  0:41  
Yeah. I remember all the time.

Karly  0:45  
So anyways, we're back. Finally.

Sam  0:49  
Oh, what a... what a past couple weeks it's been. 

Karly  0:52  
Yeah, we're recording in person sharing one mic. Sam, do you want to tell everybody? Why? 

Sam  0:58  
Um, yeah, so my microphone is broken. So that's been fun.

Karly  1:07  
It's real sad. We've recorded two episodes that we had to trash.

Sam  1:12  
Yep. Because we weren't sure if it was just if it was the microphone, or the software I was using. So there's a lot of like trial and error. The good news is that there's a warranty on my microphone. So I just have to like fill out the form and figure out how to like, you know, send it back so I can get it replaced or fixed or, or whatever the case may be. But yeah, it's been a sad couple weeks, my PC is broken. It won't turn on. So I'm just really shouldn't be allowed near any technology.

Lexi  1:45  

Karly  1:46  
Yeah, it has been a cursed few weeks for you. 

Sam  1:50  
*laughing* It's been a few cursed years.

Karly  1:53  
Same, same. It's it's just real sad, though. We had a few really good episodes that we were excited to put out, including one with Abe. He came back on and we had a really fun episode all about like tarot cards. And I feel like we had like a really interesting conversation about like that, and like, like big life changes and stuff, and no one will ever hear it. And that's really sad. And then Sam and I were talking about it in the episode that we recorded to replace that one about how it's such a bummer, because you can talk about the same topic again, but you can never replicate a conversation like that's just gone. And then we lost that one, too. So here we are. 

Sam  2:43  
So here we are. Just starting fresh. We got a new guest on our show. 

Lexi  2:50  

Sam  2:51  
Well. Yanno.

Karly  2:53  
Another guest. 

Sam  2:54  
Another guest. 

Karly  2:55  
Another guest episode, Lexi how have you been?

Lexi  2:59  
Um, you know, I've been okay. Um, my life stays pretty much the same. I go to work. And then I come home, and then I go to work again. So you know, it's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. 

Karly  3:18  
Okay. Fair enough.

Lexi  3:20  
I don't have any fun new life updates to share. I've been playing a lot of video games. 

Sam  3:25  
You love to see it. You just bought a new video game. 

Lexi  3:27  
I did today. And before that I was playing Child of Light, which I'm still playing. It's very, very fun. It's pretty different. It's turn based combat, which is not something I'm used to so it's taking a long time to figure out how to play that but. 

Karly  3:44  

Lexi  3:44  
It is. It is fun. I like I like the artwork and I don't know, it's it's not voice acted. But the the dialogue. You read it, obviously. But it's all written in rhyming couplets. So that's kind of fun.

Karly  3:58  
That in fun. And then what games did you get today?

Lexi  4:01  
Today, I bought Road 96, which I saw on a whim on the switch, Nintendo shop and looked really interesting. I played like 15 minutes of the demo and decided that I wanted to buy it.

Karly  4:15  
Nice. I've seen that one it's been popping up on TikTok. I follow a bunch of accounts that will like show like upcoming cozy games and stuff because it's like my favorite kind of game to play. 

Lexi  4:29  
I follow a wholesome game account too. 

Karly  4:31  
Nice this game coming out, have you seen it? It's called Lake? 

Lexi  4:37  

Karly  4:38  
Mhmm. I don't know if it's gonna be on switch. I know it's gonna be on Steam. But I'm like 97% sure that like the game is you're like a like a postal worker. So you're delivering mail in like a small town and like exploring and like learning about everybody.

Lexi  4:55  
That sounds really fun. There's a game coming out. It's either called Packing or Packing A Life that I really, really want to buy when it comes out. Similar kind of concept. It's like a puzzle based game where you are in, you know, different rooms and you're unpacking like boxes, but the, the rooms change and it like spans years and you're basically packing up and unpacking someone's life as they go to like college or as they move into an apartment or as they move into a house. And so you can like, see, like, what sort of like life changes have been made along the way, like, you know, oh, like this time two toothbrushes came, you know, just like little things like that and like learn about the person's life based on their, their belongings. 

Karly  5:34  
That could be really interesting.

Lexi  5:35  
And then it's like a puzzle game to like, unpack things and put them away in the room which just seems really fun. 

Karly  5:40  
Yeah. That seems really interesting. There was just like that indie direct. 

Lexi  5:45  

Karly  5:45  
For the switch.

Lexi  5:46  
There's so many games on that that I want.

Karly  5:48  
Yeah, I really want to play Eastward, I read an article about it. My brother actually sent it to me and it kind of said it was like a, like a mash up of Zelda, I think it was, and The Last of Us. So there's like two characters that you play in and you do, like, you go on adventures, and I don't even know what all but it looks really cool. And I liked the art styles its like, like pixel graphics, sort of, but just really pretty. That looks really fun.

Lexi  6:17  
There's a game on that indie direct called Toem, that I really want to play. It's all black and white. The art style is like really cartoony looking black and white. But the the plot of the game is that you go around taking pictures for people and like completing quests by taking pictures.

Karly  6:34  
That's cool. 

Lexi  6:35  
Yeah, it seems really really cute. 

Karly  6:37  
There's a game on Steam. It's not a new game. I think it's been around for quite a while. It's called Eastshade and you're like a traveling painter. There's no combat in the game you basically go to like this town I guess and do like I think you do like commissions for people and like you get to like learn all about like the people who live there and like, uncover like this whole story, but you do so by like traveling around and painting. 

Lexi  7:07  
That sounds fun. 

Karly  7:08  
Yeah, it's supposed to be like a really relaxing and really pretty game. There was another game on the indie direct I can't think of what it was. 

Lexi  7:17  
Was it Islander or Islands? Because that's on my wish list.

Karly  7:21  
Islanders is this one of them and that game is only like $5. 

Lexi  7:24  

Karly  7:24  
Which I'm excited about. But there was another one that I saved and I can't think of.

Lexi  7:31  
I saved there's the like the farming one? I can't remember what it's called. I saved, it's a farming something and then I also saved Boyfriend Dungeon from that one because right up my alley. Seems like a mix of dream daddy and Hades which - 

Karly  7:49  
Garden Story. 

Lexi  7:50  
Garden Story, that's the one. I also have Haven Park on my wish list that looks really cute. A couple other things my wish list but I can't remember what.

Karly  8:01  
But uh, so I looked it up on my wish list to see could I find it and this is what it says about Garden Story, I'm not gonna read the whole thing because it's really long but "Concord, the youngest grape in the grove is now a guardian and it's their job to help restore the island." And that line alone sold me, like that's enough that sounds so freaking cute. I need it. 

Lexi  8:24  
I would also like to play as a farming grape. Yes. My life is wildly out of control. I would like to embody this grape, thank you. *laughing*

Karly  8:33  
I've actually had Garden Story on my my wish list for I think it's on Steam as well. But I've had it for quite a while. There was like this one day when I went through on Steam and just like googling, trying to find like new cozy games to play and none of them were out yet. Like none of them. I saved like 20 games, and most of them are still just pending release on Steam. 

Lexi  8:59  
That's frustrating. 

Karly  9:00  
But Garden Story is one of them so I'm really excited that it's finally out. This is the last game I'll mention. It's not it's not on switch yet. I don't know if it's coming out on switch but there's a game called Bear and Breakfast for you please bear in the woods doing like a b&b. 

Lexi  9:18  
Oh my god. 

Karly  9:19  
I'm so desperate to play that game.

Sam  9:21  
I think you sent that to me through a tiktok but also I'm playing Animal Crossing and I just got Pascal and boy have I missed Pascal. 

Karly  9:30  
Aww, I'm also playing Animal Crossing. Lexi what are you playing?

Lexi  9:34  
I am playing Katamari. Specifically Katamari Damacy, damashii? Damacy? I don't know how to say that word, but the one for switch that I have already beat, but I just go back and play it because it's a comfort game.

Sam  9:46  
Pascal is laying some wisdom on us are you guys ready for his wisdom? 

Karly  9:50  

Sam  9:51  
"Don't let tomatoes confuse you. Are they a fruit or are they a vegetable? Doesn't matter. Just let it go, man."

Lexi  9:57  
Por que no los dos, Pascal. 

