Hang Out and Play

Don't listen to this episode if you like smooth jazz

September 03, 2021 Hang Out and Play Episode 22
Hang Out and Play
Don't listen to this episode if you like smooth jazz
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Happy Friday, friends! We're back again with Lexi and we're talking unpopular opinions this time. Hang out and play... a bunch of random games with us! We're a little all over the place with this one, but the chaos is part of our charm. Hope you enjoy!

Games in this episode:
Katamari Damacy REROLL
| Switch eshop link

"Nintendo Switch is ready to roll... Are you?

The stop-at-nothing pushing prince is back and ready to reroll! When the King of All Cosmos accidentally destroys all the stars in the sky, he orders you, his pint-sized princely son, to put the twinkle back in the heavens above. Join the King and Prince of Cosmos on their wacky adventure to restore the stars at home or on the go – now in full HD!

The beloved roll-em-up game returns with fully updated graphics, completely recreated cutscenes and in full HD!

Players can use the Joy-Cons­­™ to control the katamari using the gyro controls to turn and shake the Joy-Cons to perform the Prince Dash when in Tabletop mode. Players can also play on multiplayer mode with a friend by using the two Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch."

Minecraft | Minecraft website

"Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs."

Crash Bandicoot |Nintendo eshop

"Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot™, is back! He’s enhanced, entranced and ready-to-dance with the N. Sane Trilogy game collection. Now you can experience Crash Bandicoot like never before. Spin, jump, wump and repeat as you take on the epic challenges and adventures through the three games that started it all, Crash Bandicoot™, Crash Bandicoot™ 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot™ 3: Warped. Relive all your favorite Crash moments in their fully-remastered graphical glory and get ready to put some UMPH in your WUMP!"

Karly  0:00  
[Music fades in] Hey there, welcome to our podcast where we try to figure out life together one video game at a time. I'm Karly. 

Sam  0:07  
And I'm Sam. Grab a snack, grab your controller, and let's hang out and play. [Music fades out]

Karly  0:26  
Hey, buddies.

Sam  0:28  
Hey, dude.

Lexi  0:30  

Sam  0:32  
Feels right, that you were in the middle of a yawn. 

Karly  0:33  
It really does.

Lexi  0:35  

Sam  0:36  
That's fair. 

Karly  0:38  
Full disclosure. This is our second episode in a row we're recording, same day. We're also all together. But Samo is going out of town. So we're trying to get our - Oh lord. My computer is giving me notifications. Anyway, Sam's going out of town. So we're trying to make sure we have episodes for everybody. Look at us.

Sam  1:00  
Look at us being prepared.

Karly  1:02  
Oh, wow. That's rare. What is everybody playing?

Sam  1:09  
I'm playing Crash Bandicoot I think so I bought like the like, it's like a three pack. And I think I'm almost done the first game,

Lexi  1:19  
Try it again. 

Sam  1:20  
Nope. Said what I said. 

Karly  1:23  
We should explain that though. Because last time Lexi was on we were like 'we'll go back to that' you guys never explained that joke. 

Lexi  1:31  
Sam likes to drop the word with from her sentences. Apparently it's like a weird South Jersey Philly thing. Regional. A lot of other people who live or grew up in the area do the same thing. But she just said I'm almost done the first game. Instead of I'm almost done with the first game, which any normal rational person listening would realize she missed the word with. But.

Sam  1:58  
I just got bamboozled. I was like on this platform and collecting wampa fruit, I think they're called. And then the platform just gave out and I died.

Karly  2:07  
Yikes. Lexi, what are you playing? 

Lexi  2:11  
I am playing Katamari. 

Karly  2:13  
Noyce. I am playing Minecraft.

Sam  2:17  
I'm so excited to watch you play Minecraft I'm probably not going to play my game and just instead watching play Minecraft because I've never seen anyone play before.

Karly  2:25  
So I have a couple stories about Minecraft. So first of all, I started playing Minecraft a long time ago. 

Sam  2:35  
She's a Gamer Girl. 

Karly  2:36  
Um, I started playing it when it was like back still in beta. And it was cheaper, was brand new. And like, it wasn't super mega popular cool yet. And I'm pretty sure I found it through Tumblr. Um, and I really loved it because it's just sort of you can go do whatever you want. And it's kind of like a creative can be no pressure game. And then I stopped playing because I played it a ton, I was really obsessed for a long time. Haven't touched it in probably six years. And I recently was like, you know what, I could play Minecraft on the podcast because I haven't done that before. So that'd be like a new interesting game to play. Somebody stole my account. So it was like a Mojang game or whatever they like did like  a merge over with when the creator of the game sold it now it's like I think like a Microsoft game. And my passwords weren't letting me in. So I'm like, okay, maybe I can do Forgot Password. So I go into my old old childhood like AOL email. And I find an email from like, two years ago that I had successfully like transferred over my account to a Microsoft account. I'm like, well, I never did that. So that's not right. But because I never delete my email. I was able to find my original email from like 2010 2011 something I don't even know saying that I bought the game and I had like my like purchase ID or whatever. So I can prove it was my game. Emailed back stole my account back like at that point, it was literally just out of spite. I was so mad. Somebody took my game. So I got my my game back. And JChan has lost his realm. Sad day for him. 

Lexi  4:39  
Heck, you JChan. 