Sam  10:00  
Stick that in your skillet and let it simmer. Gosh, I love this this stoned otter.

Karly  10:06  
Same. But Lexi, you should explain what Katamari is for anybody who hasn't heard of it. 

Lexi  10:13  
Um, so Katamari is this real, real weird little game. I feel like it has sort of like a cult following, like people who know about it, KNOW about it. But basically, you play as this little character. And you have this, like, I don't know, maybe it's like magnetic or something ball that you start with. And then you have challenges where you have to, like, go around an area, and like, suck things up, or like add things to this little ball by rolling over top of them. And to make like the size grow and grow and grow and grow. And so like, right now, the level I'm playing my little like, starting point, it started out as 50 centimeters. And the goal is to get it to be 30 meters. And so I'm just like, rolling around, this like village to, like, you know, add things to my little collection. And so I started out by adding things like bananas, and like boots, and I just rolled up boats. So that's where I'm at currently. And you just like, keep going and making it bigger and bigger. And like, as you get bigger, like you can suck up bigger items. And so like, exponentially grows. It's really silly. The soundtrack is real weird. It's real on the verge for me, but I don't know, part of the charm.

Karly  11:31  
I mean, sometimes it's just nice to have a game that like no thoughts had empty you can just play completely zone out. 

Lexi  11:37  
Yeah. And like there's just no consequences, which is nice.

Karly  11:41  
Yeah, like I love Zelda but I can't always play Zelda, because you have to, like, fight and do puzzles and.

Lexi  11:49  
Yeah, like I said, I already beat this one. But I keep going back to the levels because like, it doesn't have like a ton of replayability but it gives you like the the goal is 30 meters, but like then you could try to go back and like, you know, can I get it bigger than that? Or can I you know, beat my last record or whatever. So you could like keep replaying it's to try and like better your scores, but it's just silly. I just rolled up a cow and a whole bunch of calves. And a sumo wrestler. Nice. 

Karly  12:15  
Wow. Um, Sam. 

Sam  12:19  

Karly  12:20  
I know that you don't play Animal Crossing very often anymore. So currently, I'm time traveling. And I'm going to go to a Sunday so that you can come over to my island and get some stuff for your carnival.

Sam  12:36  
Oh, yay. I'm currently picking out my outfit because I like to change my outfit every time that I'm that I log in, you know, new outfit, new day, or new daily outfit. 

Lexi  12:46  
Right, like a normal Animal Crossing player. 

Sam  12:47  
Yeah. So I'm just - what's super summery? What do I want to wear? 

Karly  12:53  
Dress for the summer firework festival. 

Sam  12:54  
I don't know how to dress for that. Well, maybe this okay.

Karly  13:02  
But we're playing these games because we wanted something we didn't have to super focus on because Sam and Lexi came up with an idea for this episode on their drive over. Do you either of you want to explain it since it was you guys' idea?

Sam  13:15  
Sure. So basically, we had the idea of coming up with questions and answering them for each other. So like...

Karly  13:26  
Basically the Newlywed Game. 

Sam  13:28  

Karly  13:28  
But friendship version.

Sam  13:29  
Exactly. Exactly. So we felt like that could be fun. Like how well do we know each other? How do we you know how well do we know ourselves? Because I really had to think about some of these questions about what my answer would be.

Karly  13:41  
Yeah. Okay. I'm going to run and open my gate. You can come over whenever Sam just bring like have room in your pockets. 

Sam  13:51  

Karly  13:51  
And bring bells. Just like basically buy raffle tickets.

Sam  13:55  
I have 30,000 bells. Is that enough?

Karly  13:58  
It should be it's 500 a ticket. So yeah. 

Sam  14:01  
Okay. Cool. Let me see. All right. I'm gonna go sell some stuff. I just got changed into a really cute outfit.

Karly  14:12  
Can't wait to see you. 

Lexi  14:15  
Just rollin up some oxen.

Sam  14:17  
Just Judy in her sushi outfit. Some things really never change. 

Karly  14:21  
It's true. 

Lexi  14:22  
It's nice to have things to rely on. 

Sam  14:24  
Honestly. I love that she loves it so much. I've given her crowns I've given her cute dresses. Nope, only sushi outfit. 

Lexi  14:39  
She likes what she likes.

Karly  14:41  
I love that for her. Okay, my gates are open. 

Sam  14:44  
Okay. Oh, I need to catch a hammerhead shark that's on my thing. Okay, let me - 

Lexi  14:49  
How am I not big enough to roll up trees yet? I'm rolling up freakin trucks. I just rolled up an entire log cabin and you're telling me I can't have one tree? A light post, but not one tree?

Karly  15:03  
Absolutely not.

Sam  15:03  

Lexi  15:04  
Oh, there we go. Got it got the trees. I got the trees. Ooo, there's an elephant.

Sam  15:08  
So who wants to go first? 

Karly  15:11  
Not it. 

Lexi  15:12  
I'll go first. 

Sam  15:13  
So though. Okay, so we're guessing? 

Lexi  15:15  
I'll answer for Karly. 

Sam  15:16  
Oh, okay. 

Karly  15:17  

Lexi  15:19  
Unless that's not what you meant by not it, Karly. 

Sam  15:20  
Yeah, no.

Karly  15:21  
No, that's fine. 

Lexi  15:22  

Karly  15:23  
Um, okay, so we have 15 questions. Sam, would you like to moderate? We can take turns moderating and asking the questions?

Sam  15:32  
Yeah, sure. Okay. 

Lexi  15:32  
I just I can't moderate because I can't look away from my screen.

Sam  15:36  

Karly  15:36  
Okay. That's fine. 

Sam  15:38  

Lexi  15:39  
You can have the joy of moderation. 

Sam  15:40  
Okay. I don't know. I don't know her *laughing*. Okay, so the first question is, what is Karly's favorite food?

Lexi  15:52  
Um, so Karly does not enjoy food does not enjoy eating. But my gut instinct tells me that Karly's favorite food is any form of potato. Probably mashed potatoes would be the top pick there.

Karly  16:07  
Close. I think I think my favorite would be baked potato. 

Lexi  16:11  
Okay, okay. 

Karly  16:11  
But I do love a good mashed potato. So like, I count that. 

Lexi  16:16  

Karly  16:18  
We should keep score. 

Lexi  16:19  

Karly  16:19  
See who wins.

Lexi  16:21  
Okay, one point for Lexi. 

Sam  16:26  
Oh, gosh, I have cockroaches. Yikes. Okay, second question. Oh, can you scroll up a little bit? 

Karly  16:33  
Oh, sorry. 

Sam  16:33  
That's okay, what is Karly's favorite color? 

Lexi  16:37  
Karly's favorite color is yellow.

Karly  16:41  
Yeah. It changes all the time. 

Lexi  16:43  
It's either yellow or like a tealy light blue. 

Karly  16:46  

Lexi  16:47  
No? Oh. 

Karly  16:48  
It would either be yellow or like 

Lexi  16:49  
A mint green.

Karly  16:50  
Mhmm. Yes. As perfectly obvious by my room. 

Lexi  16:55  

Karly  16:55  
It's everywhere. I also really love baby pink. 

Lexi  16:58  

Karly  16:59  
But yeah, yellow. I'm a hoe for yellow right now.

Sam  17:03  
Okay, third question. If Karly could only listen to one artist, who would it be?

Lexi  17:09  
I think I proposed this question and it was really bad idea cause I don't know. Um, Karly goes through like phases with music. So like sometimes she'll listen to music a lot and she'll listen to like one thing really steadily. I'm looking at you What's Going On by Korean pop group B1A4. 

Karly  17:31  

Lexi  17:32  
Um, but I don't know. I honestly don't know. I know. Like Karly like really likes dodie but I don't know if that would be your pick for like one artist forever.

Karly  17:44  
I mean, it my answer for that would change like, every couple months probably. 

Lexi  17:51  
That's fair.

Karly  17:51  
So you can just

Lexi  17:53  
My answer would be Dodie. 

Karly  17:54  
No. It would probably do you know, Sam? I feel like you know.

Sam  17:59  
My guess would be if the maine or AJR were my two guesses.

Karly  18:06  
I think right now I would pick the maine. 

Sam  18:08  

Lexi  18:09  
I always forget about the maine because I don't really like the maine and I know you guys really do like the maine but I always I always forget about that.

Karly  18:16  
Yeah. Okay, so your scores two for now. Still doing pretty good. 

Sam  18:23  
Sorry, boo boos texting me. *laughing*

Karly  18:26  
What does she want?

Sam  18:27  
She asked if we're recording cause you're not answering her. Okay. Why would Karly do or what would be the first thing Karly would do if she won the lottery?

Lexi  18:39  
Um, the first thing I feel like, I don't know. I feel like if Karly won the lottery, she would probably buy a house. But I also feel like if Karly won the lottery, she would give a lot of it away. She would donate a lot to charity. Probably a lot of like social justice charities and animal rescues. But I feel like the first thing she would do would be buy a house.

Karly  19:03  
Yeah. Yeah, that's accurate. 

Sam  19:06  
Um, okay, what's Karly's favorite Disney Parks thing?

Lexi  19:13  
So I think Karly's favorite Disney park is Epcot. And I want to say that her favorite Disney park thing would be like one of the Epcot festivals like food and wine or Flower and Garden but I'm leaning more towards Flower and Garden because that has a Karly vibe to it. Pastels and spring and flowers.

Karly  19:32  

Sam  19:34  
Lexi really shouldn't have gone first because I don't think anyone's gonna do as well. 

Karly  19:41  
I mean, I honestly if I had to pick a favorite oark, it probably wouldn't be Epcot. But I think my favorite 

Lexi  19:48  
Is it magic kingdom? 

Karly  19:49  
Yeah, yeah. But I think my favorite, my favorite Disney Parks thing is Flower and Garden. So like you were still right.

Sam  19:57  
Okay, what is Karly's dream vacation?

Lexi  20:02  
I think going to Tokyo.

Sam  20:05  
You can't see it. But Karly's just nodding her head.

Karly  20:07  
Sorry I'm taking a drink.

Sam  20:08  
No, it's okay.

Karly  20:10  
It's tied. Do you know what it's tied for? 

Lexi  20:14  
Tokyo and Ireland?

Karly  20:17  

Lexi  20:18  
I don't know what the other one is. 

Karly  20:19  
Think Amazing Race. 

Lexi  20:22  

Karly  20:23  
Yeah, I really want to see the pyramids. 

Lexi  20:26  
Yeah. We've also talked about like wanting to go to Morocco before so. 

Karly  20:30  
Ugh yes.

Sam  20:32  
Real quick, though. Samly Game strong because we're wearing the same dress but different colors *laughing* 

Karly  20:37  
Oh my god we are. 

Sam  20:41  
That's truly amazing. 

Karly  20:44  
We love to see it. 

Sam  20:45  
You really love to see it. Okay, sorry. Um. 

Karly  20:48  
Did I mark down the point for that one? 

Sam  20:50  
No, you didn't.

Karly  20:50  

Lexi  20:53  
Cheating me out of my point. 

Karly  20:54  
Okay, I'm fixing it relax. Okay, so we're on number seven.

Sam  21:00  
What is Karly's favorite video game?

Lexi  21:04  
That I don't 

Karly  21:04  
You know it, go with your gut.

Lexi  21:08  
My gut is like in two drastically different directions. My first instinct is Animal Crossing. But also The Last Of Us came to mind as well.

Karly  21:22  
No, both are wrong. 

Lexi  21:23  

Sam  21:23  
What was the first one you said? I missed it.

Lexi  21:25  
Animal crossing. 

Sam  21:25  
Oh. Okay. 

Lexi  21:26  
Because when I had never heard of Animal Crossing, Karly really knew Animal Crossing and I was like, Oh, you're gonna love Animal Crossing when it comes out. Toontown.

Karly  21:36  
No, it's the Sims.

Lexi  21:38  
Oh, duh. That, yeah, that makes sense. That's silly. I didn't even think about that.

Sam  21:43  
I didn't think of that at first either. My gut was Animal Crossing. So. Oh my god. I didn't know you had Shep. 

Karly  21:50  

Sam  21:51  
Oh, my God. 

Lexi  21:54  
Ooo, y'all l beat my record on Katamari. 

Karly  21:56  
Yes, bitch.

Lexi  21:58  

Sam  22:00  
Okay, so next question, because we established that your favorite video game was Sims. What is Karly's favorite movie?

Lexi  22:10  
So again, I have like a couple choices. I don't know if either of them are right. But my first very first gut instinct is Jurassic Park. I don't know that that's right. But I know Karly really loves Jurassic Park a whole bunch. I know Karly as a kid really loved Back to the Future. I don't know if that's still the favorite. But my other guest was Signs because Karly and I have talked about loving Signs a whole bunch throughout our friendship.

Karly  22:37  
You know, I don't really like movies. They're not my fave. So that was that's a hard question for me. But you truly did just name all of my favorite movies. Like I don't know which one is up there as my favorite and probably Jurassic Park. 

Lexi  22:53  
Nice. That that was the first one that I thought of, so. 

Karly  22:56  
There's one other favorite movie that is, that I don't watch a lot because like nobody else has ever seen it. 

Lexi  23:04  
Oh, I was gonna say Hocus Pocus, but.

Karly  23:06  
Unhn uh. Do you know what it is? We used to talk about it? It has Ashton Kutcher in it.

Lexi  23:12  
The butterfly effect? 

Karly  23:13  
Yes, bitch.

Lexi  23:14  
I've seen it. 

Sam  23:14  
I've never seen it.

Lexi  23:17  
I think I saw it in movie theaters. 

Karly  23:19  
It's depressing as all hell so is anybody surprised that I love it?

Sam  23:22  
I mean, I stopped watching it in the first few minutes

Lexi  23:24  
Does he end up in a wheelchair?

Karly  23:28  
I think he might be for like, ten minutes. 

Lexi  23:30  
One of the variations? Yeah. 

Karly  23:33  
Yeah, he gets like injured.

Sam  23:36  
I I watched the part in the very beginning like a dog dies or something like that. And I could not watch it. I was like, no, not worth it. No, thank you. 

Karly  23:45  
For what it's worth. The dog does not stay dead.

Lexi  23:48  
I remember really liking it but I have not seen it in years.

Karly  23:52  

Sam  23:53  
I'm gonna go home if you want to yeet me. 

Karly  23:55  

Sam  23:55  
I got some stuff. 

Karly  23:57  
Cool cool cool.

Sam  23:57  
Um What is Karly's favorite thing about herself?

Karly  24:01  
Good luck *laughing*

Lexi  24:05  
Yeah, like that's not fair. Um I don't know how to answer this, Karly is not ever like nice to herself. Rich coming from me I get it I'm gonna get it when it's my turn too but like I don't know if this was would be Karly's favorite thing about herself. But it's one of my favorite things about Karly. So we're gonna go with that is that Karly is really, really, really passionate about things that she cares about. She will fight to the death for what she cares about. And I admire that a lot about Karly. So I don't know if that's something that she would pick for herself, but it's what I would pick,

Karly  24:46  
I mean, I wasn't gonna say it as nicely as that but I was I was gonna say that I I care about other people a lot, so that counts.

Sam  24:53  
There you go. Point. 

Lexi  24:56  
Okay, cool.

Karly  24:57  
Also, I love you.

Lexi  24:58  
I love you too.

Sam  25:00  
What would be what is Karly's most used emoji? And I don't know if we want to do like, what it actually is, like, on someone's phone, or like, what they use the most. Like. 

Lexi  25:12  
I'm gonna go with what she uses the most. 

Sam  25:14  

Lexi  25:14  
Because one of them is an emoji. And it is the yellow heart emoji. But the other one is. So if people aren't familiar with line, we use line, which is like a messaging app. It's sort of like WhatsApp, or there's a couple of other variations of the same kind of thing. But we use line to talk and Karly has these stickers that are seals on line. And she, versus ever, like typing out words will use seals. And so like, I've just equated these seals with all of her emotions. There's the one that sad that looks at his laptop, that means I miss you. And there's the one that's like clapping with like little colorful stars next to it, which is excitement. So yeah, the the language of the seal stickers.

Karly  25:56  
I mean, you're not wrong. Line has a million different like sticker sets, and I have exclusively used the seals and nothing else for like, seven years. 

Lexi  26:05  

Karly  26:07  

Lexi  26:07  

Karly  26:08  
Um, if there was an emoji, though, that I use more than the yellow heart, it's the cry laughing one. I use that one a lot. There. But yeah.