Karly  4:40  
Honestly, actually, he might still have his realm because I don't know how to delete it. But I don't know if he still has access to it if he doesn't have the account. Anyway. Um, I was playing yesterday. And I was hearing this cat meow. I was like, that's weird. I searched everywhere. Couldn't find a cat. Apparently, there's a glitch in Minecraft where the cats I don't know if the other animals can too but the cats it's stuck like within the blocks. 

Lexi  5:12  
You have to ike mine the cat out.

Karly  5:13  
Yes, I literally had to go around to wherever like the sound was loudest to find a cat and I broke grass. And this little brown cat popped out and I fed her fish and now she is my baby love. I have a brown cat. 

Sam  5:29  
Oh, I love that though. 

Lexi  5:30  
What's her name?

Sam  5:32  
Baby love.

Karly  5:33  
Um, I think we were gonna go with glitch because she was a little glitch. 

Lexi  5:38  
"I'm not a glitch. I just have or I've just got pixlexia." 

Karly  5:44  
So anyways.

Sam  5:45  
I know I said I was playing Crash Bandicoot but I might be giving up because I'm angy.

Karly  5:50  
Yeah, well, that's fair. Lexi wanted us to play Celeste. I just the thought of Celeste makes me mad. So I can't sorry. 

Lexi  6:02  
I just want everyone to experience it. 

Karly  6:05  
I mean

Lexi  6:06  
It was such a good game. The story was so so so so, so good. And I really love the like the way it was developed. Because you can turn everything off and just go through it to experience the story. Which I think is really great, because the game is very, very, very challenging. And like, that's part of the story. But, the story itself is is so so good. And it's an important one to share and know, but for anyone that doesn't know, it's all about overcoming anxiety and overcoming obstacles that you put for yourself to achieve things which is why the game is so ridiculously hard and challenging because it is overcoming obstacles and learning how to use what you might think is bad about you to your benefit to overcome obstacles. So it's all very good, it all make sense why the game is so challenging, but the developers did give a feature where you could turn that off so that way you could just go through the game and experience it.

Karly  7:04  
Yeah, I mean, I would maybe - see I don't know like on the one hand I'm like I would do it that way just so I can have like the story but the same time like I don't that would feel like a cop out. I would feel like I'm not getting like the full experience.

Lexi  7:18  
I really tried very hard not to do that though. Like when I was planning it and I never I never turned it off like 

Karly  7:25  
Here's bad guys on fire because it's day time.

Lexi  7:28  
With um, with Celeste like it's a platformer and if you touch anything that can kill you it kills you instantly you don't get like health meter it just instant kill but then you instantly respond and you can try it again. And the whole point is to like learn from the mistakes and like get better as time goes on. So you can like what you can turn off is what like the instakill thing so even if you like hit something that should kill you it won't, 

Karly  7:52  

Lexi  7:53  
So like you still get like the story and you still get to like compete in the levels or like complete them but not that's like high stakes. But I didn't I never turned it off. Which I was very proud of myself about. I did YouTube a couple times like how to how to beat certain areas because like there's just no way I was never. It was like to the point where I was like I'm never gonna figure this out I'm going to turn the game off and not finish it kind of thing. 

Karly  8:17  

Lexi  8:17  
Which I didn't want to give up on it so I figured it was better to cheat in some regards to at least move past it.

Karly  8:24  
Yeah, that's fine.

Sam  8:25  
I should also like to point out that Lexi playing video games is very scary when she's mad. 

Lexi  8:32  
That video game. 

Sam  8:34  
Really any video game. *laughing*

Karly  8:38  
Ah, well. 

Sam  8:38  
Like I get it like like but you're scary. 

Lexi  8:42  
There is a rage monster that lives in my chest. 

Karly  8:45  
It's funny because Lexi is so like bubbly and positive and sweet, like.

Lexi  8:54  
Stop saying nice things about me I hate you. 

Karly  8:56  

Sam  8:56  
Shut up.

Karly  8:57  
But like when Lexi's mad I like don't know how to be around her to be quite honest because it just comes so such a surprise to me even like I've seen her mad before but also like I don't know how to make Lexi feel better when she's mad cuz she's very stubborn mad. And like I don't sounds really mean and harsh to say but like sometimes it's like when a toddler is mad and you just need to be like go to bed. 

Lexi  9:25  

Karly  9:25  
Because this is not working. I don't know what to do for you. 

Lexi  9:29  
Usually when I'm upset I put myself to bed. 

Karly  9:31  
Well, there you go. 

Lexi  9:32  
It's usually just what I do. It's sort of like if you've ever read like read Peter Pan. JM Barrie talks about Tinkerbell and like Pixies and like how Tinkerbell is like very jealous. And you know her, her emotions overpower her because like she can only feel one emotion at a time because she's so small, like, well, a small thing ain't really true. But I feel like I'm just so bad at emotions that like I only get one at a time and so like, if it's anger, it's it's full body anger.

Karly  10:00  
Yeah, that's fair. I feel like I feel everything all at once, but just my emotions come and go very rapidly. I have like no mood regulation at all. It's not healthy but hat's okay.

Sam  10:18  
I just feel everything so much. 

Karly  10:20  

Sam  10:21  
Like at all times. Like, I don't think I can ever just be like, oh, like I'm kind of mad.

Karly  10:27  
Yeah, like I go zero to 100. 

Sam  10:29  

Karly  10:31  
I'm putting it on peaceful mode. I wanted to play with monsters on because they're fun, but I'm going into the mine. I have the sound off because we're all recording in the same room with one mic. And I don't have headphones on then. So I can't have the game audio on so I won't be able to hear if anything's coming after me. But anyway, we were going to talk about our Unpopular Opinions today. Just because...

Lexi  11:00  
Let's pissing people off. 

Karly  11:01  
Yeah. Why not? 

Sam  11:03  
Why not? 

Karly  11:05  
Oh, Lord, I must just got killed by a mound of gravel. But also I found a cave full of Amethyst. It was very exciting. 

Sam  11:14  
Oh my gosh.

Karly  11:15  
Look how pretty

Sam  11:16  
Very pretty. I got I died and I got pushed back so far.

Karly  11:21  
Noooo. So who wants to go first?

Lexi  11:26  

Sam  11:27  
Oh, I was gonna say, Lexi. I was gonna kick it off with saying that when I was little I used to fall asleep to smooth jazz music *laughing* and that 

Lexi  11:37  
That's really just horrific to me. That is just absolutely horrific. I know we have talked

Karly  11:44  
That's also just such a funny fact about you, Sam.

Lexi  11:47  
Right? Like Sam was born a 40 year old woman. Sam was born as a soccer mom. She likes 40 year old woman humor, she tells 40 year old woman jokes. She would probably if I would let her have like live laugh love posters in our house. She, she just has the vibe of a 40 year old woman and I love that about her. But yeah, anyway. I don't like jazz music.

Karly  12:17  

Sam  12:18  

Lexi  12:19  
I feel one emotion. And I feel it with my whole body. I don't like jazz music. It makes me angry. And I'm not talking like all jazz because there is some jazz like, like big band swing kind of music that falls in the jazz realm, like 40s 50s or whatever era it was like, like old school jazz. Fine. What I am talking about is like, smooth jazz that Sam used to listen to to fall asleep. How could anyone sleep with that? Don't know. It's awful. It's like, like how most people feel about nails on a chalkboard. It's how I feel about smooth jazz. Like it just physically hurts. It makes me so uncomfortable. It kind of gives me an upset stomach. 

Karly  13:06  
Oh my god *Sam and Lexi laughing* 

Lexi  13:08  
Sometimes it just

Karly  13:08  
She gets the rage nausea. 

Lexi  13:10  
It sometimes just sounds like you are in like a sleazy bar in the 70s in New York City hiring a private eye. Like 'she walked into my office wearing a miniskirt'

Karly  13:20  
That sounds like a great vibe to me

Sam  13:21  

Lexi  13:22  
Oh my God. No.  *Sam and Lexi still laughing* Oh, my God. No, absolutely not. No, I freaking hate Jazz music.

Karly  13:28  
Lexi is so mad. 

Lexi  13:30  
I'm so angry just thinking about jazz. Oh my God, I hate it.

Karly  13:34  

Sam  13:36  
I could listen to Lexi talk about how much she hates smooth jazz all day long. Like give me an episode of where she just talks about how much she hates it. Let's play her something.

Lexi  13:47  

Karly  13:47  
It was funny because we started playing My Time at Portia. Like all around -

Lexi  13:53  

Karly  13:53  

Lexi  13:54  
The music sounds like the freakin Weather Channel. 

Karly  13:56  
I was just gonna say like my, one of my favorite things to do in that game was to go into the mine.  And Lexi was like, No, the music is wrong there that's the worst part and I was like, okay.

Lexi  14:07  
I said this earlier. But with Katamari. I love it so much. But it's real risky for me to play Katamari because the music is pretty jazzy. And like, it's okay, like, a lot of times it's fine. It is what it is. I can get past it. I can look past it. It's not awful. But these levels like the one I'm playing right now it gives you 25 minutes and it doesn't shuffle through songs. It's the same song on repeat for 25 minutes. Like when you're already frustrated cuz you're losing at a game and you have to listen to like not your favorite music for that long? Mm.

Karly  14:45  
It's also funny because Lexi's Toontown name is Jazzy Flippenflapper. 

Sam  14:50  

Lexi  14:51  

Karly  14:52  

Lexi  14:52  
It's the irony that we need.

Karly  14:56  
What do you - what's yours?

Sam  14:59  
I don't like Beyonce, like I don't on the same topic of music, like, I'll listen to her songs like that's fine but like, I don't think I could name three songs of hers to be quite honest. 

Karly  15:16  
No, I don't think I probably could either.

Sam  15:18  
And I think like if you like if I were to say that like, people be like, oh, what do you mean you don't like queen bey?

Karly  15:27  

Sam  15:28  
I don't know, I just don't really like her music. I don't know.

Karly  15:32  
Yeah, I'm pretty indifferent.

Sam  15:34  
Yeah, that's how I feel about it. I'm just indifferent. 

Karly  15:36  
Yeah, that's fair. 

Sam  15:38  
I just feel like that's very again in the minority minority with that. 

Karly  15:44  
Yeah. She is quite popular.

Sam  15:48  
Yeah. What about you?

Karly  15:50  
I I don't like a lot of comedy shows or movies that people love and rave about like, Kimmy Schmidt? I found so obnoxious.

Lexi  16:06  
That was like a real special brand of dumb humor. 

Sam  16:09  

Karly  16:10  
I did not like it at all. Like shows like Parks and Rec, take time for me. Like I have to like, really commit and give it time and keep watching it. Otherwise I don't like it like it takes it has to grow on me. 

Lexi  16:24  
What about the office? Didn't you really like the office? Did that take a long time? 