Sam  26:18  
What - I don't know this answer. Well, I don't think, okay, what city was Karly born in?

Lexi  26:28  
Um, you know, when we started talking about this list of questions, I, for the life of me cannot remember the name. At one point, oh you know, it literally just came to me and I don't think it's I don't think it's the one where you were born. But at some point, Karly lived in a town called Williamsport in Pennsylvania. 

Karly  26:46  
That's right. 

Lexi  26:47  
Is that where you were born?

Karly  26:48  
Uh huh.

Sam  26:48  

Lexi  26:49  
Oh, nice.

Karly  26:52  
You're probably the only one who's gonna get that point. For the record. 

Lexi  26:55  
Nice. Well, I am the winner of this game. Because I care about my friends. 

Karly  27:00  
I proposed that question and I realize, I don't know for either of you.

Lexi  27:07  
I don't know Sams. *laughing*

Karly  27:11  
But anyway, you got a point.

Lexi  27:12  

Karly  27:14  
Number 12. 

Sam  27:16  
Um, okay, if Karly could have dinner with anyone dead or alive? Who would it be?

Lexi  27:21  
Um, honestly, I don't know the answer to this one. I know Karly has like a lot of people that she really looks up to, or like that, like her favorite, like famous people, I guess. Because I was like, assume that this is like a famous person not like, I don't know. I always assume it's like a famous person. Um, so I want to say Aaron Paul.

Karly  27:46  
Yeah, probably. Well. See, here's the problem. I really do love Aaron Paul. But God Almighty does sometimes he drives me crazy. Because he's such like a privileged, white dude. 

Lexi  28:04  
Is he? 

Karly  28:05  
Yeah, I mean.

Lexi  28:07  
I obviously don't follow him anywhere to like, see what he posts. 

Karly  28:09  
I think he's better than most. But he's still just like, ehh. 

Lexi  28:17  

Karly  28:18  
Um, so if we're talking just like, famous, it would probably be him. You know, like five years ago, I would have like a whole list of people that I really wanted to meet. But I have sense like, eat the rich. Celebrities just piss me off now. So honestly, like, if I can have dinner with anybody, it would probably be like, some of my favorite streamers because they just seem really fun. 

Lexi  28:44  
That's fair. 

Karly  28:45  
So maybe I watch this streame her name is Sasha. I think her her username is vixella. She plays a lot of sims. She's just really hysterical. I want to hang out with her. I want to play video games with her.

Lexi  28:58  
Nice. That's a good answer. 

Sam  29:02  
Um, okay, sorry. I got wrapped up in Animal Crossing. Um, what is Karly most likely to get arrested for?

Lexi  29:18  
I can't imagine a scenario where Karly would get arrested because she would be too nervous to do anything that would ever like get her arrested. But I can see her at like a like, political rally or like an activism rally. And like getting arrested for a cause makes a lot of sense for Karly.

Karly  29:37  
Yeah, yeah, I think I'm too scared to commit like a crime just for like crime sake. But my mom and I always joke that like she's lucky that I'm disabled and cannot drive myself because I would be going to like protests and shit. And I would absolutely get wrapped up in like, and also because I'm really shy and reserved until I'm angry. 

Lexi  30:02  
I can see Karly like screaming in a cop's face. 

Karly  30:04  
I would mouth off at the wrong time. Not for myself, but I can defend somebody else.

Lexi  30:11  
Yeah, absolutely. 

Sam  30:13  
Okay, what is Karly's favorite social media app?

Lexi  30:16  
I think Instagram. Not that she posts a lot, but I think she spends a lot of time on Instagram and like looking at Instagram, or tiktok?

Karly  30:27  
Nope, it's Twitter.

Lexi  30:30  
You're just very quiet on Twitter a lot. So I never know like how much time you spend on Twitter. 

Karly  30:34  
I feel like I'm so obnoxious on Twitter.

Lexi  30:37  
I feel like I go like days without seeing any tweets from you.

Karly  30:41  
I think 

Sam  30:42  
Fake fan.

Lexi  30:44  
Okay, we all know of the group of us. I'm the one that catches up entirely on my twitter timeline.

Karly  30:48  
Does Lexi have me muted? *laughing*

Lexi  30:53  
No! Don't, you retweeted something today and I saw it but I felt like it was the first time I'd seen your name on my timeline in a while.

Karly  30:58  
I think I'm just like hypersensitive to like my own tweets. Like I constantly feel like I tweet too much. So like, I'll go to tweet a million times and then they're just all in my drafts because I'm like, I can't tweet again. People are gonna hate me. But yeah, it's Twitter. I spend the most time on Twitter. I actually like interact with people on Twitter. 

Lexi  31:19  
JK way wrong there.

Sam  31:21  
And then last but not least, what is Karly's favorite shaarmli memory?

Karly  31:27  
Shaarmli is us, by the way. 

Sam  31:29  
Oh, yeah.

Lexi  31:31  
I don't know. I mean, it's really, really hard to determine for someone else. I feel like we've talked about enough that I should know. But I, I don't, I'm, I'm gonna go with the week, we all spent together the first time we were all together. And in general, we spent a whole lot of time making Smashbooks which if you're not familiar, like freeform scrapbooks, where you just like glue a whole bunch of crap down to a page and keep going making the book out of it. So I'm gonna say making smash books together.

Karly  32:11  
Um, you're close. It was shaarmli week. 

Sam  32:15  
Was it the week we surprised you? 

Lexi  32:18  

Karly  32:19  

Sam  32:19  

Lexi  32:19  
Shaarmli week. 

Karly  32:20  
I mean, I really,

Sam  32:20  
No, I know. But I just meant if that was her answer, the one that we surprised her.

Karly  32:25  
Although that was really, that was really great. Um, I honestly think it would maybe be when we went to Epcot. Because it was my first time going to Disney World, first of all, so like, I was really excited about that. But it was like the first time we all get to go together. And that day just was one of the best days we've ever had at Disney. Like, together. Everything worked out perfectly that day, which, you know, with Disney in Florida. It's a real gamble. Especially like it was like August. So like the weather is real hit or miss here. And like, everything just went really well. 

Lexi  33:05  

Karly  33:05  
It was like a. I don't know. It felt like a core memory.

Lexi  33:09  
Yeah, yeah, that's fair. That day was really, really great. Lots of good things happen that day. Not not to forget or not at least, I don't know what I'm trying to say. Don't forget how important umbrella man is.

Karly  33:25  

Sam  33:26  
Oh, umbrella, man. I hope he's doing well.

Karly  33:29  
So you got 10 out of 15 right. 

Lexi  33:31  

Karly  33:32  
That's pretty good. 

Sam  33:32  
That's pretty good. 

Karly  33:34  
Okay, so Sam, do you want to go next?

Sam  33:37  
Yeah, so I'd be guessing for Lexi? Yes.

Lexi  33:40  

Karly  33:41  
Okay. So I will moderate this one.

Sam  33:45  
I'm just gonna do really really poorly. I couldn't even tell you what year Lexi was born in the car. I had to second guess her age.

Karly  33:53  
Alright, so what number one what is Lexi's favorite food? *laughing* Panic already.

Sam  34:01  
I know. And we live together like that's the that's the scary thing to me. *laughing* Can I phone a friend? 

Karly  34:12  
Well that would be me and I don't know. 

Sam  34:14  
Well that makes me feel a little bit better. Um,

Lexi  34:18  

Karly  34:18  
Actually, I have a guess.

Sam  34:19  
I know what she does. I know. She doesn't like chicken, that I do know.

Sam  34:19  
It's not that I don't like chicken. It's just that I would never pick chicken to eat.

Sam  34:27  
Yeah, so she doesn't like it. I don't know, Indian food?

Karly  34:33  
Can I do my guess? 

Sam  34:34  

Karly  34:35  

Sam  34:36  
Jeremias. *laughing* 

Lexi  34:43  
Um, no. 

Sam  34:45  
Okay. All right. I don't know.

Lexi  34:47  
I mean, I don't know. I guess it really depends on what we're thinking is like food. Because honestly, my favorite thing that you consume is coffee. But I don't know. I don't know that that would count as food. 

Sam  35:01  

Lexi  35:01  
My favorite food is chocolate. 

Karly  35:03  

Sam  35:03  
Okay. All right.

Lexi  35:05  
Which feels like it should have been very obvious. 

Karly  35:07  

Sam  35:07  
I was just thinking my brain was going towards like favorite meal I guess or like favorite. 

Lexi  35:11  
I mean you're not wrong. I do love Indian foods so much, but. 

Karly  35:16  
This one is going to be the easiest point ever. 

Sam  35:20  

Karly  35:21  
Number 2. What is Lexi's favorite color?

Sam  35:22  

Lexi  35:23  

Sam  35:24  
It's the only one I'm gonna get right so let's celebrate that for a second. 

Lexi  35:27  
But like a very specific shade of lavender. I feel like lavender can go a lot of ways and I like my lavender to be more on the blue side than on the pink side.

Sam  35:34  
Okay. Oh my gosh, Marina on my island is singing a song about apples.

Karly  35:40  

Sam  35:40  
Okay, yep.

Karly  35:41  
If Lexi could only listen to one artist who would it be?

Sam  35:45  
Okay, here's the thing about Lexi, she hyper fixates especially when it comes to artists and music. Right now in this moment, she is currently listening and obsessing over the guy from sigor, sigor ros? 

Lexi  36:02  
Sigor Ros, yeah. 

Sam  36:04  
Before it was oh my god, what's his name? Um something at last and he did the the whole like 

Sam  36:14  
Sleeping at last 

Sam  36:14  
Sleeping at last. Yeah. So I don't know if either one of those would be only like any artists that she would listen to for forever but that was her current her current fave is that guy.

Lexi  36:28  
Yeah, you're right you're right. I have been listening to him nonstop for like three weeks I cannot stop I never listen to Sigor Ros but his solo stuff is really really great I am enjoying it immensely um but I honestly I don't know this this questions so hard because I do just like hyper fixate on music I don't have like a one that I would listen to forever and ever and ever and ever. Couple answers came to mind potentially... no. I honestly I think it would be The Band Camino if I had to pick right now like gun to my head I'd pick The Band Camino. 

Sam  37:02  

Lexi  37:03  
I love their music so so so very much it always does me right so I think The Band Camino. 

Karly  37:12  

Sam  37:13  
I love that.

Karly  37:14  
What would like to do if she won the lottery? 

Sam  37:18  
Hoard it. *laughing* Save it all. Um, my go to instinct is to also buy a house. But also sometimes she says that she's doesn't feel like she's ready to buy a house so I don't know but I feel like she would buy a house.

Lexi  37:34  
Yeah, I would. I would buy a house for sure. I'm also one of those people like if I ever won the lottery you would never know I won the lottery you would know and like little ways, but I would never tell anyone that I won the lottery. Feels like a bad omen. 

Sam  37:45  

Lexi  37:45  
Um, but yeah, I would buy a house and then you're right. I would I would save a whole bunch of it. And I would probably like, go on on like a fun vacation.

Karly  37:54  
Oh, sorry. I'm supposed to be reading the questions. 

Sam  37:55  
That's okay. 

Karly  37:58  
What is Lexi's favorite Disney park thing? 

Sam  38:00  
Space Mountain. 

Lexi  38:03  
Um, honestly, I think it's changed.

Sam  38:06  
What?! *laughing* Okay, what is it now? Cuz that was my only guess. 

Lexi  38:12  
Yeah, I mean, space mountain, yeah, space mountains still really really really up there.

Karly  38:17  
I would've guess the thing at Animal Kingdom.

Lexi  38:19  
The Festival of The Lion King also really really up there Jungle Cruise -really really really up there. I don't know. Space mountain. Yeah, you can have it, space mountain is fair. I don't know I like too many things at Disney.

Karly  38:32  
I was gonna guess the thing with the flags at animal kingdom.

Lexi  38:38  
The Maharaja track animal kingdom that like four people know what that is.

Karly  38:42  

Lexi  38:42  
Yeah. Yeah, I do love that a whole lot. Just the whole Asia section of animal kingdom.

Karly  38:47  
What is Lexi's dream vacation? 

Sam  38:50  
Um, there's a couple that really that I think of when I think of Lexi. Um also a trip to Japan. But then also, and I don't know the name of it, but it's the the place with like the - that avatar was based off. Right? 

Lexi  39:12  
Yeah, the the Forest Park in China. 

Sam  39:14  

Lexi  39:15  
The floating mountains. 

Sam  39:16  

Lexi  39:16  
Not not like airbender avatar, blue people avatar, but yeah, it's fine. We don't talk about that part. It's okay. But it's really cool. Mountains and China in general. So yeah, you can have a point.

Sam  39:27  
Yeah. Look at me go.

Karly  39:29  
I would've guessed Angkor Wat. 

Lexi  39:30  
Angkor Wat is up there. But China, China is number one.

Karly  39:33  
Okay. What is Lexi's favorite video game?

Sam  39:39  
Uhh.. Toontown. *laughing*

Lexi  39:42  
Certainly the video game I played the longest. Yes. Um, I don't. I don't know if that's a really hard question. I don't think I have one. 

Karly  39:51  

Lexi  39:55  
I guess it's like the hyper fixation thing again, like it would change depending on what I'm playing like for a long time it was Katamari because it's all I thought about and all I wanted to do and all I wanted to play and no other game matched up but, you know, for a long time it was Animal Crossing for a long time it was Toontown. I go through Sims phases, just like everyone else does, but I don't know that I have like a favorite favorite. 

Sam  40:18  
That's fair. 

Lexi  40:19  
Sorry, trick question. You can have a point if you would like. 

Sam  40:22  

Lexi  40:22  
I feel bad.

Karly  40:23  
I'll give it to ya. Cause for a while you really like all you were doing was Toontown so it counts. What is Lexi's favorite movie? 

Sam  40:33  

Lexi  40:38  
Again, fair, because I'm really bad at picking favorites. I'm sitting here like, what's my answer going to be?

Sam  40:46  
I don't know. Honestly, like my brains doing that thing of like, head empty. I don't know any movies. Like I've never seen a movie in my entire life. Um, Center Stage. *laughing*

Karly  41:02  
I don't even know what that is. 

Lexi  41:04  
It's a movie that I liked in high school a lot. My friends and I watched all the time in high school. 

Sam  41:08  
It's just a random movie that Lexi made me watch and I really really enjoyed it. 

Lexi  41:11  
It's about a ballet company. I don't know. 

Sam  41:13  
It's not her favorite. 

Lexi  41:15  
It's a team drama, it's not my favorite, but it's a good movie, I don't know, an early 2000s rom com.

Sam  41:23  
I don't I generally don't know.

Lexi  41:26  
I mean, me either. Some contenders: I really, really really love Kiki's Delivery Service. I really really really love Your Name. 

Sam  41:40  
Oh yeah I didn't even think of those.

Lexi  41:41  
I really really really love Pride and Prejudice the Kiera Knightley version and then there's like the standard Disney favorites Alice in Wonderland, Princess and the Frog, but.

Sam  41:54  
Yeah, my head really said no on that one. 

Karly  41:57  
It be like that sometimes. 

Lexi  41:58  
I my head said no on that one. You're it's fine.

Karly  42:03  
What is Lexi's favorite thing about herself?

Sam  42:06  
Nothing trick question. 

Lexi  42:08  
Yes. Correct. Give her the point. 

Sam  42:11  
Um hold on one second. I'm going to answer this question but I'm fishing.

Lexi  42:14  
Me: gives like a really thoughtful nice uplifting answer. Sam: Lexi sucks lol.

Sam  42:19  
I said, you think you suck. Um, again, Lexi's very, very hard on herself. I genuinely don't know if she has a favorite thing. I would say my favorite thing about Lexi.

Lexi  42:36  
I'm uncomfortable, I hate this. *laughing* 

Sam  42:41  
Do not perceive her. Um, and maybe this will be what she says. I don't know. Just how caring she is like she will almost like neglect herself to a fault to make sure that everyone else around her is doing okay. And is okay. And she's there for really just everyone in our life.

Lexi  43:05  
Thanks. I appreciate that.

Sam  43:07  
You're welcome.