Karly  16:28  
Ah, no, I like the office. But I feel like the office can be like really dry, sarcastic, it's I don't know. The office is weird. But I don't love every episode either. Like it's either really funny or it's trash. 

Lexi  16:43  
Yeah, that's fair.

Karly  16:43  
There's just like, no in between. But like, like Schitts Creek, I watched a handful of episodes and was wholly indifferent. 

Lexi  16:54  
God, I just think Schitts Creek is just one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. 

Sam  16:59  

Karly  17:00  
But like just like a lot of things that people find hysterical just like movies in general. I a lot of times, I don't think it's funny. And I think it's just because I was raised by my mom and she hates all of it. 

Sam  17:13  

Karly  17:13  
So like, we never watched that. Ever. It was never something that we had on. And if it was it was just my mom screaming about how annoying it was. So like I I usually just don't find it funny. Like Saturday Night Live not funny. Stuff like that. I feel like that's fairly unpopular. 

Sam  17:32  
Real quick, I beat the level that I was getting really really angry about so.

Karly  17:36  

Sam  17:37  
And now I'm on a level that's kind of like a mix between Crash Bandicoot and Donkey Kong. Someone's just like throwing barrels at me I'm trying to basically... dodge. There you go, that's the word I was looking for. 

Karly  17:52  
I am currently just exploring a mine normally when I play Minecraft, I have like a really organized system for how I will start like a mine because Sam can attest to this, I have no sense of direction. I get lost very easily. So like if I'm in like a cave. And normally I don't play on peaceful mode so I will die if I get attacked or if I get lost and can't find my way out and run out of food. So normally I just dig straight down and then I do like hallways that branch off either to left or right. And I make signs and do like torches and like a particular method. But there happened to be like this huge like cavern system near where I started to build my house. So I'm just sort of exploring that because there was a lot of good stuff. But it's stressful because it's to the point where there's so many different directions and I get lost a lot and there's a lot of lava but that's what I'm working on right now. 

Lexi  19:00  
Do you have like hit points in Minecraft like if you hit the lava does it just like hurt you a little bit and then eventually you could die?

Karly  19:07  
Um, yes, but once you're in lava, it goes so fast. And I'm not coordinated enough to get out. I don't know can you escape lava? If you can, I've never done it. Theoretically, you should be able to jump out I have never been successful in that. But yeah, the hearts above my item bar is my health. You can also have like armor and stuff but this is like a fairly new save file. I don't have any armor. So really playing it fast and loose. I have lost I was playing with my mom my mom weirdly likes to watch me play Minecraft. And we were all really excited because I found like diamonds and emeralds and gold, like really valuable stuff and then proceeded to walk into lava. 

Lexi  19:59  
Oh no.

Karly  20:00  
And lose it all.

Sam  20:02  
Ooo I'm on a boss level. Pinstripe potaro. Oh, he's got a machine gun, and I just died. 

Karly  20:11  
Okay, well that was fast.

Sam  20:13  

Lexi  20:13  
My Katamari is at 170 meters out of 300 is my goal with five minutes left, I'm probably not going to do it, but that's okay.

Karly  20:24  
I'm gonna pause Minecraft Lexi you can do your next unpopular opinion while I order our dinner. 

Lexi  20:29  

Sam  20:29  
I don't know how I'm supposed to beat this guy. *laughing*

Lexi  20:37  
My next unpopular opinion is that I don't like fall. I don't like Halloween. I don't really care too much about scary movies or spooky things. I don't like pumpkin spice. I don't really like pumpkin, anything. I will tolerate like a slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. And that's about it. But I don't I don't want to go to Halloween parties. I don't want to put on boots. I don't want to rake leaves. I don't want to like hold cozy drinks for an Instagram photo. I don't want to wear scarves. I don't want to do any of it. I really get angry looking at like those like really romanticized pictures of fall like they used to, when I was in Ohio, make me like, actually anxious because it was like, winter is too close. And I don't like winter. And it made me very uncomfortable. There's like a really like iconic moment that sticks out in my mind at one time was like on Instagram and I saw like, a post that was like, only X number of weeks until fall. And it was like that exact vibe of like, like, leaves changing and like someone holding a mug and like, I don't know, like a black cat sitting next to a pumpkin or whatever the case may be. And I like legitimately panicked and then like, came back to myself and was like, it's it's July. It's fine. But like, I was like very upset very, very quickly. You know what else I don't like about Halloween is that they have the monopoly on black cats, and I own a black cat. And as someone who owns a black cat, but is not super into spooky things. It's really hard to find black cat things that are not spooky. And I just want normal black cat things. Sam got me a black cat mug the other day and it's very cute and it's not spooky.

Karly  22:23  
Awww. I want to see it later. You'll have to show me a picture.

Lexi  22:26  
I will.

Sam  22:27  
It says purrfect friend or something like that.

Karly  22:29  
So cute.

Lexi  22:30  
It's like the it's like the shape of a cat's heads like the ears stick up. It's very cute.

Karly  22:36  
I don't share hatred of fall or Halloween. I like spooky stuff. I like Halloween. I think it's really fun. In theory, I mean I don't really celebrate it that much. But I it's on a similar vein. I don't like Thanksgiving. I think it's a crap holiday with a shitty history behind it. I don't like it. I don't think the food's that great. I think it's boring. I would be 100% on board if my family never celebrated Thanksgiving ever again. I don't like Thanksgiving.