Lexi  43:10  
I was gonna say, I mean it's similar. Yeah, I definitely I agree with those things. But one of my favorite things about me is that I am pretty non judgmental when it comes to other people. For me, I *makes grossed out noises* gross, but for other people. I can, you know, talk to anyone about anything and there's there's rarely ever any judgment on my end. I mean, about like, small life choices sure, but like about the stuff that matters there's little judgement. 

Sam  43:42  

Karly  43:45  
Okay, um, what is Lexi's most used emoji? 

Sam  43:51  
So I think the either the cry laughing one but in line me and Lexi have a have a favorite sticker favorite emoji where it's really just like this guy for the word cool. Um, it's literally just like 

Lexi  44:09  
He looks like this 90s hip hop, like, I don't know, very stereotypical 90s hip hop artist. 

Sam  44:16  

Lexi  44:17  
And it just, it just is 'cool.'

Sam  44:19  
With his arms crossed and like his head tilted up. *laughing*

Lexi  44:26  
So dumb. I don't I guess I didn't realize that I use the cry laugh emoji that often. I don't feel like I do. 

Sam  44:34  
I don't know, it was a guess I don't actually know. 

Lexi  44:36  
It's not actually an emoji. But the one I use the most the thing I use the most is I have a Samsung phone. And on my keyboard I have like a like a heart key. It's like a just like an outline of a heart 

Sam  44:36  
Mmm yeah. 

Lexi  44:38  
And I use it all the time for everything. 

Sam  44:52  
That's true. You do.

Karly  44:55  
Does she get a point for the cool?

Lexi  44:57  

Karly  44:58  

Lexi  44:58  
I don't use it that much. It's just an inside joke. 

Karly  45:01  

Sam  45:02  
I don't know. *laughing*

Karly  45:05  
The question was what city was Lexi born in? 

Sam  45:07  
I have no idea.

Lexi  45:10  

Sam  45:10  
When has that ever come up? It? Akron? 

Lexi  45:14  

Sam  45:15  
Oh, okay. Yay. 

Lexi  45:18  
The one in Ohio, there's a few other Akrons but the one in Ohio, specifically. 

Sam  45:23  

Lexi  45:23  
For you know, my adoring fans that want to look up my birth records.

Karly  45:27  
Okay, point. If Lexi could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

Sam  45:34  
Um, not to get morbid but would it be your sister? 

Lexi  45:38  

Sam  45:40  
Would it be someone famous? Can we narrow it down?

Lexi  45:43  

Sam  45:48  
I don't know.

Lexi  45:50  
Because I hyper fixate on things.

Sam  45:52  
Oh, wait, is it Liam O'Brien? 

Lexi  45:55  
Close but no, I would I would pick Matt. 

Sam  45:58  
Oh, alright.

Lexi  45:59  
I would pick Matt Mercer.

Sam  46:00  

Karly  46:01  
I didn't even think of them. Can I change my answer? *laughing*

Lexi  46:04  
Nope. I mean, you did. You did say streamers. 

Karly  46:11  

Lexi  46:12  
Kinda counts. Yeah, I would. I would probably pick Matt Mercer at this point. I don't I don't know that I would. 

Karly  46:18  
I'm giving Sam half a point for that. 

Lexi  46:19  
That thought always like makes me kind of uncomfortable because like I tried to like picture like, what would I talk about? And like, I don't know. I don't have anything useful to say like 

Sam  46:27  
You're going way down. Way too deep with that. 

Karly  46:29  

Lexi  46:30  
I know. It turns real self deprecating real fast but um Matt Mercer is who I would pick.

Karly  46:37  
Okay, what is Lexi most likely to get arrested for?

Sam  46:40  
Trick question. Lexi will never  get arrested *laughing* because she literally cannot not follow a rule. 

Lexi  46:47  
That's not true.

Sam  46:48  
Mmm okay but it is. I think she would be get arrested for like being an accomplice or something like she would be get arrested for like just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That would be that would be it like she would be next to Karly who's yelling at the police officer and Lexi would get arrested by default. But you wouldn't have actually done anything. 

Lexi  47:14  
Did you have something you wanted to add before I tell you my answer?

Karly  47:17  
I was gonna say have you ever seen like on like silly like sitcom shows like, people are like driving and like they're so afraid of getting in trouble for speeding that they get they drive too slow and get pulled over for that because they were so afraid? That would be Lexi. 

Sam  47:32  

Lexi  47:34  
That's hysterical. Mine was going to be highly situational. But the one that's like, actually, like one of my worst fears, and I don't know, it, whatever. It's stupid, would be getting arrested or, I don't know, get it getting in trouble for either like, accidental tax fraud. Or just because like, I don't know what I'm doing. Or skipping out on jury duty because I never checked the mail and I get called for jury duty and I don't show up and they arrest me and then I die. Those are those are actual real, real fears. Um, but more than likely, you're probably right. Like if I was going to be arrested it would be because I would like be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or like, in defense of somebody else. Like I would like stand up for someone because I you know, thought they were right. And then I would get arrested for that.

Karly  48:29  
Yeah. What is Lexi's favorite social media app?

Sam  48:36  
My guess is TikTok.

Lexi  48:39  
Yeah, I would say yeah, that's fair. You can have the point, it's it's a tie I think at this point between TikTok and Twitter. I spend my most the most of my time on on those two. 

Karly  48:49  
Okay, last one, what is Lexi's favorite shaarmli memory?

Sam  48:55  
Another trick question she doesn't because she hates us.

Lexi  48:57  

Sam  48:59  
Um it's so hard like our friendship has spanned like over 10 years like a decade worth of memories like trying to like think of like a top is so difficult. Is it when we surprised Karly and you almost ruined the surprise?

Lexi  49:20  
You know I completely forgot about that one. But yeah, that's way better than the one I was thinking. Because we had planned for so long for that surprise. And then to fill everyone in what happened was Sam and I surprised Karly for her birthday. And we worked it all out. And we kept it like a complete surprise. And it was really great. And I'm bad at surprises anyway. Um, and then it was before we lived here. So Sam, and I like flew in for the weekend and whatever. And we kept this whole thing a surprise for so long. And then my plane landed and I very excitedly sent a text to what I thought was Sam saying, I just landed and uh then I realized after I had sent it that I sent it to the group chat and then possibly one of my favorite Sam interactions came from that because I was freaking out to just Sam. I said, oh my god what I do. And she said, quote, delete the text, delete the app, delete your life. *laughing* And then I rapidly came up with a lie to Karly about how I dreamt about flying to Florida and my texts came out of order because I was at work and I had really shitty service or something like that. And she believed it. So all's well that ends well. Yeah.

Sam  50:30  
Yeah, we got by by the skin of our teeth with that one.

Karly  50:35  
Oh wow, this ended up close. Lexi had 10. Sam, you ended up with 9.5. 

Lexi  50:41  

Karly  50:41  
Wow, so I have to beat 10. 

Lexi  50:44  
Good luck. 

Karly  50:45  
Okay. Sam, do you want to ask your own questions or my reading it and answering?

Lexi  50:49  
Oh, I'll moderate. 

Karly  50:50  

Lexi  50:50  
All right. I'll pass my game. 

Karly  50:52  

Lexi  50:52  
All right. So Karly's answering for Sam. All right. What is Sam's favorite food? 

Karly  50:58  

Sam  50:59  

Lexi  51:00  
Yes. Absolutely. She eats popcorn every single day of her life. 

Karly  51:04  

Lexi  51:07  
All right. What is Sam's favorite color?

Karly  51:10  
I would guess like a light like sky blue, pastely blue.

Sam  51:13  
Yeah, I was gonna say like a tealy blue. So yeah. 

Lexi  51:16  
Yeah, that's what I would have picked too. Um, if Sam could only listen to one artist, who would it be?

Karly  51:23  
Okay. I have two guesses. I don't think either of them are right. Actually, I have three guesses. So that's kind of cheating. 

Lexi  51:31  
Nah, that's not cheating. 

Karly  51:34  
Twenty one pilots you've loved for a really really long time but I don't know how often you still listen to them. I also know you really love the band camino. And I know when you're sad you really love is her name. Chelsea Cutler?

Sam  51:45  
Yes. Yeah, I think right now I think it would be Chelsea Cutler because she has everything, the range.

Lexi  51:53  
That's what I would have guessed. 

Sam  51:54  
We love to see it. Yeah, right now it's Chelsea Cutler, for sure.