Sam  23:09  
Oh my god I love Thanksgiving. I love the food of Thanksgiving. 

Lexi  23:11  

Sam  23:13  
Like I don't like what it stands for obviously but

Karly  23:16  
See, the food is like okay but I like Christmas dinner better.

Lexi  23:21  
Yeah, I would pick Christmas dinner over Thanksgiving. Absolutely.

Karly  23:26  
I also like I know for some people it's like getting to see all of their family. I don't have that because like I don't really have any contact with my extended relatives so to me Thanksgiving just seems like a lot of work for my mom for no pay off. I don't like Thanksgiving.

Lexi  23:45  
I'm so sorry to interrupt. I am doing better on this level than I've ever done.

Karly  23:50  

Lexi  23:50  
I'm at 471 meters out of 300 meters and I've got 42 seconds left. I am kicking this levels butt. 

Karly  23:59  
I love that for you. 

Lexi  24:00  
I am like sucking up islands I am i don't know I'm so I'm doing so good. 

Karly  24:07  
I love that for you.

Lexi  24:08  
We're at 534 

Karly  24:11  

Lexi  24:12  
Yeah once you get big it's like easy to like exponentially get bigger faster.

Karly  24:18  
Is it the cat trying to get out or in? 

Sam  24:21  

Lexi  24:22  

Sam  24:23  
Oh, just kidding.

Lexi  24:23  
It's Peri trying to get out 

Karly  24:24  
Oh, you can let her out.

Lexi  24:25  
I just sucked up a whole rainbow. 

Karly  24:29  
I thought, I thought it was her trying to get in but I just got a text from my mom. "Who do you got trapped in there or is that Sam scratching at the door to get back to SVU?" *laughing*

Sam  24:41  
So on the opposite side of unpopular opinion, I love watching SVU but only here at Karly's house.

Karly  24:52  
It's funny because we were we were in my room and then we, we took a break from our last episode that we recorded. And Lexi and I were in my room just like talking and then we look out Sam's standing in the center of the living room, hands on hips, staring at the TV. Like a dad who came in from like doing yard work. I don't know what sort of like magnetic pull SVU has on Sam, but it really gets her every single time she comes over. 

Sam  25:25  
Every single time. 

Lexi  25:27  
Y'all the final size of this Katamari was 589 meters 

Karly  25:32  

Lexi  25:33  
To put it in perspective, my last one on this level was 351. 

Sam  25:40  
Dang, I'm doing really bad in this game. I don't I can't even think of things. I don't like that. I like everything. I know that's not true. But like, that's what my brain is doing right now.

Karly  25:53  
Speaking of that, though, do you know one of my favorite things about Sam is you can't trust any of Sam's opinions. Because the amount of time she'd be like, I hate XYZ. And then like two months later, oh my god, this is amazing. I just had the best day of my life with XYZ. She'll say she hates something, talk shit about it with me for weeks. And then just like the right person gets her into it. Suddenly she's obsessed. She loves it. And I wish I could like think of one single example. But there's been so many. 

Sam  26:27  
Yeah, so yeah. 

Karly  26:30  
What did you say you were going to talk about before we started? You had one. 

Sam  26:34  
Yeah, it was Beyonce. 

Karly  26:35  
No, but you had another one? 

Sam  26:37  
No. My opinion has changed.

Karly  26:40  
Clearly. I have another one. It's not. I don't know if it's super unpopular. I have, like no interested in alcohol at all.

Sam  26:51  
I don't think that's super unpopular, but.

Karly  26:54  
I feel like every time I go on tiktok or twitter, it's just like constant memes about depressed millennials who cope by getting drunk. And millennials love wine and I, I don't care about it. I have no desire to get drunk. That scares me. Not because I think I would be like an alcoholic or anything like that.

Sam  27:21  
Damnit I'm so close.

Karly  27:23  
I the idea of like, being drunk kind of freaks me out a little bit. And also, I think it all tastes repulsive. I don't like it. 

Lexi  27:33  
Yeah, I mean, people say things like, Oh, it's like an acquired taste, you grow to like it, but like, I feel like we're kind of all just lying to ourselves, like some drinks, like, like some cocktails do actually taste good. But you can always taste the alcohol, there are very few drinks that completely mask the taste of alcohol. And you're just gonna have to grit your teeth and bear it, which is not great. But like. I mean, for a lot of people the point of drinking is to get at least somewhat drunk or kind of tipsy. So like, if that's what you're going for you would put up with the taste.

Karly  28:04  
Yeah, see, like, I don't understand the appeal in that like to me? I? I don't know. I would rather find I don't know some other distraction. I don't know. Doesn't do it for me. I also don't get like smoking weed. I understand there are a lot of benefits to weed in particular. Not knocking it at all. But it, it smells so bad. That I get like viscerally angry when I'm around it. I can't stand it. It smells so bad. I would potentially try like edibles or something but even that I'm like, I'd probably hate it.

Lexi  28:45  
I don't think I mean the smell is not like the best smell in the world. But I don't think it's like the worst smell I've ever smelled.

Karly  28:52  
I have some neighbors who like to smoke in their car. And we we usually go out to like get the mail or take the trash out at night because pandemic and it's the only time we can be like, away from people. And when we go past that car and it stinks like weed, I'm so mad. It smells horrendous.

Sam  29:16  
Okay, I thought if something. And again, I don't know if it's like an opinion or things like that. But I don't believe in the idea that someone can't love you until you love yourself. That concept that people spew is such utter bullshit and toxic and I just hate that and it's something that as someone who struggles with self esteem and has struggled with like, even just liking myself and having been single for so long that that's like, like the first thing like any one of my family wants to say to me, and I just would rather punch them in the face.

Karly  29:58  
That's fair. I hate that so much. I hate it so much. It's just an objectively not true.

Sam  30:06  
Right. And I, yeah. I hate it. There's I mean, there's a lot of things that I think advice, the quote, quote unquote advice that people say that I'm just like, that's not helpful. And that's kind of toxic.

Karly  30:20  
Yeah. Agreed.

Lexi  30:22  
*Sarcastically* Have you ever tried just like, not? 

Sam  30:26  
You know, I haven't. 

Lexi  30:28  
Oh, well, you should just sometime when you're like anxious, try not being anxious.

Sam  30:31  

Karly  30:32  
You know, that's another one. Because when I was in college, um, so my last like, couple semesters, I had a couple classes where it was all about, like presentations, right? It's like, my last semester to like, graduate, you had to do a capstone as like, the last thing you did. And it was like a month long project or a semester long project. And then the end, we had to like, present it to like a roomful of like 80 people, like other classmates, and like visiting, like business owners and shit like that. And like, it's, it literally like determines whether or not you graduate. Absolutely terrified, because I don't like public speaking, I don't enjoy it. And I also did not have the best group who pulled their weight. But that's neither here nor there. And then I had another class where we do I think it was actually before the capstone, but same group that like carried over into the capstone, and we're about to do this presentation, and I'm, like, freaking out, because we were not prepared at all, despite my best efforts. Oh, god, there's lava coming, please hold. Um, and this guy, like, looked me straight in the face. And just like gets like this grin on his face. Like he thought he's being like, so genuine and like, helpful. And goes, "it's mind over matter, baby."

Sam  32:04  

Karly  32:06  
"Like, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter" or something like that. And I was like, 

Lexi  32:10  
Okay, but I do mind. 

Karly  32:11  
Right? I do mind. I care about this. And also, like, if it was that easy, nobody would ever be anxious. 

Sam  32:19  

Lexi  32:20  
You know that. That reminds me of an unpopular opinion. I think for most people, this is going to be unpopular. I don't know. I don't mind pet names. I love them. I don't mind when strangers call me pet names. People calling me baby, people calling me darling, honey, sweetie. Under most normal circumstances, it makes you way, way more endearing to me, I'm way more likely to enjoy your presence. If you use pet names. Unless it is said condescendingly and there there is a fine line there. But sometimes people will do it condescendingly as like a way to be like, I know more than you. I don't know why I'm trying to explain what condescending means to people. But, um, if it's not said condescendingly, I love pet names so much.

Karly  33:16  
I like pet names, too. But it just depends on who it's coming from. 

Sam  33:19  

Lexi  33:19  
Yeah, see, most people are like, if I know you, it's okay. Or like, this person calls me this thing but they're the only person that does and it's the only they're the only person that's allowed to do it. And I just love it always.

Karly  33:30  
No, for me, it's just if you're a man, I usually don't like it. Because for men, it's either creepy or condescending. Almost all the time. Unless they're like, like a sweet old person you know. 

Lexi  33:45  
Almost all the time, if men use pet names around me, it makes me like them more. 

Sam  33:50  
Oh, no, I've had some students call me hon. And it literally makes my skin crawl.

Lexi  33:57  
The only, yeah, the only time it ever makes my skin crawl is if it's if it's definitely like condescending and gross. But other than that, if it's just like a, like a normal, like part of their speech pattern, I'm apt to like you more.

Sam  34:08  

Karly  34:09  
Yeah, sometimes you can just tell like, I think a lot of times, like Southern people in particular, do it and it's really endearing. I don't hate it though. It just it really just depends on the context. I'm fine if it's a stranger just especially being disabled, you get a lot of like, 

Lexi  34:28  
Gross comments from strangers?

Karly  34:29  
Yeah, like.

Lexi  34:30  
 That's fair. 

Karly  34:30  
Like, if you're just calling me a pet name, because you're that's just how you talk, fine. I can always tell. But if you're calling me a pet name because you're like infantilizing me. 

Lexi  34:41  
Yeah, that's gross, hate that.

Sam  34:42  

Karly  34:42  
Yeah, I know people do get really mad about it, though. 

Lexi  34:46  

Karly  34:47  
I'm just trying to clear out lava and it's really stressful.

Sam  34:52  
I'm very quiet because I'm still trying to battle this boss. And when I like looked up like how I was supposed to like fight him. It was like you should be able to do it on the first try. I can't tell you how many times I have died. 

Lexi  35:06  
You could do it on the first time unles you're Samantha and terrible at this game. 

Sam  35:08  
Like at least, like at least 15 times like I'm not even

Lexi  35:12  

Karly  35:12  
I feel like most of my food opinions are unpopular. I just don't like food that's unpopular. And not for like any sort of, like unhealthy reasons. I just don't really like to eat doesn't really. There was a cartoon when I was a kid. I think it was the Jetsons and they

Lexi  35:39  
I loved the Jetsons.

Karly  35:40  
They just like take little pills. That seems perfect like I don't wanna eat. Such a hassle. You have to figure out what you want to eat every day. 

Sam  35:48  

Karly  35:49  
And it's never satisfying. 

Lexi  35:52  
Oh, see I love eating.