Lexi  51:59  
Um, alrright. What is - Nope. What would Sam do if she won the lottery? 

Karly  52:05  
The opposite of Lexi. Sam's going hog wild. She would probably buy a house she would buy basically she would just spend money like crazy and travel I think.  I think she would travel a lot. Quit her job. And travel.

Sam  52:19  
*laughing* Yeah. 

Karly  52:20  
And spend money. 

Sam  52:20  
Yeah, I think 

Karly  52:22  
But also she would buy things for everybody because she's 

Lexi  52:24  

Karly  52:25  
She would share it but I think she would spend it. She wouldn't hoard it at least not initially.

Sam  52:31  
No, that's true. I think all those things. When I was younger I used to say that if I won the lottery, I would buy a plot of land and then buy a tilt-a-whirl because one of my favorite facts you can just buy tilt-a-whirls. *laughing* You can, I've looked it up before I love tilt-a-whirls they're like my favorite ride. 

Lexi  52:46  
I don't even know that I know what a tilt-a-whirl is. 

Sam  52:49  
Oh my god we gotta look it up! *laughing* I don't even know how to describe it so like you get into like little like, pods like kind of think of like the Finding Nemo ride at Eocot, the kind of like egg shape. Okay, so you can fit like two to three people in each like pod on the tilt-a-whirl. And there's like probably like 10 or 12 like car pod things. And the track itself is like intentionally like bumpy and basically each pod is on a circle track so you just like spin and like different way I don't know it's just so fun. 

Lexi  53:26  
Is it like primeval - primeval whirl? 

Lexi  53:29  

Lexi  53:29  
Where like the thing spins and you go around a track that moves and they can spin?

Sam  53:34  
Um kind of but like, even less less rigid than that but it's just like a circular track as well. Like it's not like a roller coaster. It like it tilt-a-whirl probably like could fit like in that piece of land like right there. For those that can't see what I'm pointing at just like a patch of land. 

Lexi  53:55  
Yeah, I mean it's like a carnival ride, I know the name. I don't I don't think I've ever ridden one. 

Sam  53:58  
Yeah, but anyway, that's it's my favorite ride. I love it. I always like get the giggles on it like it's the best. So I would definitely buy that in my hoarding spree of purchasing things.

Lexi  54:09  
Fun fact about Sam. 

Sam  54:10  
There you go, you learned something new. 

Karly  54:11  
So do I get the point?

Sam  54:13  
Yeah, I would say you get the point. 

Karly  54:16  
Cool. Cool. Cool. 

Lexi  54:18  
All right. What is Sam's favorite Disney park thing?

Karly  54:21  
I don't know this. I know she loves Epcot. And also likes like the festivals like food and wine drinking around the world Epcot maybe? Would it be Spaceship Earth?

Sam  54:34  
Surprisingly, no, that's not what I was thinking of.

Lexi  54:38  
I have a guess. Can I give Sam my guess? 

Sam  54:40  

Lexi  54:40  
It's kind of a trick question is back to first first question. Disney popcorn.

Sam  54:46  
*laughing* Close. But when I first heard the question, my brain first went to peoplemover. 

Karly  54:52  

Sam  54:53  

Lexi  54:53  
Solid answer. 

Sam  54:54  
But all of those answers are really good. 

Lexi  54:55  
Oh god, I forot my answer was Carousel of Progress too, dangit, I love the carousel of progess. Okay sorry. 

Sam  55:00  
I mean a lot. I like a lot of Disney things like everything you said. I also really love country bears.

Karly  55:05  
God, country bears. That would have been mine if we're being honest.

Lexi  55:07  
Well I already got the point you can't have it back.

Karly  55:08  
I know.

Sam  55:09  
But my go to was yeah was peoplemover

Lexi  55:14  
Alright, um, what is Sam's dream vacation?

Karly  55:21  
Um, something tropical beachy. I don't I don't know if you have like a specific 

Sam  55:29  
I do, but I don't know if you would know.

Karly  55:32  
I know you love the Cayman Islands. But you've been there before so if we're talking someplace you haven't been? 

Sam  55:36  

Karly  55:37  
Maybe like one of those places where you can have like the hut over the water? 

Sam  55:40  
The Maldives. 

Karly  55:41  

Sam  55:41  
Yeah, I would either. I would love to go to the Maldives. I also would love 

Lexi  55:46  
The Great Barrier Reef?

Sam  55:47  
That but I would I really want to do a Galapagos Island scuba diving trip is like on my bucket list to dive in the Galapagos Islands.

Karly  55:57  
I had the spirit. 

Sam  55:58  
You did - tropical. 

Lexi  55:58  
I don't really know where the Galapagos Islands are.

Sam  56:01  
I don't know where they are... Indian ocean? *laughs* I'm gonna google it. 

Lexi  56:06  
Cool. Sounds legit.

Karly  56:07  
[we all talk over each other here and I can't make it out perfectly] Do I get a point or a half a pont?

Sam  56:11  
I would say you get a half a point, maybe.

Karly  56:14  
Okay, I'll take a half a point.

Sam  56:18  
Oh, they're in the Pacific Ocean.

Karly  56:20  

Lexi  56:22  
All right. What is Sam's favorite video game?

Karly  56:27  
I have like a gut instinct. But I don't know if it's right. 

Sam  56:30  
Go with your gut. Let's see what it is. 

Karly  56:32  
Cuz Sam also like flits around from games a lot. But I know she really loves The Last of Us. Part Two.

Sam  56:40  
Yeah, that was gonna be my favorite. 

Karly  56:41  

Lexi  56:42  

Sam  56:42  

Lexi  56:42  
Oh, I was gonna say something like, like one of like, you're like, growing up games like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot. Like, favorite video games, because of like the nostalgia.

Sam  56:53  
I mean, I love them a lot. But I think and I, I've, I've talked about this a little bit before, but I like no game, I feel like has affected me like physically like the way that the last of us part two did. And I find that just very incredible to be able to for a game to like invoke like I was like, physically sick and uncomfortable - not physically sick, but physically uncomfortable in a lot of the scenes and even though it did that's like an It was a negative feeling. I was also just super impressed with

Karly  57:25  
That the story was that good? 

Sam  57:26  
Yeah, yeah. And like the game mechanics.

Lexi  57:28  
That's fair. 

Sam  57:28  
Like there's a part where you're like, have like, you're like doing like a sky walk. And like, I'm not afraid of heights. But this game - I was very kind of scared when I was playing. I think you play you're playing as Ellie at that point, maybe. 

Karly  57:44  
I think so.

Sam  57:45  
Doesn't matter who you're playing as. And you're just like walking across this platform. And I was like, uncomfortable. And again, I'm not even afraid of heights. So I would yeah, last was part two for sure.

Lexi  57:55  
Um, what is Sam's favorite movie? 

Karly  57:59  
I have no idea. If I had to guess I know it's wrong. But the only movie that I like I associate with Sam is Ten Inch Hero.

Sam  58:09  
Oh, that's a good one but it's not my absolute favorite.

Karly  58:12  
I have no idea.

Lexi  58:14  
I have a guess. But I don't know if it's still true. I think it used to be he's just not that into you?

Sam  58:19  
Another great guess. 

Lexi  58:20  
Or like 27 dresses. 

Sam  58:21  
Great guess, not my absolute favorite. 

Lexi  58:24  
Is it PS I love you? 

Sam  58:25  

Lexi  58:26  
Is it shark tale? 

Sam  58:27  
*laughing* No, it is The Breakfast Club. 

Lexi  58:31  

Karly  58:33  
I've never seen it.

Sam  58:34  
Oh my god. We're watching it. 

Lexi  58:36  
I love the breakfast club.

Sam  58:37  
I love The Breakfast Club. It's one of my absolute favorite.

Lexi  58:39  
It's a great movie. Alright, what is Sam's favorite thing about herself?

Lexi  58:45  
Yanno, this is a bad question for our group.

Lexi  58:47  
It's a bad question for all of us.

Sam  58:47  
Oh, I have something. 

Lexi  58:49  
Oh, wow miss self confidence. What's that like?

Sam  58:53  
That's right. I have one thing I like about myself. So I really just take it and run. Do you want a hint? 

Karly  59:02  

Sam  59:02  

Karly  59:04  
I mean, I have I have a lot of things that I love about you. Um, you're really great friend. Like you're, you make friends easy and you have a lot of friends. And you know, you're really loyal and make sure that your friends are happy. And that's something. I think you're really funny. You have a great sense of humor, and you're very chaotic and impulsive and I know that you like your chaotic slash impulsive side.

Sam  59:34  
I do but I was gonna say my smile. 

Karly  59:37  
Your smile, okay.

Lexi  59:39  
She's going more like physical features.

Karly  59:40  
I was going personality. 

Sam  59:42  
It's the only physical thing I like about myself. 

Lexi  59:44  
I mean I was gonna say I like my hair but then I was like oh that Karly like answered like some like really like nice deep thing. Or Sam said, I don't know. 

Sam  59:55  
But those are really nice things about me, thank you.

Karly  59:56  
What's your favorite personality wise about yourself?

Sam  1:00:01  

Lexi  1:00:02  
Stop being so freaking shallow.

Sam  1:00:04  
Damn. Um, I think kind of similar to what you said, I feel like I'm, I'm very empathetic. And I think because of that, and I'm very easy going so. And I always like make friends wherever I go and I have a lot of different friends and different friend groups. It's a great thing. But I know when I was younger, like in high school, it was kind of a difficult thing because none of my friends were in the same friend group or got along so like in high school, I could never have really like parties or outings with my friends because, like everyone was in a different friend group and not everyone liked each other. So that was hard, but i but i think that's kind of similar to what you said, like I can make friends. I can make friends with a tree to be honest, I can make friends with anything almost. Except for Peri.

Karly  1:00:54  
Yeah. My cat does hate her. Okay, I don't know if I get a point for that. 

Sam  1:01:00  
I think everyone got a point on this question. I think you should get it. 

Lexi  1:01:03  
It was hard. What is Sam's most used emoji?

Karly  1:01:10  
I would guess maybe like, either like the cry laughing or like the upside down smiley face.

Sam  1:01:15  
Yep. It's that one. 

Lexi  1:01:17  
Yeah, absolutely that one. 

Sam  1:01:20  
1. I love that one. And I think it just accurately depicts how I feel 99.9% of the time about anything.

Karly  1:01:25  
It's a versatile one, too.

Lexi  1:01:26  
It's like moderately passive aggressive sometimes I love it so much.

Sam  1:01:28  

Lexi  1:01:31  
Um, what city was Sam born in? 

Karly  1:01:33  
I'm not going to get it. I'm not gonna get it. 

Sam  1:01:35  

Karly  1:01:36  
I know that you you lived in Ocean City, but you moved there. You didn't like always live there. So some, some little town in New Jersey?

Sam  1:01:44  
Yes. And I don't think you would have ever known this. So it's a really unfair question for you, but I was born in a place called Vorhees.

Karly  1:01:52  

Lexi  1:01:53  
I have heard you say that.

Karly  1:01:54  
That doesn't even sound like a name. 

Sam  1:01:56  
Well, it's where I was born.

Karly  1:01:59  
Okay, well. 

Lexi  1:02:01  
If Sam could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Karly  1:02:04  
I'm not gonna get the point.

Sam  1:02:06  
What's your guess though?

Karly  1:02:07  
Oh, God. I don't know. I mean, I don't feel like Sam like super gushes over like celebrities that often, you know, like you like them. Usually it's just you think they're hot, but you're not like, wow, I really wish I could meet them and spend time with them. I know you really wanted to meet like, twenty one pilots and talk to them. That was a big deal for you.

Sam  1:02:35  
Do you know who it is? 

Lexi  1:02:37  
Is it a celebrity?

Sam  1:02:39  

Lexi  1:02:41  

Karly  1:02:43  
Okay, I'm not I'm already not going to get the point. But give me a hint.

Sam  1:02:48  
You were on the right track as far as it's someone famous and it is a musical artist.

Karly  1:02:54  

Sam  1:02:58  
More famous, 

Karly  1:02:59  
More famous. Huh.

Sam  1:03:04  
It's one person. 

Karly  1:03:05  
One person. Oh my god. I don't I don't know. 

Sam  1:03:09  
You're gonna, you're gonna know it and you're gonna be like, ugh duh, it's post malone. 

Karly  1:03:12  

Lexi  1:03:14  
Oh duh.

Sam  1:03:14  
I would love to meet post malone.

Lexi  1:03:17  

Karly  1:03:16  
I'm mad, I should've known that but honestly

Lexi  1:03:17  
And obviously in eating dinner with post malone, you would go to Olive Garden. 

Sam  1:03:24  
Olive garden! The one in Times Square. *laughing*

Karly  1:03:28  
I don't listen to post malone. I know literally nothing about like, I forget he exists to be honest. He's not on my radar at all. 

Sam  1:03:36  
I mean, that's fair. But he is literally always on my radar. I love him.

Lexi  1:03:40  
Your boy posty. 

Sam  1:03:41  
My boy posty. It's post malone and post samone, you know?

Karly  1:03:46  
Okay, well. 

Lexi  1:03:49  
Um, all right. What is Sam most likely to get arrested for? 

Karly  1:03:53  
I mean, shoplifting. We had a conversation about it today. 

Sam  1:03:56  

Karly  1:03:57  
That Sam has the impulse now to steal. 

Sam  1:03:59  
Yep. As an adult. It's something that happened to me. I just, if it's small, I just. 

Karly  1:04:05  
She just wants to yoink it.

Sam  1:04:06  
I do. I just want to take it. Because I can I'm like, why should I have to pay for this? It's like literally cost like a cent to make. And that's on capitalism baby. *laughing* Sticking it to the man. 

Lexi  1:04:20  
What is Sam's favorite social media app?

Karly  1:04:23  

Sam  1:04:27  
*laughing* Ew. You get minus a point.

Karly  1:04:28  
I'm just kidding. I mean, I know Sam is on Twitter and tiktok a lot. 

Sam  1:04:37  
It's Twitter.

Karly  1:04:38  

Lexi  1:04:39  
And finally, what is Sam's favorite shaarmli memory?

Karly  1:04:42  
This one is hard because there's just so much to choose from. Do you have one like that immediately comes to mind? Just because I'm curious. I don't need a hint, but.

Sam  1:04:53  
Yeah, I had one that come like comes to mind. I don't know if it's like my absolute favorite, but it is the one that came to mind first. 

Karly  1:05:00  
Okay. I don't know. I may be shaarmli week, like hanging out playing Toontown together during shaarmli week. Maybe. Maybe when you guys like moved down here. And we all hung out for the first time. I don't know. 

Sam  1:05:26  
Um, I mean, close. The one that kind of the memory that really sticks out to me is when we went to the Brevard county zoo, and we got to feed the giraffes.

Lexi  1:05:35  
Yep, that was a good one.

Karly  1:05:35  
Okay, well I had shaarmli week. 

Sam  1:05:37  

Lexi  1:05:38  
Okay, nice.

Karly  1:05:40  
Lexi, you win. 

Lexi  1:05:41  
Yay. I'm a good friend and y'all suck. 

Karly  1:05:44  

Sam  1:05:44  

Karly  1:05:45  
*laughing* To be clear, Lexi got 10. Sam and I tied with 9.5.

Lexi  1:05:50  
I'm a good friend and you guys suck. 

Karly  1:05:51  

Sam  1:05:52  

Karly  1:05:53  
Anyway, friendship. 

Lexi  1:05:56  

Karly  1:05:57  

Sam  1:05:58  
Yay friendship.

Sam  1:06:01  
That was fun. 

Karly  1:06:02  
That was fun. It was also a lot more stressful than I anticipated. 

Lexi  1:06:06  
It was pretty stressful. 

Karly  1:06:07  
I had multiple panics like halfway through, like, do I know you people at all? 

Lexi  1:06:11  
I had panicks about that, but also like, do I do it myself at all?

Karly  1:06:17  
Yeah. That too. Anyways, I love you guys.

Lexi  1:06:20  
I love you.

Sam  1:06:20  
I love you too. 

Karly  1:06:21  
Okay, bye.

Sam  1:06:22  

Lexi  1:06:22  

Sam  1:06:22  
[Music fades in] Hey, and thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. If you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com. We'd love to hear from you. So feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello.

Karly  1:06:43  
And if you liked our podcast, please share it with your friends. And leave us a review on Apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time. [Music fades out]