Sam  35:53  

Lexi  35:54  
 Food is one of my favorite parts of being alive. 

Sam  35:56  

Karly  35:57  
Every once in a while I get like a craving like we're getting Chinese food for dinner because I really want sweet and sour chicken. I can guarantee you like, I'll like the dinner. It'd be good, but I'll be like, yeah, I hyped that up too much. I can promise. 

Lexi  36:13  
You know how sometimes people will be like, Oh, I couldn't even finish it like it wasn't that good. Like I just like it wasn't even worth finishing. I that's never happened to me. Even if I'm like, only like moderately interested in what I'm eating. I will finish it because I love food. 

Sam  36:27  

Karly  36:27  
I never finish a meal because if I get food out from a restaurant, I pre portion my meal and cut things into half so that I can have the same amount the next day as leftovers because I think it's really disappointing when like you really love food and you really wish you could have it again. And then the next day comes you got like two bites. So I I never finish my food. I always even if I'm hungry after I'll go home and eat a snack because I want to have the same amount. 

Lexi  36:45  
That's so funny. 

Karly  37:04  
One particular like unpopular food opinion, I think guacamole is disgusting.

Lexi  37:11  
I feel like that's not that unpopular. Like avocados in general are like hit and miss kind of thing. Like I know like millennials and avocado toast.

Karly  37:20  

Lexi  37:20  
And whatever. But like I know a lot of people that don't like avocados or guacamole 

Karly  37:25  

Lexi  37:25  
I don't feel like that's super unpopular

Karly  37:28  
Unpopular in my friend group at least. 

Lexi  37:30  
Fair. Yeah, I mean I love avacados. 

Sam  37:35  
Get down crash. Someone's coming at you with an automatic weapon.

Karly  37:42  
I'm absolutely going to die in this waterfall of lava. I'm scared. Real focused. Trying not to incinerate myself.

Sam  37:52  

Lexi  37:52  
Did you do it?

Sam  37:53  

Lexi  37:53  

Sam  37:54  

Lexi  37:54  
Oh. There was like a sigh of relief. 

Sam  37:56  
No, that was a sigh of frustration. 

Lexi  37:58  

Sam  38:00  
But I'm close. I I've recognized the pattern now. So it's just about execution.

Lexi  38:05  

Karly  38:08  
What do you think is one of your Unpopular Opinions related to video games?

Sam  38:13  
That Call of Duty and Halo suck. I think it would upset a lot of people. 

Lexi  38:18  
I feel like no, yours is at first person shooters. 

Sam  38:21  
Yeah, yeah.

Karly  38:22  
Yeah. I don't really like first person shooters either. Have you ever played them? Or do you just like have no interest in trying them?

Sam  38:31  
I think I've I used to play I tried Call of Duty my freshman year of college because *groans in frustration* I'm so mad. Um, I so my boyfriend in college my freshman year like they always played Call of Duty like all the time. I think I tried to play and I just like didn't like it.

Karly  38:51  
That's fair enough. What about you, Lexi?

Lexi  38:54  
I don't know. Nothing's really like coming to mind. For the longest time. All video games scared me. Like, like, I would get scared playing them even if they weren't like scary video games. I don't like when things like jump out at you. And like unexpected monsters. So even things as simple as like Mario games would make me kind of nervous to play because like, I just felt like, like, I don't know, the unknown. 

Karly  39:26  

Lexi  39:28  
So it's taken a long time for me to like, get into video games and like finding a genre video game that like fits with what I like and I'm way more open to it now. Like I've played obviously games with like, things that you fight and I was really into Stardew Valley for a long time. Like the mines is like a good example of like, something that's like, okay, because I was I knew what to anticipate. I knew things were gonna jump out at me in the mines. But like, just like, open world games where you don't really know what you're gonna come across scares me. I played a lot of Skyrim and every time I would go into like, I don't know what they're called, like dungeons or little caves or whatever you explore in Skyrim. I would physically get anxious. Because who knows what's down there? And like, you know you're gonna have to fight something, but who knows what it is, like, just make me very uncomfortable every time.

Karly  40:16  
Yeah, that's fair. I also almost just died. Because I found lava that I was not expecting. I've learned the hard way not to dig blocks that you're standing on. Also, there's a bat, look at the bat. He's so cute. It was real sad yesterday, I was playing and a bat flew into the lava and died in front of me. It's real sad.

Sam  40:38  
I finished the boss. 

Karly  40:40  

Sam  40:40  
But now I'm on another level that I am just going to not do well, it's a lot of jumping. Why do I even like crash?

Lexi  40:51  
I absolutely could not play.

Sam  40:52  
No, you absolutely cannot. 

Lexi  40:54  
I'm very I don't have great hand eye coordination. I'm bad at jumping in video games in general. Like and that's all that game is.

Sam  41:00  

Karly  41:01  
An unpopular video game opinion for me is sometimes like a story sounds really interesting. Or like a game in general is like really loved and sounds interesting. But I have no interest in playing it because like, I like medieval kind of vibes immediately turn me off. I don't want to play it. Like I don't want to play Skyrim because I don't like the setting.

Lexi  41:27  
That's so funny to me because like you're so not so into, but you really like Lord of the Rings.

Karly  41:32  
Yeah, but to be fair, it took a long time for me to get into the Lord of the Rings. 

Karly  41:35  

Karly  41:36  
 I, Lord of the Rings is so endearing that like, I feel like. I don't think of like medieval when I think of Lord of the Rings like. 

Karly  41:44  
I do. 

Karly  41:45  
It sort of is but like, that's not like the first thing I think of like.

Lexi  41:50  
Yeah, I mean, I do, like elves and magic and like, sword fighting.

Karly  41:55  
Yeah. And maybe Skyrim is like not even like the best example. But like, I don't know, Lord of the Rings is kind of an anomaly for me. I can't really think of any other movies like that, that I watch. 

Lexi  42:07  

Karly  42:09  
It's probably just because the characters are so lovable. 

Lexi  42:11  
That's fair.

Karly  42:12  
And like, I don't know. Probably just because I live with Kevin my brother who is into it. 

Lexi  42:19  

Karly  42:20  
I don't know that I would have gotten into it if he wasn't there who liked it? So like.

Lexi  42:25  
Completely understandable. 

Karly  42:26  
Yeah. So like stuff like that. I don't like it's why I haven't played Ghost of Tsushima because I don't love like the the setting of it, the vibe. I don't want to play Dragon Age. It has stuff in the games that I like. But I don't know the setting just like immediately puts me to sleep. I don't know what it is.

Sam  42:51  
That's fair. And this is a good place for me to stop I'm giving up.

Lexi  42:55  
Do you like things like, I don't know if you've ever been but like, like, would you go to your be interested in and going to like a Renaissance Fair?

Karly  43:02  
Oh my god, I would love to go to a Renaissance Fair. I'm desperate to go to a Renaissance Fair.

Lexi  43:06  
That's so funny because like medieval studies also like d&d. 

Karly  43:09  
I know. I know. But see like d&d again like, that's my least favorite thing about it. 

Lexi  43:17  

Karly  43:18  
Like I would love to play more like modern day setting. I think that'd be really fun and more interesting to me like, like modern day like apocalypse would have a much greater pull on me than just like, medieval. I don't know why. Well anyway, does anybody have any quick shorties before we? 

Sam  43:42  
Quick what?

Karly  43:43  
Shorties? I don't know, it's just the first thing my brain thought of. *laughing* Like something that's just real simple. Like not liking guacamole. 

Sam  43:52  
*laughing* Shorty.

Karly  43:54  
You got a shorty?

Sam  43:55  
You got a shorty? Yo where my shorty at?

Lexi  44:00  
Me. I'm here.

Karly  43:58  
Surprise shawty. I'll take that as a no. Friend! Oh, Jesus. Where did he go?

Sam  44:04  
*reading subtitles* "Goat leaps. Goat bleeps." Goat yeet. 

Karly  44:13  
Where did he go? 

Sam  44:14  
He said yeet.

Karly  44:15  
Oh, Jesus. 

Sam  44:18  
Oh, I love him. 

Karly  44:19  
Hello, friend. Would you like a fish? I have a fish. Found a goat on my game. I'm gonna see if can I feed him.

Lexi  44:27  
Do goats usually eat fish? 

Karly  44:29  
I don't know but it's all I have. Where did you go, sir?

Sam  44:33  
Hello, sir. We'd like to talk to you about your car's extended warranty. 

Lexi  44:35  
I saw where this guy was having this like revelation that sharks don't know that camels exist and no one's talking about it. And it like really upset me for a little bit. 

Sam  44:47  
That was a tweet that went around a while ago. 

Lexi  44:49  
Oh, I bet he stole it from Twitter. 

Sam  44:51  

Lexi  44:52  
Less impactful. It did still upset me for a minute. 

Karly  44:57  

Lexi  44:59  
Okay. Well, I had a moment so sorry. I'll never do it again. 

Karly  45:03  
That would be great, thank you.

Lexi  45:06  

Sam  45:07  
You will not be coming on any more podcasts. *laughing*

Lexi  45:11  
I didn't want to.

Sam  45:13  
Just kidding you can come on anytime you want. 

Lexi  45:15  
Stop listening to this podcast immediately Sam and Karly are bad people. Don't support toxicity in your podcast. 

Sam  45:22  
I think in one podcast we talked about how I hate disabled people, so. *laughing*

Lexi  45:27  
Well, nice to get the tone set early on.

Karly  45:29  
Yanno, that's probably not the best thing to end an episode on. She's not serious, for the record, if you haven't listened to earlier episodes.

Sam  45:36  
You're right, I have a disabled friend. 

Karly  45:40  
It's ME, so.

Lexi  45:41  
My disabled friend said she's cool with it.

Karly  45:45  
This is a terrible ending

Lexi  45:48  
*laughing* Terrible ending. 

Sam  45:49  
You can just cut it out.

Karly  45:50  
I'm leaving it in.

Sam  45:51  
No! *laughing*

Lexi  45:54  
Now all of a sudden she's worried about her reputation.

Karly  45:55  
It'll be the soundbite. 

Sam  45:59  
Fair enough.

Karly  46:00  
Anyways, we're gonna go eat Chinese food.

Lexi  46:02  

Karly  46:03  

Sam  46:06  

Sam  46:12  
[Music fades in] Hey, and thanks for hanging out and playing with us. We hope you had fun. If you want to see more of us find us on social media @hangoutandplay or on our website at hangoutandplaypod.com We'd love to hear from you. So feel free to send us a game suggestion or just a hello. 

Karly  46:26  
And if you like our podcast, please share it with your friends. And leave us a review on Apple podcasts so that more people can find us. We'll see you next time. [Music fades out]